Doctor Who is the 2015 science fiction adventure film based on the TV Series.   

Missy reveals the Doctor that she's alive
Doctor Who (2015)
Directed by Tom Ridgewell
Produced by
Written by
Starring Peter Capaldi
Jenna Coleman
Samual Anderson
Karen Gillan
Arthur Darvile
Selena Gomez
Jack Griffo
Bailey Michelle Brown
Alex Kingston
Richard E Grant
Michelle Gomez
Music by
Editing by
Production company(s)
Release date(s) 23rd November 2015
Running time 220 minutes
Language English
Budget £230000 (UK) $1.230000 (US)
Gross revenue
Preceded by [Doctor Who]
Followed by Doctor Who The Movie: Return of the Eternity Clock
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In the Darcy Residents, April First 2005, a Baby Girl named Jessie Darcy was born making her older brother and oldest sister named Cillian and Eadaoin jealous, Their parents are abusive toward them and took care of their newborn baby sister. But then, their family relatives barged inside and shot Samantha and Axel to death causing the Baby to cry and Cillian and Eadaoin to fight back for revenge by shooting them. 

nine years later on December 11th 2014, Eadaoin's now twenty one, Cillian's now eighteen, Jessie's now nine and investigating

a Dalek Spaceship arrived to earth for world domination

about the Blue Box, that was around for fifty one years since ninteen sixty-three, but then they saw something dangerous in the sky through the telescope,  a Dalek spaceship, Cillian manage to fight by using his guns, but Jessie told him that they don't work on Daleks. But then, one of the them appeared but then, Cillian use his laser guns to shoot them. Eadaoin shocked in proud that he did it. Cillian practices his shooting skills that she and Jessie remembered that.

The TARDIS appeared at the Darcy's house

But then, The Mysterious sound appaered outside, Cillian look outside of their home and saw the blue box.

Eadaoin manage to made a deal with someone inside, Cillian opened the door and saw a man with two couple, Eadaoin saw the inside that it's bigger on the inside, The man introduces himself as the Doctor and his companions named are Clara Oswald and Danny Pink.  Eadaoin introduces herself and also to her younger brother Cillian and their youngest sister Jessie, The Doctor ask them that did they saw the Daleks in the sky, which Cillian saw them and shoot them with his lucky laser gun since his dad got him a year before Jessie was born, Danny was impressed that he done it, Eadaoin ask the Doctor that why they come to them, The Doctor invite them to join them on an journey, The Trio agreed to join them on an journey and the TARDIS dismateralised.

Inside of the TARDIS, Eadaoin, Cillian and Jessie look around of the TARDIS which it's bigger on the inside, Eadaoin asked a question about the Inside of it instead of the Outside.     


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  • Peter Capaldi - The Doctor
  • Jenna Coleman - Clara Oswald
  • Samuel Anderson - Danny Pink
  • Selena Gomez - Eadaoin Darcy
  • Jack Griffo - Cillian Darcy
  • Bailey Michelle Brown - Jessie Darcy
  • Arthur Darvill - Rory Williams
  • Karen Gillan - Amy Pond
  • Alex Kingston - River Song
  • Neve McIntosh - Madame Vastra 
  • Catrin Stweart - Jenny Flint
  • Dan Starkey - Strax
  • Richard E. Grant - The Great Intelligence
  • Joanna Lumley - Samantha Darcy
  • Jamie Foreman  - Axel Darcy
  • Michelle Gomez - Missy/The Master
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