Doctor Hannibal is a 2019 American Psychological Thriller film written by Thomas Harris & Jennifer Haley. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow the movie is the sixth overall Hannibal Lecter franchise instalment, a sequel to the initial 1991 Jonathan Demme film The Silence of the Lambs and a prequel to Ridley's Scott 2001 Hannibal.

Written by the original series author Harris, Produced by Jason Blum and distributed by Blumhouse Pictures the film features Anthony Hopkins reprise his Oscar winning iconic role of Hannibal 'The Cannibal' Lecter since Brett Ratner's 2002 Red Dragon. Frankie Faison also reprises his role from the series as Barney, and Gary Oldman as Mason Verger.


Dr. Hannibal Lecter leaves Jamaica, after a period stay of six months departing for Florence, Italy. Detectives Rota, Wilsa and Morio are summoned to a crime scene in a Florence city alleyway, where in the back of a loading truck a male and female victim are discovered. Their deaths a recreation of the Greek mythology characters Chloris and Zephyrus from Sandro Bonacelli's famous painting the Primavera.

The couple the third of three sets of couple victims perpetrated by an unknown killer titled in the news as Il Mostro (The Monster of Florence).

Morio secretly is in allegiance with disgraced Detective Rinaldo Pazzi, who has been suspended due to unorthodox tactics.

Rota seeks help from a local American artist Serena Colte, who in turn has become a secret of companion of Dr. Lecter who is masquerading as curator Dr. Roman Fell.

It is established that with a fourth set of victims, that the third set up to recreate the Primavera are in fact the work of a separate killer, who also extracted edible components from the couple: liver and kidneys.

Serena struggles with obsessive artist assistant Silas Betheus, who has a horde of secret disturbing paintings, which are recreations of the lovers from Serena's past, fellow competitors and other hurtful influences whose blood has been used to paint a picture of their own demises.

The artwork goes on display in gallery horrifying Serena, who is then abducted by Silas. Brought to his storage warehouse he reveals himself as a part of a collective known as the Snacks companions, who have perpetrated three of the four 'Monster of Florence' couple killings. He reveals though he had a hand in the third alongside his therapist: Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

At the precinct after Rota uncovers files from Wilsa revealing him as one of the Snacks Companions Morio and herself are captured and brought to a satanic chapel, Rota awakens to the mutilated, crucified corpse of Morio, displayed to recreate Venus from the Primavera, a message to the killer behind the copycat third murder.

Rota is able to escape and kills one of the masked three companion killers, though is forced to flee before unmasking.

After a brief check into the nearest hospital, Rota pieces that collectively there are four overrall main Snacks Companions plus an additional copycat, and rushes to the art gallery of Colte, following a lead while pursued by authorities to Betheus' warehouse. As she arrives to rescue Colte who is being prepared by Silas to become a painting, by draining her blood, Hannibal appears and kills Silas off-screen. Inside Rota finds a blood covered Colte and a painting depicting Silas' death, in his blood, with his drained and mutilated corpse making the frame of the artwork.

An end sequence shows reports of the murders be telephoned into the Verger estate, answered by Mason sister's Margot. Post-credits show Mason having a beaten Margot withdrawn of her uterus in surgery and her then escape by horse from the property as butler Cordell makes a call for FBI's Clarice Starling.


  • Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
  • Mädchen Amick as Serena Colte
  • Gabriel Basso as Silas Betheus
  • Isabella Ragonese as Detective Maia Rota
  • Frankie Faison as Barney Matthews
  • Gary Oldman as Mason Verger
  • Danny Bonaduce as Curator Roman Fell
  • Corbin Bleu as Calvin Reinhardt
  • Nicole Grimaudo as Bella Donn
  • Kiernan Shipka as Margot Verger
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