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Vocaloid parody of the Sesame Street video, 1-2-3, Count With Me (1997).

Picture Segment Description
FRAME 1 As Namine Ritsu takes a walk down the street, she discovers a key on the sidewalk. She reads it and learns that it belongs to the Cross Hotel Sapporo. As she walks up the stairs, she wakes and startles a sleeping Tei Sukone.
FRAME 1cont'd Ritsu brings the key to Haruka Nana and Neo, who think he’s come for a room and a meal at the hotel's “half-star” restaurant. Ritsu denies and returns the key for room number 7. The clerks guess they can ask all the hotel patrons who lost their key, but Ernie offers an easier solution – put the key in the lost and found mail box. Nana and Neo are amazed at how he knew that, when Tei hops in to tell them that he knew because of the number labels. Ritsu proceeds to teach them with a song (“Zola Miku Eccentric Future Night”), with Tei joining along.[1]HD 3D 「Zola Miku ★ Eccentric Future Night」【Original MV】
FRAME 1cont'd A customer asks Tei (who is still singing) where her key is. She then yells "WON'T YOU STOP SINGING?!" Tei runs off suprised Nana and Neo return it to her and remark how great Ritsu would be if she worked in a hotel or a music club. Ritsu says she’d love to. They then teach him their whole knowledge of the hotel business – anytime you need something, just ring the Dinger’s bell. Ernie tries it out by ringing one time, which summons Tei with one bucket of ice.
[2] Song No.D ft. Megurine Luka - Meguri hime buyoukyoku[3]【巡音ルカ】 巡姫舞踊曲 【オリジナル曲】
FRAME 2 Ernie tries dinging twice, which makes Benny bring two towels.
[4][5][6] Song Fukkireta[7]Kasane Teto Fukkireta "吹 っ 切 れ た"【UTAU PV】
FRAME 2cont'd Tei yells at Ritsu not to ding twice anymore. Ernie complies by ringing three times. Tei brings three un-needed pillows and she screeches while Ritsy laughs, making Tei growl "This is getting Irritating!..." while Ritsu continues guffawing, cueing the next song.
[8] Muppets Minato ft. Megurine Luka - RIP=RELEASE[9]Hatsune miku Dreamy Theater HD RIP=RELEASE(Megurine Luka) Project DIVA PSP&PS3
[10] Cartoon 鏡音レン - To Be Free Resonance[11]542 【鏡音レン】 To Be Free Resonanse 【オリジナル3DPV】
[12] Muppets Mitchie M ft. Hatsune Miku - FREELY TOMORROW [Nightcore][13]【Nightcore】 FREELY TOMORROW 【VOCALOID】
FRAME 3 Tei chides Ritsu for ringing five times now, as he has now brought five bars of the Hotel’s own soap. Humphrey then gets a call from a room of penguins who order fish, fish, fish, fish, fish and fish (6 fish). Ernie helps him count how many that is. Ritsu then proceeds to ring the Dinger’s bell some more.
[14] Muppets Rin Rin Signal (Append Mix)[15]シグナルP ft Rin and Len
Film Eight children dance in a colorblock grid.

(EKA: Episode 3115)

[16] Cartoon Miku - Melt [Kore G Remix][17]-Free Download- Hatsune Miku - Melt (Kore-G Dubstep Remix)
[18] Muppets samfree - Luka Luka Night Fever
FRAME 4 Benny has now brought 10 glasses of milk, which Ernie doesn’t need.
FRAME 4cont'd Humphrey and Ingrid watch as three dogs rip apart the lobby furniture. Ernie suggests they get them a bone instead. However, they move so much that Humphrey can’t keep count. Ernie calls the dogs into his arms and counts them. Humphrey leaves to get the bones in the kitchen, with each dog latching onto him.
[19] Cartoon Otetsu ft. Megurine Luka - Stardust Utopia[20]PDA 巡音ルカ - 星屑ユートピア
[21] Muppets Kz ft. Kasane Teto - Packaged[22]重音テト - PS4 FT
Animation Thirteen hamburgers dance around.

(First: Episode 2785)

FRAME 5 Ernie wants to ding the bell 14 times now, but the Dinger wants to do it himself. Benny comes in with 14 pieces of luggage and goes mad when he finds Ernie still dinging, but Ernie claims it was the Dinger who rang this time. Tei collapses under the luggage moaning "LEAVE ME ALONE...I'M ON MY BREAK..."
Cartoon Number creatures #14

(EKA: Episode 2757)

FRAME 6 The Dinger wants Ernie to ring more, but he thinks Benny’s getting sick of it. Ernie compromises and dings 15 times. Benny laughs,
Animation Masked March #15

(EKA: Episode 3375)

[23] FRAME 7 Nana and Neo thank Ritsu for teaching them how to count and want to count more things, but they find nothing else in the lobby to do so. They started crying. Ritsu takes them outside along with Tei and sings Kasane Teto's version of “Palette” as they count the various people, things and vocaloids in their heads as the vocaloids make cameos from previous episodes as they sing party of the song's choruses. After the song ends' the screen zoomed out a little to reveal the vocaloids and sesame street monsters that made cameos during the segments applauding and cheering for the finale. As well as Miku shouting "Mazel tov" in excitment.[24]【Kasane Teto】Palette - Megurine Luka【UTAUカバー】



  1. Cast
  2. Transcript


Cast Edit

  • Ernie - Namine Ritsu
  • Benny Rabbit - Sukone Tei 
  • Humphrey - Haruka Neo ネオ
  • Ingrid - Haruka Nana
  • Elmo - Hatsune Miku
  • Zoe - Kagamine Rin (Segment from 3232)
  • Big Bird - Megurine Luka
  • Kagamine Len (Cameo)
  • Uta Utane (Cameo)
  • Kasane Teto (Segments)
  • KAITO (cameo)
  • MEIKO (cameo)
  • Yuzuki Yukari (cameo)
  • SeeU (segment from 3232
  • Caumi Gackpo (cameo)

[25] [26]  [27] [28] Edit

The video starts with Ernie taking a walk by the "Around the Corner" area  and he finds a key with a "7" on it that says to return it to The Furry Arms so that's what he goes to do. (This is a great video for the "Around the Corner" fans because most of the video is set in that general area and in The Furry Arms hotel.) Ernie takes the key to the front desk to return it. Humphrey and Ingrid are going to ask everybody if they're missing a key but Ernie puts the key in the #7 mailbox so the guest can get it later.
-Ernie then leads Humphrey and Ingrid in singing a song about counting. (Benny refuses to join in until the very end and he's still singing even after everyone else has stopped.) A customer interrupts him as he is looking for his key. H and I return his key to him, as it turns out he's in room #7. H and I decide Ernie would be good in the hotel business and teach him all they know about it. ("Ding the Dinger whenever you need something". - That's all they know!) Ernie dings the Dinger (after the Dinger prompts him to ding just one time) and then Benny comes with 1 bucket of ice, explaining that the # of times Ernie dings tells him what Ernie needs.
*Classic clip- Muppet versions of the numbers 1-10 come out on a gold stage and sing Broadway hit "One Singular Sensation".
Ernie dings Dinger twice and Benny brings 2 towels. (Benny is getting upset throughout this video because Ernie doesn't really need anything and is just dinging to see what happens!)
*Live action clip- Song about the number "2". (with a "2" that moves through a city.)
Ernie promises Benny that he won't ding twice anymore. (Instead, he dings THREE times!  ) Benny brings him 3 pillows.
*Song- 3 black crows sing a song about 3. They mention going to Mr. Hooper's Store and they are seen at the store counter talking with Mr. Handford, counting 3 salt shakers. Then they go to the Fix-It Shop, counting 3 toasters with Maria. (Note- This is obviously a parody of the band "Counting Crows")
*Animated song- (Man playing guitar sings, "How many elephants can you fit in a room before they fall through the floor? The answer my friend, (at this point 4 elephants join him and crash through the floor) then he finishes the song "is 4 elephants fall through the floor." (This is a parody of "Blowing in the Wind" by Peter, Paul and Mary. - a pretty cool song, by the way)
*Song- Oh my goodness! Elmo raps about "5". I think the song is called "Yo 5". (Elmo calls himself MC Elmo and wears shades and flashy parachute pants. He even says "Elmo time!" It's pretty obvious this is a parody of MC Hammer! LOL!)
- At the hotel, Benny's telling Ernie if he doesn't want 5 bars of the hotel's exclusive soap- don't ding 5 times!
Ernie answer the phone- turns out to be for Humphrey- and it's 6 penguins ordering "fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish"
Humphrey repeats the order to Ingrid but Ernie shows them how to count the order and they figure out that they need 6 orders of fish. And then Ernie dings some more.
*Song- Seven fish in a bowl sing about 7. Elmo joins them in the song. (This one sounds like a parody of "Sisters" from that great Bing Crosby movie and just plain great Christmas movie- "White Christmas"!!!)
*Animation of 8 squares with live action kids in them counting to 8.
*animation- "Martian beautie, my number 9 cutie"- definitely a classic!
*Song- The Count is at the beach singing a song about counting things at the beach- He goes scuba diving to count fish (and even counts forwards and backwards) -At end of the song he counts the flowers on his waitress's lei.
- At the hotel, Ernie finds out he gets 10 glasses of milk when he dings 10 times. Ernie finds H and I with puppies chewing up everything. Ernie suggest to "give the dog a bone". But first they have to count the puppies. Ernie cuddles all the dogs so they'll stay still so they can be counted. And H goes off to get 3 bones.
*animation- "11 shapes, 11 hearts, 11 birds, 11 houses, 11 things 11 is for", etc. rap
*Classic Song!!!!- "Honk Around the Clock" (with the Honkers, of course!) I love this song!!! (parody (more or less) of "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and his Comets- the song that is considered to be the grandfather of all rock and roll songs!!! - And it still ROCKS!!!!)
*animation- 13 burgers form the number 13 on a blue screen.(Clip ends with Cookie Monster's tradmark eating noises as clip fades away)
-At hotel, Ernie has already dinged 13 times, so now he tries 14. Benny brings out 14 suitcases. Ernie points out that the Dinger dinged himself when Benny complains.
*animation- animated numbers count to 14. #`1 holds an umbrella in the rain (and it's yellow), #2 wears green boots and taps in the rain, #3 has a face and cat's whiskers, etc. 
H and I check back in with Ernie. H and I are upset because they want more to ****. Ernie then leads them in a song about how you can count anytime and anywhere. Titular song- "1,2,3 Count with Me". Ernie leads H and I out of hotel, knocking over Benny.
In this big finish, Sherry Netherland, Benny, Humphrey, Ingrid, the Dinger, and Ernie are all present, along with goats, penguins, and chickens. There's also an orange girl monster who looks like a slightly smaller version of Ruby with horns in her head. I can't remember her name but I think she maybe was on "Little Muppet Monsters". Or just one of the many whatnot monsters on Sesame Street. Anyway, in the song, they count 2 children riding by and a hero flying high. (At this point we see Super Grover flying in the sky.) And they count lots of other stuff- including the trucks and busses and MEIKO and KAITO They count vocaloids doing a cheer (SeeU, Miku and Rin from Episode 3232) They count Luka and Tako Luka, and they even count Yuzuki Yukari's pigtails.
There's a big crowd scene at the end with Ernie, hotel staff (Humphrey, Ingrid, Sherry Netherland, Benny, Dinger) and goats and chickens and dogs and hotel guests.  After the song ends, The mains vocaloids are shown applauding excitedly from the streets. Luka, Yukari, Rin, len and all the other Vocaloids (including the muppets from Season 28) are shown. Miku shouts in excitement as she enjoyed the whole thing.

Transcript Edit

Namine Ritsu: Oh, yeah! (Chuckles)

[The camera zooms out and pans across as various citizens, Sesame Street's Muppets and monsters from Season 28, other UTAUs and Vocaloids are shown cheering]

Season 28 Elmo: YAAAYY! (giggles)

Miku: Awww, mazel tov!