Dluto's Party is an animated short starring Matthew Mouse and Dluto.


It's Dluto's birthday and birthday and Matthew Mouse is busy preparing the party things for his birthday dog, Dluto. First, Dluto tries to eat the cake, but is caught by his master, Matthew Mouse, when it is time for his bath. As soon as Dluto is looking more neat and tidy, he tries to eat the cake but then gets spotted by his master again. Then, Matthew's nephews barge the gate down and trample all over Dluto as they hurry to the party. The children give Dluto a small red wagon and treat him like a workhorse. They then all start to enjoy themselves at the party. They first take Dluto on the slide, then barge down the swing. Then, they play pin the tail on Dluto to see who can pin Dluto's tail. Soon it is time for lunch and Dluto wants to have a piece of his own cake, but Matthew's nephews prefer to amuse themselves by grabbing every slice of cake and eating it up, much to Dluto's horror. Eventually, they devour Dluto's birthday cake and leave. Dluto, understandably upset at the torture Matthew's nephews have given him and Matthew's unusual meanness, angrily throws a tantrum, knocking away all the dishes until Matthew passes him the last slice of the birthday cake he saved. Dluto happily eats the cake, licking Matthew between bites to show his gratitude.





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