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This is the article on the power of an True Ancestor. For Divinity as a superpower, head to Divinity.
Divinity The symbol commonly affiliated with divinity






Alucian Vlad



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Divinity (also called the Divine Might, or the Power of the Gods) is a special power to which True Ancestors are capable of performing. Each True Ancestor's Divinity differs from each other, as the incarnated Aedra is different. It's one of the most powerful powers on Nirn and beyond. What makes divinity unique, is that only True Ancestors can truly gain access to this power, and only they possess it on Earth as incarnated Aedric spirits.

Divine Aura

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The Divine Aura is the physical radiation/essence of a Divine power, and the physical mist of the True Ancestor's soul and spirit. Each True Ancestor's Divine Aura is different from the Aedra that has been reincarnated, with each aura being stronger then another. Example be Alucian's Divine Aura. It was said his Divine Aura was so overwhelming, the aura was able to utterly warp the air pressure, and even space around himself, and objects.

Known Divinity

Alucian Vlad

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Divine Telepathy

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Alucian contacting Thalia via Divine Telepathic Link

Alucian's main Divinity is the capable of form of telepathy known as Divine Telepathy. Being immensely more powerful then any known telepathy capabilities, Alucian is able to connect to any and all minds of man or beast, and even nature itself in the universe. He is able to project himself into other realities, and universes, and communicate to anyone in that universe and this includes the Deadric prines and the Nine Divines themselves. He became known as the True Ancestor of Telepathy or the True God of Telepathy due to this.

Divine Sight

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A visual power compared to Divine Telepathy. Using his eyes, Alucian is able to see everything in his field of vision, enabling him to see even the smallest thing in the universe such as the electrical bonds between atoms, and the molecules in a entity, or the cell of a man. He can see pass even the genjutsus of the Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan and the Rinnegan, and any and all illusion-based magic and spells. He can see through solid matter, making him see through walls at will.

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