Disney Zoog is an American programming block and television channel, with the block version premiering on ABC in December 3, 2020, Disney XD in December 9, 2020 and the channel version being launched in January 12, 2021. The block and the channel serves as a revival for Toon Disney and Zoog Disney, airing mainly programming from Disney Television Animation, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm Ltd. and The Muppet Studios. However, it also acquired some non-Disney shows, so the channel won't strictly air only Disney shows. The Channel version was launched with the words "Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll," spoken by John Lack and played over footage of the first Space Shuttle launch countdown of Columbia (which took place earlier that year) and of the launch of Apollo 11. Those words were immediately followed by the original Disney Zoog theme song from MTV, a crunching rock tune composed by Jonathan Elias and John Petersen, playing over the American flag changed to show Disney Zoog's logo changing into various textures and designs.


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Programming blocks

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Content Agreement

  • The Walt Disney Company
    • Walt Disney Pictures (family films only)
    • Walt Disney Animation Studios
    • Pixar Animation Studios
    • DisneyToon Studios
    • Marvel Comics (animated films and series only)
    • Lucasfilm, Ltd.
    • The Muppet Studios
    • Jetix Animation Concepts
  • 21st Century Fox (Now acquired by Disney)
    • 20th Century Fox (family films only)
    • 20th Century Fox Television
    • Blue Sky Studios
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
    • Columbia Pictures (family films only)
    • TriStar Pictures (family films only)
    • Sony Pictures Television
    • Sony Pictures Animation
    • Sony Cartoon Studios
  • Rare
  • Sega of America
  • Nintendo
  • Andrews McFeel Publishing
  • Nelvana
  • DHX Media
  • Xilam
  • Zagtoon
  • France Télévisions
  • BBC Worldwide
  • MGM Holdings
  • Paws, Inc.
  • Sanrio
  • Saban Brands
  • Portfolio Entertainment
  • BKN International
  • Nelvana
  • Studio Deen
  • BVS Entertainment
  • Toei Animation
  • Marathon Animation
  • Porchlight Entertainment
  • TMS Entertainment
  • Capcom
  • Xilam
  • Televisa
  • ITV
  • El Trece
  • Paka Paka
  • Canal 13
  • 44Toons
  • Ánima Estudios
  • Zumbastico Studios
  • American Greetings
  • Ruby-Spears Productions
  • Film Roman
  • Scholastic Entertainment
  • Fred Wolf Films
  • Bandai
  • Hasbro
  • Group TAC
  • Cake Entertainment
  • The LEGO Group
  • Namco
  • 4Kids Entertainment
  • Lionsgate Toon Studios


  • Disney Zoog is inspired by Turner Broadcasting System's Boomerang and WB Kids and Viacom's Nicktoons, because it airs mainly cartoons.
  • Unlike the original Zoog Disney block, the idents are similar to ones from Toon Disney from 1998 to 2002, but animated in CGI by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • Like other Disney channels, Disney Zoog airs original productions.
  • With Disney's proposed acquisition of 21st Century Fox, the channel would also air family-friendly shows and films from the company.
  • In case of the deal being blocked due to antitrust concerns, both companies expressed that the partnership between them would still continue and Fox would still develop original programming for Disney Zoog. However, they announced that they might change their minds about it and remove Fox programming, movies and even the channel's block.
  • The block and the channel's tagline was, "Keep on ZOOGing".
  • Due to its popularity, the channel spawns into a variety of stuff: radio, a magazine, a series of crossover comic books, a soundtrack, video games, a Walt Disney World theme park and an app.
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