These are the bloopers for Disney's Dinosaur.


1. The herd of dinosaurs gets attacked by the Carnotaurus, but suddenly, Velociraptors appeared from the nearby forest and attacked the Carnotaurus.

Aladar's Real Mother: What...?

Director: Cut! Who let the raptors out?!

2. The lemurs and Aladar watches as the asteroid falls into the ocean, but instead of exploding and causing an extinction-like disaster, nothing happened as the asteroid sinks into the oceans.

Pilo: Phew. That was close.

Director: Cut! Why didn't the asteroid exploded?!

Neera: I turned off the asteroid because I don't want lots of lemurs to die.

Aladar: Me neither.

Director: Really? This is a fake meteor, not a real one, so it will not kill them, they'll be fine. We won't allow this, because that's animal cruelty and it's against the law.

Neera: Oh, sorry.

3. Aladar and the remaining lemurs get attacked by the velociraptors and they stopped attacking, but instead of the dinosaur herd, herds of toxodons, macrauchenias, mastodons, mammoths, diprotodons, procoptodons, glyptodonts, ground sloths, brontotheres, chalicotheres, and other herbivorous mammals appeared.

Aladar: Wha...?

Director: Cut! Who's in charge of buying the wild animals?!

4. As Kron and Aladar clash at each other, they accidentally knock over the camera.

Director: Cut! Really guys?! (The director himself is revealed to be a serious and intelligent feathered troodon dinosaur)

5. As the Carnotaurus tries to attack Kron, he is interupted by his own cell phone ringing and begins to talk.

Carnotaurus (voiced by Tim Allen): Hello? Look, I'm busy tring to act in this film. Why are you interupting the filming?!

Director: Cut. Can somebody turn the Carnotaurus's cell phone off?

6. As Baylene the brachiosaurus goes into the water, the other brachiosaurus suddenly came out of the water.

Director: Cut! Baylene is supposed to be the last brachiosaurus on earth in this movie.

7. Aladar gets hit by pachyrhinosauruses and other dinosaurs that are supposed to be in the movie, but suddenly, he gets trampled by a group of Saltasaurus (from Dinosaur Planet documentary series).

Director: Cut! Who bought the dinosaurs we didn't want in this movie?!

8. While the lemurs are doing the mating ritual, a pair of unnamed lemurs breaks the vine and falls off and screams.

Two Unnamed Lemurs: Aaaahhhhh! (Falls to the ground, they're still alive, but they're hurt)

Director: Cut! Are you guys OK?

9. As Baylene tries to talk to Aladar, she starts to laugh.

Baylene: I'm sorry. Eema got something in her nose.

Eema: What?! (She looks at the camera, revealing that she has an egg in her nose)

Everyone (Except Eema): (Laughs)

Baylene: (Continues to laugh) Makeup!

10. While the lemurs are holding baby Aladar, baby Aladar vomits on Yar.

Yar: Uugghh!

Director: Cut!

11. Aladar and his group went into the passageway where, instead of the injured Bruton being there, Arlo (from Pixar's The Good Dinosaur) was there.

Aladar: What the heck?

Director: Cut! Arlo! You're not in this movie!

Arlo: Aw, come on! I gotta have a chance, I'm a dinosaur like them!

Director: No, Arlo, you look too cartoony to be in this movie. Besides, you're not in this movie, I know I said it more than once, but seriously.

Arlo: I quit until 2015 happens!

Everyone (except Arlo and the director): (Laughs)

12. Aladar and the lemurs come into the desert, but instead of the velociraptors, a Bengal tiger named Shere-Khan (from The Jungle Book 2016 film) appears.

Shere-Khan: I'm smelled something, I'm thinking it's some kind of...

But Shere-Khan stops as he sees the lemurs instead of the humans.

Shere-Khan: Never mind.

Director: Cut! Shere-Khan! You're not in this movie!

13. Aladar and his friends are happy about Aladar having his family, but suddenly, Aladar gets sick and vomits.

Director: Cut! Seriously Aladar?!

14. While Aladar walks into the cave, he sees Spot (from Pixar's The Good Dinosaur) instead of the lemurs.

Aladar: What?! Who are you?!

Director: Cut! Will someone please stop inviting third-party characters?!

15. As the herd of Dinosaurs are sleeping when morning arrives, one dinosaur let's out a loud fart.

Unnamed Parasaurolophus: (Sighs while unappreciated due to the loud fart) I gotta take a walk.

Everyone (except the director): (Laughs)

Director: Cut! I couldn't control these dinosaurs. Someone get my agent on the phone. I'm out of here for now.

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