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Dinotrux, also stylized as DinoTrux is a 2019 American computer-animated film produced by DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures. It is based on the Netflix Original Series of the same name and directed by TBA.

The movie is about a meteor heading straight towards the Earth and all Dinotrux and other creatures must team up with each other and some new allies to stop it before it destroys them all. The film features the original cast of Andrew Francis, Richard Ian Cox, Matt Hill, Ashleigh Ball, Brian Drummond, Trevor Devall, Paul Dobson, Fred Ewanuick, Cree Summer, Doron Bell, Eric Bauza, Kelly Sheridan, Brian Dobson and Samuel Vincent all reprising their roles from the show. New additions to the cast include Ray Romano, Bill Hader, Tom Kenny, Nick Offerman, Stephanie Beatriz, Max Greenfield, Frank Welker, Lilly Singh, Peter Cullen, Lena Headey, Keith David, Kazumi Evans and Jason Alexander.

The film premiered on April 12, 2019 worldwide by Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation in 2D and 3D. It received mixed to negative reviews and has grossed over $200 million worldwide. The movie is also rated PG by the MPAA.


The film starts with the Dinotrux gang along with the Reptools having a peaceful day as Ty Rux (Francis), the leader of the gang suggests that they should upgrade their home soon. The others think that it is a good idea while his friend Revvit (Cox) simply wonders what their enemy D-Structs (Dobson) is plotting. As usual, D-Structs is still plotting to kill Ty and his friends because they always save the day and D-Structs always loses. He sends his minions Skrap-It (Devall), Lloyd (Devall), Smash-It (Dobson), Break-It (Drummond), Splitter (Cox), Blayde (Sheridan), Pounder and a new member named Goldigger (Welker), a sharp-voiced Citilift (part Citipati and part forklift loader) to scrap the Dinotrux.

Meanwhile, Ty meets Timmold (Romano), a rambunctious Locomammoth (part woolly mammoth and part locomotive) and Jononde (Cullen), an on-edge Tractorolophosaurus (part Cryolophosaurus and part long-nosed eighteen-wheeler tractor trailer cab), and Timmold and Johnode join the Dinotrux gang. Ty introduces them to the gang and they are proud to have new members. In space, a large asteroid is heading straight towards the Earth. Ton-Ton (Hill) is hanging out with his friends Drag-O (Drummond), Wrecka (Ball) and Scoot (Devall), who are a trio of daredevil Ankylodumps and Ton-Ton's "old crew" as they are racing against each other to the finish line with Ace (Summer), Waldo (Bell), Click-Clack (Ewanuick) and the four Tortools watching. But then D-Structs' minions attack them. Ty and his friends are still working on upgrading their home until they notice Splitter, Blayde, Pounder, Goldigger and the Scraptools attacking them, and they engage the evil Trux and Tools. D-Structs notices that his crew is losing and being overpowered after Skrap-It meekly points this out much to the evil T-Trux's immense anger, and he reluctantly jumps in to fight himself.

Moments later, chunks of a meteor come falling toward them all. Everyone runs for cover as a full-blown meteor shower starts raining down. The Dinotrux gang and the bad guys run into a cave and begrudgingly decide to wait it out together.

Far away, a family of Scrapuxuaras (speech-capable Scrapadactyl relatives and part Tupuxuara and part glider), Lincoil (Offerman) and his two kids Annax (Beatriz) and Alexandrone (Greenfield) swipe an egg from a Dozeratops. Jackerson (Hader), a Ferranimatronic (part ferret and part animatronic) chases after the Scrapuxuaras, retrieving the egg and returning it to its mother. Jack then comes across an old stone pillar that prophesizes a doomsday event, which he takes with him out of curiosity. The Scrapuxuaras decide to follow and kill him.

The Dinotrux, D-Structs's gang, the Scraptools and the Reptools look outside the cave and see nearly everything in total ruins. Jackerson shows up and meets Ty, Revvit, Ton-Ton, Skya (Ball), Dozer (Drummond), Garby (Devall), D-Structs and the others. Jack pulls out the pillar and explains that every few thousands of years, the Earth gets cleansed by a gigantic asteroid that crashes in the exact same spot, so if they can head to the crash site, they realize they can perhaps figure out a way to stop this space rock from hitting. The Scrapuxuaras overhear their plan and Lincoil thinks they can avoid the meteor's impact since they can fly, but Alexandrone merely calls him out on it being a bad idea so Lincoil berates him like always. Lincoil then tells Alexandrone that he'd be useless if he didn't have his mother's eyes. Alexanderone spots the Dinotrux and the bad guys with his great eyesight and they head off.

On their way, everyone picks up some rocks that just happen to be magnetized. Since some of D-Structs' minions are confused or just way too dumb to understand, Jackerson brings them inside his mind to meet Neil de Jackerson Ferret (Alexander) along with Pythagorean Jackerson and Modern Jackerson to explain the magnetic attraction of the rocks. The gang figures that if they get enough of these rocks, they can propel the meteor away from Earth.

Later, an electric storm shows up and the gang protects each other from the threat. Jackerson, after escaping the storm hears a baby and runs inside. He then adopts the baby pumpkin as his own and names it Ronnie, even though the gang finds it strange. The gang rests for the night.

The next morning, the Dinotrux gang and company notice a crashed asteroid chunk that is filled with thousands of magnetic crystals. During a trip through a giant magnetic rock cavern in the asteroid remains, D-Structs continuously complains about Ty and eventually snaps by trying to outright push him over the edge of a cliff overlooking a seemingly bottomless pit full of stalactites and stalagmites, but unfortunately only gets himself sent over the cliff which even his own claw tail is unable to get a grip on to prevent slipping. Ty saves him from falling, to which D-Structs is once again annoyed and surprised but left completely speechless.

After a long and dangerous trip through a large sinkhole-filled tunnel, Skya realizes she is falling in love with Ty, and they later meet Sophium (Evans), a Heteroboomboxsaurus (part Heterodontosaurus and part musical boombox) and Motorleader (David), an Allotankersaurus (part Allosaurus and part tanker truck). However, once they get to their destination they run into a large valley run by D-Structs' older brother D-Stroy (Dobson), who now wants revenge on his younger brother for leaving him at the mercy of the Trux living in Ty's crater. He reveals that he is waiting for the chaos to come and obliterate almost everything else, thus leaving the world an eternal wasteland which only he will rule with iron-plated treads.