Dinosaur Park is a 2013 SyFy original movie.


A scientist discovers a dinosaur frozen in a glacier in Alaska, and brings the body back to his lab to analyze it. However, the dinosaur awakens from being frozen, kills the scientist, and makes it's way to Florida. Meanwhile, a dinosaur biologist named Candace is taking her class to Florida after hearing a rumor on dinosaur bones there, but discovers the dinosaur and tries to warn the citizens who are having a festival by a lake. Unfortunealy, they do not believe her and end up being killed, and the dinosaur tries to kill Candace and the class as they struggle for survival.


  • Candace Anderson - (The dinosaur biologist who comes to Florida with her class)
  • Anthony rogers as Jake - (The lead student in the class)
  • Ashley - (Jake's girlfriend)
  • Stacey - (One of Candace's students)
  • Rory - (One of Candace's students)
  • Daphne - (One of Candace's students)
  • Nikki - (One of Candace's students)
  • Steven - (One of Candace's students and Jake's best friend)
  • Alice - (One of Candace's students)
  • Tommy - (One of Candace's students)
  • Jane - (One of Candace's students)
  • Adam - (One of Candace's students)
  • Melissa - (One of Candace's students)


Scientist - Eaten by the dinosaur after it unfreezes.

Police Officer - Devoured by the dinosaur while he is sitting in a police car as he is on break.

Police Cheif - Eaten by the dinosaur when he tries to escape after seeing his officer being killed.

Tommy - Ripped apart by the dinosaur while making out with Jane on a cliff.

Jane - Half body and torso devoured by the dinosaur after seeing Tommy being killed.

Melissa - Dragged underwater and eaten by the dinosaur when she sneaks out to go skinny dipping.

30 to 40 People - Killed at the festival by the lake when the dinosaur appears and attacks.

Daphne, Steven and Adam - Crushed by the Ferris wheel when the dinosaur causes it to break and rip free.

Nikki - Eaten by the dinosaur when she tries to kill it with a harpoon.

Truck driver - Trashed around in his truck and ripped apart by the dinosaur.

Vacationing elderly couple - Head bitten off (male) and devoured (female) by the dinosaur.

Alice - Half body eaten by the dinosaur when she tries to hide from it in a tree.

Rory - Ripped apart and eaten by the dinosaur in front of Jake and Ashley.

Female deputy - Eaten by the dinosaur when she tries to help Candace and Jake.

Stacey - Head bitten off by the dinosaur when she tries to escape with Candace, Jake and Ashley.

Dinosaur - Blown up when Candace sprays gasoline in it's mouth and throws a match in afterwards.





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