Dinosaur is a 2015 film in the found footage genre. It is "found footage" from an incident in Chicago.


The film starts with several scientist at a lake near a nuclear power plant. One of the scientists looks at the camera and says that there have been reports of mutated fish terrorizing people near the lake. Suddenly, one of the scientists is pulled into the lake by what appears to be a mutant fish. The other scientists freak out and try to pull their friend out of the lake. While attempting to save him, the scientist filming the whole thing drops the camera into the water, and it briefly catches a clear shot of the monster before getting devoured. After that, footage from the lake is shown again, except it is being filmed by somebody from the U.S. government. There is a trail of huge footprints coming from the lake, which are being looked at by government scientists. The scene cuts to footage of a few people trying to make a Bigfoot hoax. They are filming their friend in a Bigfoot costume walking on the side of a road by the woods, when suddenly they hear a roar and see a giant monster emerging from the woods. The monster steps on the one in a Bigfoot costume, then runs off. Next, the scene cuts to footage of a parade one night in Chicago. Suddenly, one of the parade floats is crushed by a giant foot, and then the same thing happens to another float. The monster roars as everyone runs away screaming. The monster runs straight through a sky-scraper, destroying it easily, before seeing a McDonald's. The monster pulls the McDonald's building right off the ground and eats it. The scene then cuts to footage of the monster walking right through a bunch of other skyscrapers. The monster then knocks a hotel over onto a high school, then spins around, hitting the destroyed hotel and high school with its tail and sending them flying across the town. The monster then heads for the camera, as the scene cuts to footage of the monster on a bridge. The monster, trying to cross the bridge, walks slowly, but, suddenly, the bridge collapses with the monster on it. The monster gets back out of the water and then jumps to the other side. The monster then continues to destroy the city. The monster knocks a building over onto another building, then smashes it's with its tail like it did with the hotel and high school. The monster is suddenly shot with a missile by a U.S. air force helicopter. Another missile is shot at the monster, but the monster whacks it with its tail, sending it flying into a building. The monster roars at the helicopter, then jumps up in the air, grabs it, and slams it to the ground. The monster stomps on the broken helicopter, then heads toward more buildings. The scene then cuts to footage of the monster attacking another hotel. It headbutts the building, hits it with its tail, and then takes a bite out of it. The monster then heads toward a casino. The scene cuts to footage of the monster attacking the casino, when it is suddenly shot with a nuke, blowing it up as well as everything else in Chicago. The film ends with footage of a camera being recovered from the wreckage of Chicago.

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