in 2018 a new series rose up , this series was Dinolandia x , a sequel to Dinolandia , and in 2022 a new Dinolandia series which whould end all the dinolandia timeline called Dinolandia XYZ.

Season 1

Once upon a time in NYC : in 2018 , Godzilla started to rage across universes , one of them was ( the universe name was censored because it would reveal the name of the series and dinolandia X would get a strike ) universe , godzilla destroyed all of NYC , in space a plan called transport K to Dinolandia , then godzilla , Rodan , anguirus , mothra , King ghidorah , Gigan and Biollante was thrown into the universe , but this would come with consequences.

New World , New shape , New anime : Godzilla was teleported into a universe where he felt small , godzilla looked at the new world and stumbled Team Deino ,soon godzilla needed to know ,he was a dinosaur that could talk and was bigger than the spinosaurus but not big as a sauropod.

Feeling small , feeling free : Mothra was also transported , when she was transported , she felt small and was the size of an regular atlas moth , but mothra was almost hunted by small dinosaurs.

Friends reuniting : Rodan , anguirus and godzilla meet together and they went into a park , but little did they know there was a event which was going to change its life

A danger on 13th ward : In Tokyo , an strange capsule like cocoon was spotted but when it grew and exploded it released an new creature called Titanus Kamishirus , started to destroy Tokyo ,then it flied into Tokyo.

Radiation : Back at the ( censored ) universe ( name censored and many other censored names ) turned into kaijus , Con(censured) turned into horns the triceratops kaiju , Maury(censored) turned into a male horns , the styracosaurus kaiju , Nick ( censored ) turned into a small digger with a deformed face while Andre( censored yet again ) , miss( sigh guess what is the word ) turned into a large creature called La mutacion which has a full ecossystem on its back and Jess( GOSH DANGIT I NEED TO GET THE RIGHTS TO REVEAL THEIR NAMES! ) turned into S.T.A.R.I.Y.A , a star like kaiju.

Requiem for a death : While godzilla lived a happy life in Dinolandia , King ghidorah was destroying the Sendokai universe , but after he ended his destruction , he saw his next target ,Earth ,King ghidorah would come into Earth and destroy the kaijus and dinosaurs.

Rodan , Godzilla , Anguirus , Mothra vs Gigan and Megaguirus , all monsters all out attack : Gigan and megaguirus came from space to attack godzilla and his friends , meanwhile team deino discovered a new asteroid that ghidorah was inside , they called it 192877xxxkka ( reference to these mish mash leters and numbers which whe put in the name of planets ) , meanwhile the creatures from the universe came.

One small step to a dinosaur , one big extinction for man : meanwhile Titanus Kamishirius came into Paris , while it destroyed , it awoke an kaiju called Titanus Neovenat , this monster started to follow Titanus Kamishirus to Dinolandia



Pssssst hey dont tell anyone but my show didn't got the rights to Big Mouth characters.

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