The dinolandia movie Yakumo Oomori vs the world is a movie released in 2019 and it involves yakumo oomori


and Meggy Mia fighting the Ultimate Mixedman , Coelo , Deino , Nico , Naki , Eve ( from parasite eve , not the Dinolandia : Awakening of Adam and Eve version ) , Adam , the ultimate being , team death , team original , team Uta , Nick the therizinosaurus , Andrew the ankylosaurus , Velo the velociraptor , Meena the plateosaurus along with their parents make a appearence in the movie.


In 2010 , a movie was released , Scott Pilgrim vs the world , the creators of Dinolandia thought this movie was BAD , HORRIBLE and worse than any other bad movie , then 9 years later , they decided to make their own version , with a new character , since then , Dinolandia bought Squareenix , TOHO pictures and Toei animation , ( and they bought the rights to some of Nick kroll characters ) they made their own movie with their own version.


After the Neo-Mitochondria disaster in Scott pilgrim city , Eve melted Ramona 7 evil exes together , turning into a creature 20 times worse than they where , meanwhile , Yakumo Oomori found a girl named Meggy Mia , but then , a anomaly appeared , bringing the 7 evil Mixedman exes to the Dinolandia world , now they must fight these 7 evil mixed exes to save Meggy and the dinolandia island from the 7 evil exes.


COMING SOON ( because i need to think ideas for the plot )


Deino-Alec Willows

Coelo-Jonhy vavala

Yakumo Oomori- Cristopher R. Sabat

Nico - Cristopher Bevins

Meggy - Christine Marie Cabanos

U.B ( Ultimate Being ) : Luke Evans

Destroyer the t rex from team original David Kaye

Uta the utahraptor - Don Brown

Cerato the ceratosaurus - Lee Tocker

Eve - Charlize Theron

Research needed








Many others

Sound effects

7 Evil Mixedman

Tyrannosaurus from parasite eve


many dinosaurs and ambient creatures such as birds , lizards and etc.


It was released in November 20th 2019.

It won the best rating ever

Rated Teen because of some swear words ( nudity is although not seen , but mentioned when Yakumo Oomori touches something which resembles a butt , and it is Meggy anus ) , blood , violence and gore.

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