Dinolandia : New world is an anime which aired in early 2020 and stuck all way through 2022 before


Dinolandia : Ultimate world , the anime is an crossover of various movies and animes. Although it being aired on youtube due to various reasons it could not be aired on TV ( Due to the literal studio getting to join all other studies so they can make this good of a crossover ) , it later aired on TV due to its good reputation.


Original characters


  • Deino : An 19 years old Deinonychus which lives in Dinolandia island , he wasn't inspired , he was just created. Main character. His color pattern is Yellow in the whole body , red in his mohawk , hand feathers and tail feathers , and orange in his mouth. His eyes are blue.
  • Coelo : An 19 years old Coelophysis which also lives in Dinolandia island , he was inspired vy the real life Albert Einstein. Main character. His color pattern is green with green stripes , he is also wearing glasses and a scientist clothes.
  • Gallus : An rooster which can understand the language of dinosaurs ( or the Feathery reptiles as the chickens call them ) , he is male , yet due to his adult feathers still being created , he is thought to be a female. He was inspired by Pluck from Barnyard and Back from The Barnyard and a little inspiration of Patrick from Super drags. Main character as well.
  • Veloci : An innacurate velociraptor which is also 19 years old , he was born in a island where he was the only male. He was inspired by naked velociraptors like the JP jurassic park. Main character. He is grey and his eyes are green.
  • Cluck : An turkey which survived all way up to , 6 years , most turkeys dont survive that long , yet Cluck says : "-was the choosen one?" Cluck is an regular day by day turkey , you know , that one which got killed for thanksgiving or christmas if you dont celebrate thanksgiving if you either live in any country which is not North America , anyways , Cluck is sometimes shown to be strong , he was inspired by turkeys and a little bit of Ralph by super drags. Main character.
  • Ms Macaw : An elderly macaw which was rejected from each clan she was introduced , she was killed by an agent of NREINC ( Night Raid Extermination Incorporation ) , she was killed due that the agent missed the shot. She was inspired by Goldiva by super drags.
  • Alberto : An albertosaurus which is from Team Death , he is the only tyrannosaurus which talks in the series , he is an accurate abelisaurus having feathers and only grows not roar. Secondary character
  • Bary : An baryonyx from Team Death , he talks like an french , his color pattern is orange with blue stripes , he is seen eating a bagguete. Secondary character.
  • Carcharo and Mafy : Two carcharodontosaurus brothers which are from Team Deino , they are partners in crime. Yet they aren't villains. Secondary characters.
  • Azdarcho : An quetzalcoatlus like Azdarchid , he is an noble character which doesn't make any appearence.


  • Possesed Deino : Deino's other ego from a alternative universe , he was possesed by demons and he killed all the teachers in his school by throwing chairs , he lived in the depths of hell , closer to the Lucifer paradise. To give the scary feeling , he has dark eyes , and black stuff gets out of his mouth like if he was slobbering oil.
  • Karito : An deceased agent which was killed by Night Raid.
  • Various agents : Agents from NREINC , they where all killed by Night raid.
  • Jaws : An agent from NREINC which is an tyrannosaurus which has titanium armour , he has strong jaws. He was deceased in season 3.
  • Wings : Another agent from NREINC , he is an giant quetzalcoatlus , he has a minigun and rocket launcher which activates anytime. He was killed by Lubbock and Susanoo.
  • Saws : An giganotosaurus which has a armour , his armour has hands which resembles buzzsaws and can morph into anything he wants. He was the last NREINC agent to survive before the war.

Tokyo Ghoul


  • Yakumo Oomori : Main character , he is like the original Yakumo Oomori , except he isn't evil , his kagunes got upgraded , they can spit a fire like substance , his kakuja also became more advanced , sometimes it can spawns whatever dinosaurs head , the noticeable dinosaurs heads are : Allosaurus , Metriacanthosaurus , Velociraptor , Deinonychus , Carnotaurus , Tyrannosaurus , Tyrannotitan , Tarbosaurus and Ceratosaurus.
  • Nico : The same Nico from Tokyo ghoul , he hasn't got any upgrade , yet he is still gay.
  • Naki : The same Naki.
  • Rize : The same Rize.

Scott Pilgrim vs the world


  • Matthew Patel : Ramona's 1st evil ex , he was born in hell , while he may have been born in hell , the rest of his infos are normal. Except that when he dies he explodes into blood and organs , his coins are still presents.
  • Lucas Lee : He was born in LA , aside from that , he is all the same , yet instead of the movie adaptation , he isn't that evil , the characters where mostly inspired by the comic instead of the movie. Like all of the evil exes , they all explodes into bloody mess with coins.
  • Todd Ingram : While in the movie and comic , he was more evil and fought Scott , instead he is more sad due that Envy died. He is all the same aside from that.
  • Roxy : All the same Roxy. Instead based on the movie adaptation.
  • Ken and Kyle : The same Ken and Kyle.
  • Gideon : Gideon is considered to be a human replica of Coelo , he resembles Coelo but like a human. He is constantly seen making jokes about his horrible movie adaptation.


  • Scott Pilgrim : Scott Pilgrim is a villain in the anime , he found some strange chips which make him turn into a Dragon , a eagle and a yeti , he needs some more chips to kill all Team Deino , his goal is to kill Team Deino. The only difference is that he can roar so loud that the Yeti spawns from his roar which is an cool reference to the Yeti from the movie. He is the same age.

Parasite Eve


  • Eve : Eve is the same villain , she is in her last form , except she has some blue things covering her breasts due that to make this anime for Teens , they needed to censor or at least make something to cover her nipples.


  • Neo Mitochondrial Creatures : These Neo Mitochondrial Creatures are neutral creatures due that they act like wild animals , yet there are some creatures which are sapient , mostly the Neo-Mitochondrial dinosaurs from Scott Pilgrim's team. These dinosaurs are Troodon , Pterodactyl , Triceratops and T-rex.



  • Cacodemon : Many cacodemons like characters are seen , they act more animalistic instead of antagonistic.
  • Pinky demon  : Many Pinky characters are seen , they act more animalistic instead of antagonistic.
  • Barons of hell : Many Barons of hell like characters are seen , they act more animalistic instead of antagonistic.
  • Hell knight : Many Hell Knight like characters are seen , they act more animalistic instead of antagonistic.

Antagonists :

  • Cyberdemon : The only antagonist which is an demon , he is more based from the Doom ( 2016 ) version. He was spawned by Scott Pilgrim , yet at the end of season 2 , he was killed by all of Team Deino.
  • Spider Mastermind : Spawned by NREINC agents , it turned out to be an living weapon , he died by esdeath.

Akame Ga Kill!

Protagonists :

  • Bulat : Bulat , tall, muscular young man with blue eyes and black hair that he usually wore in a combed up, heart-shaped pompadour. He was the only agent from Night raid which was killed by the NREINC , he was killed by an T-rex which he got eaten alive.
  • Sheele : The same Sheele from Akame Ga kill.
  • Chelsea : She is Coelo's girlfriend , at the end of Season 3 , they married , and at Season 4 , she was pregnant , and at season 7 , she gave birth to an Coelo like son which has orange colouring.
  • Luboock : The same Lubbock from Akame Ga kill.
  • Leone : She is Deino's girlfriend , at the end of Season 2 , they finally got to understand , yet their marriage was cancelled at season 3 and was delayed to season 4 due to Chelsea's marriage , she was the only character to lay an egg due to Deino's sperm. She gave birth in season 5.
  • Susanoo : The same Susanoo.
  • Najenda : The same Najenda.


  • General Esdeath : Esdeath is a part of NREINC , she can control ice and make sculptures with it. Yet she died in season 4.

Jurassic World


  • Ankylodocus : An giant hybrid made from a Ankylosaurus and a diplodocus , he is shy and he is the most oldest character , while Diplodocus lives to 125 years and ankylosaurus lives to 78 years , it makes the creature to live 203 years , yet he is 85 years old. Secondary character.


  • Team Deino : Yakumo Oomori , Deino , Coelo , Veloci , Matthew Patel , Lucas Lee , Todd Ingram , Roxy , Ken Katayanagi , Kyle Katayanagi , ankylodocus , Carcharo , Mafy , Azdarchid , Nico , Naki , Leone , Chelsea and Lubbock.
  • Team Death : Rize , Alberto , Bary and Quetzal.
  • Night Raid : Susanoo , Sheele , Najenda and Bulat.


Season 1

  • Encounter
  • Rebellion
  • Exes
  • Finding
  • Death
  • Destruction
  • Fight
  • Demons
  • Doom
  • Blood
  • Wildfires
  • Extinction
  • Improvements
  • New villains

Season 2

  • Scott Pilgrim
  • Battle
  • Neo-Mitochondrial files
  • The light of Night
  • Insanity
  • Sanity
  • Fires
  • A new challenge
  • Existence
  • Unidentified
  • Possesion
  • Alternative universe
  • Gone
  • Night Raid

Season 3

  • Girlfriend
  • Petition
  • Dinner?
  • Is religion real?
  • Not so other friends
  • Mourn
  • Girls are angry too.
  • Enough
  • Alternative routes
  • Help card.
  • Extermination
  • Cleaning
  • Modding
  • Hacking

Season 4

  • Kill the authorities
  • The NREINC returns
  • You cant own me
  • Deino's luck
  • Fire and Ice
  • Its chilling?
  • A war.
  • Esdeath returns
  • Bulat and Deino
  • Susanoo wins
  • Nothing can stop me
  • The war ( Part 1)
  • The war (Part 2 )
  • The war ( Part 3 )
  • The war ( Part 4 )
  • Ending


  • This Dinolandia was better than the all the old dinolandia pages.
  • The anime is made for Teens due to blood , deaths , swears , gore and when i say gore i mean GORE! MORE GORE THAN ALL OTHER ANIMES! And Mild nudity.
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