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Dinolandia , also known as The Island of Dinosaurs is an anime show which premiered in January 7th 2016 , it was produced by Funimation , the show revolves on a protagonist named Deino the Deinonychus ( Tara Strong ) which encountered an ghoul named Yakumo Oomori doing one of his misfortunes.


  • Deino : The main protagonist , an male Deinonychus , he is 23 years old , he has an older brother named Jacob , Deino's past childhood was a very troubled one , having his mother dying from an heart attack , his family going poor and his brother's drug addiction getting an hold of him , his personality is that of an funny guy like an clown , in the later seasons , he became more serious as he started working for The Olympians and Zeus. He has an crush on Laura , an human female , he met Yakumo Oomori during one of his many encounters with the rival gang.
  • Yakumo Oomori : An ghoul which was ressucitated via the technology present on the island itself , he found Deino on episode 1 , at first he was that kind of guy which had an troubled relaionship with Deino , but after he fought alongside Deino to kill an dinosaur , he started to get his relationship more and more better , during Deino's job a Olympus , Yamori was just a minor.
  • Veloci : One of Deino's 3 friends , he was the first friend of Deino , he first encountered Deino when he was in middle school , his relationship with Deino along with his friendship can be seen throughout the show , not much is known about Veloci's past , the only thing known is that he was raised on a island and that at some point on his life he was introduced to the island via an shipping accident , he also worked at Olypmpus at later seasons.
  • Coelo : One of Deino's friends , he was raised on a Troodon family , after he was dropped off in a cradle on the main river connecting to the city , he was picked by an Troodon family , he later got an degree at chemistry , he met Deino on one of his days out , he then built the tower so he could live an normal type of life , he wasn't a friend of Yamori the first time he met him , but he got the hold of it.
  • Zeus : The main leader of the Olympians , he met Deino on season 3 , he demanded Deino to work for him so he could defend the upcomig demon army , Zeus along with Ra were the responsible for the great war , since both of them tried to fight hell , only Deino could stop hell.

Second characters

  • Kureo Mado : TBA
  • Eo the eoraptor : The main doctor of the ghoul tower , along with his many brothers , he does surgery and heal the rest of Team Deino
  • Destroyer the T rex : An T-rex which is one of Team Deino's villains , he joined Kaneki to try to stop Team Deino , he retired at the end of season 2 not because he wanted but because his mind was secretly controlled by Artemis.
  • Carcharo and Mafy : 2 brothers born in the same place as Shuno , they were visited by Artemis during their youth , later they visited Poseidon so he could grant them the brother bound , they joined Team deino in episode 4 to try to stop an giganotosaurus from killing them.
  • Shuno : An shunosaurus which was visited by Persephone and Pan during his youth , he was raised by Persephone before he was abandoned since Persephone needed to go to the underworld , an place were he could have been killed by Hades and the lost souls , he found Team Deino in episode 5 during one of his trips.
  • Alberto : An Albertosaurus who is serious and its the only feathered Tyrannosaur from The ghoul tower , he is sad because there is no other featered Tyrannosauroid than him.
  • Nick : An baryonyx who loves fishing with spiny the spinosaurus.
  • Spiny : An spinosaurus who fish gars and other fishes , he was almost killed when fishing in Florida when Robert L. Arrington almost shot him confusing as an American Alligator
  • Cerato the ceratosaurus : An ceratosaurus who loves guns and he is an cop along with indoraptor
  • Rize : Brought back to life from Troodon labs and she has an team , she is the reason to kill many dinosaurs. She is very protective, and dont let veloci go to team deino , being like a mom .
  • Azdarcho : An azdarchid who is from team deino and flies to see food to team deino.
  • Quetzal : An Quetzalcoatlus who tries to find food to team Death
  • Toast the carnotaurus : An carnotaurus who loves toast , he is from team deino.
  • Utah : An utahraptor who loves doing other stuff.
  • Ovi the oviraptor : from season 2 and he is from team deino , he likes eggs and are addicted to egg cocaine
  • God : Deino's mentor and side friend , he was known as the Primitive one.


  • Kaneki : Main villain of Season 1 and minor villain of season 2 , he fought Yakumo Oomori once , this made him hate Yakumo Oomori forever , after he met Yakumo Oomori on episode 3 , he created his own team to stop Team Deino forever , sadly he failed and died at the end of season 2 by the hands of Yakumo Oomori , along with Touka , he appeared as an lost soul at season 3 while Deino was trying to stop the army from hell.
  • Lucifer : Main villain of season 3 , appears as Astral form in season 4 and 5 , he was an archangel but after he fell into hell , he blamed God A.K.A Caos , Yahweh and Allah , for being the responsible for his fall , he started hating God and after his brothers Abbadon , Belzeebub , Camazotz , Baphomet and Belphegor also fell , they made an hell army , Lucifer also created Hades except that Hades hated Lucifer and joined the Olympians after he left hell , in one point of Lucifer's life , he made 7 souls which would reveal to be the 7 evil exes , Lucifer even saw the future of the souls and he tried to posses Scott , but since Scott studied at an catholic university , the least he could do was just make part of Scott's soul turn into nega Scott , on season 3 , he became sick and tired of the Gods and he tried to uprise to become the ruler of Earth and heaven.


Season 1 :

  • The beginning : One day as Deino was going to take an stroll , he found himself on the bullies territory , as he tried to run away , Yakumo Oomori unknowingly saved him , making Deino think he is his friend , Yakumo Oomori now had to try and adapt to the new life on the tower.
  • An enemy is found : Kaneki finds Yakumo Oomori , he tries to kill Yakumo Oomori but he ends up failling , somehow he sends an Siats to try to kill Yakumo Oomori , Yakumo Oomori and Deino now have to put aside their differences to kill the Siats.
  • The chasm : After Veloci unknowingly picks the map from his RPG game confusing it from the map of the island , Team Deino gets lost on a chasm with no exit , in anger Coelo blames Veloci for leading them lost , this causes an rivalry betwen Coelo and Veloci , their rivalry needs to stop as an group of carnivorous pterosaurs swarm the chasm for the feast.
  • 2 Brothers 1 Giant : Carcharo and Mafy , 2 brothers tries to save Team Deino from a giganotosaurus , as they join Team Deino , they discover they need to work together to stop the same giganotosaurus.
  • Think Big : Shuno the Shunosaurus is constantly being chased by an tyrannosaurus when Carcharo and Mafy along with Team Deino save Shuno , after joining Team Deino , Shuno discovers that the same T-rex has joined Kaneki's team
  • 99% : After Coelo did all of his tests from his academy , he discovered that he got 99% because he forgot to put an point on one of his i's , Coelo goes from a depression , Kaneki uses this opportunity to try to make Coelo commit suicide , this time Deino must find a way to show that 99% is the same as 100%.
  • Jacob the drug addict : Jacob unknowingly harasses Coelo before Deino stops him , after Jacob joins Team Deino and forgives Coelo , they need to stop Kaneki and his team from destroying Jacob's and Deino's older home , with the help of Jacob's motorcycle gang , they sucessfully win.
  • Poaching awareness episode : This episode was released with the intention to make people stop poaching so the animals can stop being endangered so that poor people from Africa can hunt them for food , the episode is about Deino winning an trip to Africa and after he discovers that an poor community of native africans are starving because the elephants they preyed upon became endangered , they need to find an way to make the elephants return to their normal population so the africans could stop starving.
  • H2oh no : While Deino was enjoying an boat ride on the main river , he found out 2 plesiosaurs named Sodom and Gomorra joined Kaneki to stop Team Deino , this time Deino needs to learn how to swim , with that Spino the spinosaurus became his swimming teacher.
  • The 9th member part 1 : When Deino has an dream of an unknown dinosaur which tried to join Team Deino , he realizes the unknown dinosaur is an deceased brother of Deino , with this , Coelo tries to do an time machine to return to the year of 2009 to stop the accident , but Kaneki heard this so he made his own time machine to send an Troll to kill Team Deino
  • The 9th member part 2 : The Troll finds Team Deino , little did they know , they had only 8 minutes left to stop the accident , but they needed to deal with the troll first so the troll couldn't change the timeline , nonetheless they kill the troll and save Ragnor , the 9th member.
  • Team Death : When Quetzal the Quetzalcoatlus spots Deino , he tells Rize to kill the rest of Team Deino so Deino could be the only one to remain of Team Deino so he could join Team Death , and with Kaneki following Team Deino , they must find a way to make Team Death attack Kaneki.
  • Face your fears : Coelo is revealed to have Aracnophobia , but when Team Deino gets captured by an type of giant spider and Coelo is the only one which is not trapped , Coelo needs to try to overcome his fears so he can save his friends.
  • Patience resolves everything : When an carnotaur which hates movement joins Kaneki and his team to stop Team Deino , he seems to win Team Deino because Yakumo Oomori relies more on speed and strenght to attack , Yakumo Oomori needs to try to use patience and slowlyness to hunt the carnotaurus.
  • Deino's love problem : When Deino finds an human girl , he tries to not to kiss her or do any love related stuff because in his religion its sin.
  • Working together : When Deino and Kaneki get trapped on a crater that is slowly being filled with water , they try to put aside their differences to save themselves.
  • Deino's rammstein problem : Deino needs to go to a rammstein concert , but when his car gets broken on the middle of the streets at night on a bandit filled street near an gasoline barrel , someone needs to go out of the car so they can pick the barrel.
  • The battle of the decade part 1 : Kaneki is tired of seeing Yakumo Oomori around the island , so in anger he tries to find an dinosaur which can kill Yakumo Oomori , soon he finds an still asleep leviathan like creature.
  • The battle of the decade part 2 : Deino hears about the leviathan being , so he goes to try and stop Kaneki from awaking the leviathan.

Season 2 :

  • This land is ours : The humans have overpopulated the land and the only location with available space for building and planting is the Dinolandia island , the natives of the island see the humans as a threat for the ecossystem of the island so they try to stop them , ltittle did they know , the leader of the humans made an deal with The Devil to try to find the Pandora Box so that after he opened it , all the dinosaurs would be weak and they would dominate the land.
  • Meet Fool and Justice : While Deino was gathering sticks for the campfire , he found 2 tarot cards which suddenly came to life revealing 2 new additions to Team Deino , The Fool the Therizinosaurus and Justice the Citipati , little did they know , they would have to join forces to stop the humans , Kaneki and the Devil.
  • Walking alone : An Hermit card is spotted , after the card turns into its dinosaur form , an ankylosaur , its mind is controlled by The Devil so they could stop Team Deino , now Deino has to learn the powers of The Fool so they can stop the Hermit and collect its card.
  • Double Trouble : An Lovers card is found , they turn into its dinosaur form , 2 dilophosaurus , they start to interrupt an wedding so they could make the wedding their own , causing an pandemonium , this attracts the attention of The Devil and Kaneki along with Team Deino , now Team Deino needs to stop The Devil from collecting the Lovers card before its too late.
  • Our pool is not for baptizing : Coelo makes an pool for entertainement , and unknowingly activates an Hierophant card , which turns into its dinosaur form , an spinosaurus , at first the Hierophant is seen as a hero , but after The Devil controls his mind , The Hierophant wants to flood all of the world , Team Deino needs to snap The Hierophant out of it so they can stop an new global flood.
  • One Hell of an ride : An Chariot card is activated , making its dinosaur form , an triceratops riding hypsilophodon , cause an rampage at an nearby store , activating an High priestress card turning into its dinosaur form , an utahraptor , The High Priestress joins Team Deino , but sadly the Chariot has his mind controlled by The Devil , The High Priestress now needs to use her possesion remover power to snap the Chariot out of it.
  • The Tower part 1 : An ancient and forbidden Tarot card which wrecked the Dinolandia Island 5 centuries ago was unknowingly activated , causing it to rampage across the Americas , Team Deino needs to find an way to stop The Tower before its too late.
  • The Tower part 2 : The Tower finds The Dinolandia island , meanwhile The Devil cant ind controll the Tower , and Team Deino has to do its best to stop the Tower from rampaging.
  • All work and no rest for the strenght : The strenght tarot card gets activated at an nearby gym , his dinosaur form an pachycephalosaurus , tries it best to win the world's strongest dinosaur , but after his mind gets controlled by The Devil , he wants to use his force for evil , now Team Deino needs to find an way to stop him before its too late.
  • Spiky situation : An Temperance tarot card gets activated , turning into its dinosaur form , an stegosaurus , he is later awarded as the world's most intelligent stegosaur , but when The Devil possesed him , he used his intelligence to try to make an device to destroy the Island , Coelo has now to challenge The Temperance to a intelligence duel.
  • Presto! You are now mind controlled : The Magician card is activated , he turns into its dinosaur form , an coelophysis , to do magic tricks , Coelo sees this opportunity to try to find his origins , but when The Devil mind controlled The Magician , he wants to use his magic to kill Team Deino.
  • Easter special : The High Priestress wants to make an easter party , but due to an religious war that happened in 179 A.C revolving the island's religion and christianity , they prohibit The High Priestress for doing such party , but The Devil teams up with The Death to create an trap disguised as an Easter party so they can kill Team Deino.
  • Dont flip it! : After Deino accidentaly flips Justice's card, his card turns upside down , making the Justice become evil and steal its card so no one can flip it , now Team Deino needs to find a way to flip Justice's card so he can become an hero again.
  • Find the Fool : When Deino's teacher finds out he has a Tarot card , she puts it on the detention so no one can pick it , now Deino needs to find The Fool so he can bring his friend back.
  • King and Queen , part 1 : While Team Deino was fighting The Devil , Kaneki dropped the Empress tarot card , The Empress tells Deino about his lover The Emperor , now they need to find the Emperor before the Devil can find it.
  • King and Queen , part 2 : The Emperor is found but Deino gets trapped by the humans on a prison , he then hears about the Pandora Box , with the help of the Emperor , he tries to break free.
  • Sky High : The Hangedman and The Judgement are released from the cards , turning into their dinosaur forms , The Judgement being an Tapejara and The Hangedman being an pteraodon , they are later enslaved by an drug dealer as their pets , after The Devil mind controls the 2 cards , he sends them to fight Team Deino.
  • The Gargantuar part 1 : The Devil tries to create an being named The Gargantuar so he can kill Team Deino and later open the Pandora Box to kill all dinosaurs , its a race against time for Team Deino to stop it.
  • The Gargantuar part 2 : The Devil releases the Gargantuar , while Deino's tarot cards fight The Gargantuar , Deino needs to find The Sun , The Moon , The World and The star to stop The Devil , later on The Devil opens the Pandora Box , weakening all of the dinosaurs , but then The Sun , The Moon , The World and The Star appears , fighting and killing Kaneki's Team , The Devil and The Death and closing the Pandora Box and blessing all the dinosaurs with Strenght.

Season 3

  • From the underworld : Lucifer has gone sick and tired from The Gods , so he makes an demon army to destroy Earth and conquer the universe , along with his brothers Beelzebub , Abbadon , Baphomet , Belphegor , Hela , Chernobog , The Serpent of Eden and Camazotz , later while Deino was having his breakfast , Lucifer tried to attack him before he was rescued by Zeus , Zeus told Deino to stop Lucifer and his brothers and try to reunite the 3 messiahs to kill Lucifer , and Zeus gave Deino the Helenistic sword.
  • The adventure begins : Deino goes to the island of Hawaii to begin his adventure and there he has to fight the demon horde and stop an exploding volcano.
  • Cough Cough : The Mayan Underworld God , Camazotz has made an pandemic on Mexico city , Deino has now to team up with Quetzacoatl to stop Camazotz and stop the pandemic.
  • The 7 damned souls : Hades has ressucitated The 7 evil exes so they can stop Deino , but with the help of Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers , he will stop them once it for all.
  • Original sin : The soul of Cain is brought to his physical form by Lucifer , Lucifer demands Cain to rot all of the plants on the Amazon rainforest , Deino has now to team up with Tupã and the other brazillian Gods to stop Cain.
  • All croaked up : The egyptians are under attack by Beelzebub , the Demon frog , now Deino must team up with the egyptian gods to stop Beelzebub.
  • Volcano! : Abbadon , the Volcano Demon wants to erupt the Mt St Helens volcano , Deino now needs to team up with the God of Volcanoes , Hephaestus , to stop Abbadon.
  • Dont be angry , part 1 : Deino is suddenly possesed by Yama , making him angry , now the Hindu Gods need to team up with Buddha and Siddartha Gautama to make Deino be peacefull.
  • Dont be angry , part 2 : Deino is no longer possesed by Yama , but Yama now needs to kill the Hindu Gods , Deino needs to team up with Ganesha to fight Yama.
  • St.George is back : God also known as Chronus , Yaweh or Allah brings back St.George to team up with Deino to stop Belphegor , the dragon demon.
  • Arabian Nights , Arabian frights : Deino goes to Jerusalem along with the Babylonian Gods to stop Nergal from destroying the Holy Land.
  • They arent from any religion , they are from media! : The hormone monsters from Big Mouth suddenly turn into demons and bend through dimensions , Deino needs to find a way to kill the Hormone Demons , thing is , the demons arent from any religion.
  • Nega Scott : The Nega Scott is free from Scott's body , now he goes on a rampage on Toronto , only Deino and Scott can stop him.
  • Ragnarok : Hela invades the North of Europe to destroy everything , Deino needs to team up with The Norse Gods to stop Hela , but they also need to worry about Fenrir and Jormugandr as well.
  • Night on Devil's Tower : Chernobog invades the Devil's Tower on the US so he can create an army of demons to destroy the US , Deino needs to team up with The Thunderbird and other North American native Gods to stop Chernobog.
  • Sin! : The serpent of Eden wants to infect all fruits to make all humans become filled with sin and subsequently destroy Earth , Deino needs to team up with the now revived David , Moses , Mordecai and the 12 apostles to stop the serpent from infecting the fruits.
  • Tartarus : Hades releases all titans of Tartarus to kill Deino and destroy Greece , Deino needs to team up with the Olympians to stop Hades and the titans.
  • The brother of Satan : Deino goes to hell to battle Lucifer , but he first has to cross the river Styx , fight many undeads and kill Baphomet.
  • Apocalypse , part 1 : Deino needs to fight Lucifer , so he reunites all Gods from all mythologies to fight the Underworld God , meanwhile , Hermes tries to find the 3 messiahs , Jesus , Mohammed and a Jewish Messiah named Yalko.
  • Apocalypse part 2 : Deino is loosing the battle to Lucifer , but out of nowhere the 3 messiahs come along with archangels , other messiahs and other Gods to kill Lucifer , after the battle , Deino becomes an immortal.

Season 4 :

  • An new start : Deino got an work at an graphic design school , after he got home , he saw on the news about an cryptid attack on Boston , Deino got an idea to make an reserve to save all cryptids from poachers , and he wouldnt be alone as he found an zoologist named Cryo the Cryolophosaurus , soon he knew , he needed to save species from extinction.
  • Partridge creek : Deino goes to partridge creek to save an couple of 2 Partridge creek beasts , but what he didnt knew , he was going to face an danger when having to find them , an large polar bear cryptid found in Canada.
  • Africa here we go : Team Deino goes to Africa to save an herd of Mokele Mbembe , 2 Kongamatos and a Nguma Monene , but it is an race against time before 2 poachers named Bob and Gary were to poach the dinosaurs and make them extinct again.
  • Double cryptid hunt : While on his graphic design school , Deino finds an new friend named Psittaco the Psittacosaurus , he asks him about if he wants to join Team Deino , but Psitta doesnt know what to do , since Psitta is an hall monitor and he needed to study due to his strict parents , after school , Cryo hears the new about an Jersey Devil and a Mothman spotted , since Psitta was smart , he knew what to do in case of the cryptids attacking.
  • No Bats about it : Team Deino goes to Sumatra to rescue the 2 Sukotyro couple , but after he hears the new of an Ahool spotting , they go to Java , but the 2 poachers were on the trail to hunt and kill the Ahool.
  • Dive into adventure : Deino goes to Loch Ness to find a Broobie , 2 Kelpies , 4 ground hogs and try to prove the existence of the Loch Ness Monster , but the poachers cant go since the government is watching them 24 hours , but they contract an poacher Ronin to kill the cryptids and stop team Deino.
  • Africa here we go again : An spotting of an Emela Ntouka and a Kasai Rex interests Team Deino , but its an race against time since the poachers and Ronin need to find the Kasai Rex and the Emela Ntoukas to poach them.
  • What enters Athens , never leaves : Team Deino goes to an abandoned Greek island to save greek mythical monsters such as Cyclops and Chimaeras , but Team Original and Kaneki joins the poachers and they try to go implant a bomb on the greek island , its now an matter of life and death.
  • Im not Head'ing to America : The Headless Horseman was spotted on the U.S , Team Deino now needs to save the Headless Horseman, but he was more trickish than Team Deino thought
  • Jim , the mysterious student : An student named Jim is seen reading an cryptid book , he was considered as an mysterious student as he was an anti-social and had no friends , but when Team Deino goes to his home , they find out he is the son of 2 demons.
  • The mystery of the aquatic marsupial : After strange sightings of an aquatic marsupial on Australia resembling the Bunyip goes viral , Team Deino heads to Australia to see what it is , but the poachers made an deal with an aboriginal deity to stop Team Deino from rescuing the 2 bunyips.
  • Out of this world : When an engineer spots an alien resembling the flatwoods monster , Team Deino is called to rescue it , but the alien knows about Team Deino so he tries to avoid them as he is afraid of getting recognized by humans and experimented on Area 51 and later an war of aliens and humans occur.
  • Jim's decision : After Jim joins Team Deino , he has to use his cryptozoology skills to capture an chupacabra , but Ronin has made an virus that affects the chupacabra population , so its a race against time before the virus spreads and kills the chupacabra.
  • An paranormal event : After poltergheist activity is spotted on an abandoned house , Team Deino needs to find and destroy the poltergheist before its too late.
  • Britanical horror : Jack the ripper starts to start new murders on the U.K , now Team Deino needs to stop Jack the ripper before he finds the queen of Britain and murder her.
  • Full moon horror : An beast of geuvadan is spotted on France , now Team Deino needs to save it before the poachers get a grip of it.
  • Behold the bigfoot : Team Deino goes to his biggest adventure yet , saving the bigfoot , but as the poacher Team finds out about it , they want to poach and kill the bigfoot.
  • The worm of Mongolian sands : The Mongolian Death Worm is spotted , this causes Team Deino to go save the mongolian death worm before the poachers get to it.
  • The rescue ( part 1 ) : The poachers capture all the cryptids in order to kill all of them and sell them to the black market , now Team Deino needs to stop them before its too late.
  • The rescue ( part 2 ) : Its the last showdown , Team Deino vs the poachers , after Deino releases all cryptids , they start to destroy the poacher base and soon they are all rescued and they are safe in the reserve.

Season 5

  • Team Deino moves out : Team Deino decides to move to an nearby hotel because of their house reformation.

The Zodiac Arc.

  • An rat told me : The rat horoscope came to tell Deino about how the chinese zodiac and the horoscope were trapped by 2 evil spirits named Gyges and Yamata , so Deino knew , he was the choosen one , and on his way , he needed to find the remaining Tarot Cards which were the minor Arcana.
  • An goodbye : Deino needed to leave Team Deino in order to do this , but he needed to spend one more time together with his friends before going.
  • The journey begins : Deino's journey was beginning , and he knew what to do , but he also knew Gyges was angry about his decision , so he sent 5 Daimones to stop Deino , these being Sephiroth , Magician , Pandora , Star and Esdeath.
America Sub-Arc
  • Be Tropical , Be Wild : Deino goes to Hawaii on his first stop , but he realizes Sephiroth sent his Minions which were Imps and demons to kill Deino , but the Ace of Cups card which transformed into its human form stopped this and thus the chase began.
  • An close friend encounter : Deino goes to Toronto to find Two of Cups , but he realizes an Demon named Mephistopheles stole it and wants to bring to Sephiroth to use it for his biddings and plans , but Scott Pilgrim knows about Mephistopheles and the way to defeat him , uniting forces with Deino to stop it.
  • The Presidential debate : Sephiroth plans to go to Washington D.C to try to be an elect president so he could ruin America , but Three of Cups card is found by Deino in a illegal store , now Deino needs to try to buy it and save it before America gets corrupted.
  • Geysers and Peace : Four of cups gets kidnapped by Alecto in order to bring it to Sephiroth , but accidentaly dropped it on a geyser , now Deino needs to fight Alecto and get the card before its boiled away by the hea.
  • Battle at Rushmore : Five of Cups goes to mount Rushmore to commit suicide , and Deino needs to save it and hopefully try to avoid the demons on Mount Rushmore before its too late.
  • The innocence of the young : Six of Cups goes to St Louis to try to remember about its past , but Sephiroth plans to bring an Chimaera to destroy the arch and kill Six of Cups before Deino can save him , its now an race against time.
  • The busiest city has problems : Seven of Cups appears on New York on the top of the One trade center , but Sephiroth plans to cause an new 9/11 , now Deino needs to stop the new 9/11 , and save Seven of Cups before the second most biggest disaster happens in NYC.
  • Problem on the White House : Sephiroth plans to explode the White House during an presidential debate , and Eight of Cups , knowing Sephiroth was about to do it , he went inside to commit suicide , but now Deino needs to rush and save the White house... and Eight of Cups too.
  • Happy with what you have : Nine of Cups appears on a Casino in Las Vegas to gain money , but Sephiroth plans to put micro bombs on the money so the money can explode , now Deino , along with Tyche and Nemesis , god of Fortune and misfortune , need to save not only Nine of Cups , but the whole Casino from exploding.
  • Awake : On Mexico City , 4 Mayan Gods awoke , they started to protect Mexico , but Sephiroth knew how to destroy them , but Deino found Ten of Cups , and they both needed to work together to protect them.
  • 1/5 : Deino found Sephiroth to fight him , but Sephiroth was powerfull enough to defeat him , now Deino needed to find Page , Knight , Queen and King of Cups to help him on the battle.
South America Sub-Arc
  • Gyges plan : Deino was on South America , and he knew where Gyges was , on Rio de Janeiro , in anger , Gyges sent Magician to kill Deino , but with Ace of Sword on his side , he knew how to defeat him.
  • The Peruan adventure : More Tarot Cards appeared on Peru , such as Two of Swords , Three of Swords and Four of Swords , this time , Magician wanted to make an large avalanche on Peru , but now Deino needed to stop him before the avalanche destroys everything.
  • So cold : Deino goes to Chile to find Five of Swords , Six of Swords and Seven of Swords to stop Magician's plan to melt all glaciers and flood Chile , but thing is , they are on a cold underground cave , now Deino needs to face the cold before it was too late.
  • Darwin's memories : The ghost of Charles Darwins unites with Deino and Eight , Nine and Ten of swords to rescue the Galapagos turtle from Magician's large fishing net.
  • Carlos Kyo special episode : Argentinan youtuber Carlos Kyo realizes Argentina is being attacked , but when he finds Deino , he helps him find Prince , Knight and Queen of swords so they can stop Magician from destroying Argentina.

Season 6

  • 2/5 and Gyges defeated : With Deino on Rio de Janeiro and with all the Swords and Cups cards reunited , he has the power to release the Horoscope and finally destroy Magician... and Gyges too.

Zodiac Arc

Africa Sub-Arc
  • The egyptian Gods join Team Deino : When Deino goes to egypt to find Ace of Pentacles , Pandora ( Not Hephaestus daughter ) is sent to stop Deino and activate the 12 plagues of Egypt , but the Egyptian Gods knew , they needed to team up with Deino to stop Pandora and find Ace of Pentacles.
  • The african adventure : Deino goes to Kenya national park to find an albino lion , but Pandora instead wants to capture and kill the White lion , now Two , Three and Four of pentacles need to team up with Deino to stop Pandora from doing such bad act.
  • Back to the lost world : Pandora reunites with the villains from season 4 to capture the last Mokele Mbembe , but now Deino needs to help Five of Pentacles , Six of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles on his adventure to save the last Mokele Mbembe.
  • The lost Temple : While fighting with Pandora on Madagascar , Deino stumbles on a lost temple , this time , the temple traps both Deino and Pandora , now they need to work out together to find Nine , Ten and Page of Pentacles and get out of the temple.
  • Change of Hearts : On Mauritious island , Pandora starts to have an change of hearts , but this creates an alter ego of Pandora named arodnaP , and when Deino found the last Dodo , arodnaP plans to kill the last Dodo and sink the island , now Deino needs to find Knight , Queen and King of Pentacles to help him stop arodnaP
  • 3½/5 : Pandora decides to join team Deino and defeat arodnaP once it for all!
Europe sub-arc
  • Battle in the Colliseum : Deino goes to Rome in order to find the missing artwork of Michelangelo named The Gufus ( Which is an man falling of an cliff ) , but he gets trapped in the Colliseum and forced to fight the Star , but with the help of Ace of Wands , Two of Wands , Three of Wands and Four of Wands , he will defeat star.
  • Deino and the argonauts : Deino hears about an wishing crystal , that could be used for bad or good , but Star sends Megaera to find the crystal first and wish for the destruction of the World , now Deino needs to travel to the island with his Argonauts which were Five , Six , Seven , Eight of Wands in order to rescue the crystal.
  • Red Palace's fight : Deino goes to the red palace in order to find the Sword of Rasputin , but Star has a plan to destroy the Red Palace before Deino can find it , but this time , Nine , Ten , Page and Knight of wands will help him defeat.
  • The queen and king : When people confuse the King and Queen of wands for an new queen , Star tells Queen Elizabeth II to kill Queen and King of Wands , but now Deino needs to stop the queen's army and tell that they are not queen and kings so they could be saved.
  • 4½/5 : On France , Star planned to destroy the effifel tower and make an tower that can create diseases , but Deino , having reunited all minor arcana cards knew how to stop the Star.
Asia sub-arc
  • Battle in Turkey : Deino goes to Turkey , but since he was in Asia , the place were Yamata No Orochi ruled , he sent Esdeath , the last of the daimons to stop Deino , now Deino knew how to fight and stop Esdeath and save turkey.
  • The Holy Land? : When Esdeath plans to freeze Jerusalem , Deino tries to find an way to melt all the ice before its too late.
  • A large war : In Iraq , an large war was happening , and Esdeath knew how to help the Iraqs win the Americans , but now Deino had to reunite with the american force to stop Esdeath.
  • Mumbai mishaps : Deino goes to India in order to kill Esdeath , but Esdeath sends Tisiphone to kill team Deino , but the Hindu Gods knew how to stop this , and soon a fight began for Mumbai.
  • The battle is jus beginning : Deino is on Cambodia borders to China , but he realizes Esdeath is trying to kill Deino before he finds Yamata no Orochi and kill him , and as he defeated Esdeath , he realized , the battle was just beginning.
  • Yamata No Orochi : Deino reaches China , and as he knew Yamata no Orochi was in there , he realized , it was time for the ultimate battle , but Pandora fears that she may die , but she dont know why.
  • An battle to end it all : Deino reaches the cove of Yamata No Orochi in order to release all zodiacs , and after an large fight , Yamata no Orochi throws Pandora in front of Deino's sword , killing Pandora , but Deino realized , the war was far from over.
  • The battle ends : All of the anger and sadness Deino had was replaced with hope after Pandora transfered her soul to Deino , and with hope , Deino cut the cages of the zodiacs , and Deino , powerfull than ever stabs the blade on Yamata no Orochi's heart , and soon a large explosion destroys the cave , and Deino knew , the battle was over.
  • Homecoming : Deino goes to the Dinolandia island , and he realizes , the home was already fixed , now in happiness , Deino realizes , he defeated 2 of the most evil beings , at night , he climbs the roof to see the stars making the shape of Pandora , but an new light appears , this time more stronger , and he realizes , the battle is not over yet.


Actors/Humans voice actors

  • Deino Tara Strog
  • Yakumo Oomori : Cristopher R.Bevins
  • Veloci as
  • Coelo as Nancy Cartwright
  • Kaneki as Austin Tindle
  • Touka as Brina Palencia
  • Carcharo and Mafy , Shuno , Eo , Native Africans , The Chariot , The tower , The Fool as Frank welker
  • The Devil , The Death , Abbadon , Baphomet , Belphegor , Nergal , The Emperor , The Sun , The Moon , The Star and The World as David Kayle
  • Lucifer , Hades , The hangedman , The Judgement , The Hierophant , The Strenght , The Wheel of fate as Paul Dobson.
  • Matthew Patel as Sathya Bhaba
  • Lucas Lee as Chris Evans
  • Todd Ingram as Brandon Routh
  • Roxy Ricther as Mae Whitman
  • Ken and Kyle Katayanagi as Shota and Keita Saito
  • Gideon Graves as Jason Schwartzman
  • Scott Pilgrim and Nega Scott as Michael Cera
  • Ramona Flowers as Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • The 12 apostles as Seth MacFarlane
  • Zeus as Corey Burton
  • Poseidon as Gideon Emery
  • Helios as Crispin Freeman
  • Hermes as Greg Ellis
  • Hera as Adrienne Barbeau
  • Ares as Steven Blum
  • Persephone as Marina Gordon
  • Aphrodite as April Stewart
  • Hephaestus as Rip Torn
  • Athena as Carole Ruggier
  • Cryo as Johnny Depp
  • Psitta as Tania Gunadi
  • Jim as Johnny Vavala
  • Jim's parents as Lee Tocker
  • Carlos Kyo as Himself.


Dinolandia was rated D on its first season , getting an 50% of rating , but as the seasons progressed , it got better , soon it reached an 90% of reviews and ratings.


  • Dinolandia was originally an bad show with bad plots , not to mention , having many sex jokes and toilet humour before the plot got re-written.
  • The Greek Gods are voiced by the same actors which voiced the Greek Gods from God of War.
  • Akame Ga Kill characters were planned but scrapped due to copyright issues.
  • The series has 3 games , Dinolandia : Royale Battle , Dinolandia : Rise of an Archangel , Dinolandia : Retribution
  • This was an american made anime , the first of its kind.
  • Season 4 first plot had Street fight characterrs along with Godzilla kaijus , but it got scrapped.


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