Dinolandia is an anime in 2016 with dinosaurs that talk , and they were brought back to life from troodons who survived the extinction that made them intelligent just like Escola da insanidade inspired by Camila Ali chair ( Freakraptor deviantart name ) the show focus on 4 characters , 2 characters are from tokyo ghoul :


Deino : The 1st main character that is like the funny guy as an comedian who say jokes all the time and wants to find the meaning of life , he is an ghoul dinosaur and worked in a circus after he left the circus when the circus burned down. He has an rikaku kagune like Yakumo oomori, he is an Evolutionist ( dinosaur religion ) and he loves Yakumo oomori , but in season 3 he stepped on a switch where it showed a sign saying I LUV YOU NICO , meaning that he is gay and love nico. He has an Discord account called Deino00xxx89 , and it has pornographic images of him fucking , making blowjobs , sticking its tongue to nico bare dick and using sexual toys.

Yakumo Oomori : Brought back to life from troodon labs , he started to like Deino , he is his best friend and likes him , also due to yakumo oomori torturistic behavior he killed Kaneki by punching several time on his face and Snapping his neck , he has a rinkaku kagune and a kakuja , when he see something that is interesting he say : OH WOW!. Suggesting that he has an happy feeling , he is a buddhist and he prays to Buddha in 3 episodes , one that the Team Deino is falling to the volcano , other that he finish praying in his garden of peace and when the Ghoul Tower was almost flooded by an Tsunami , before he hunted an Edmontosaurus he said Itadakimasu before attacking him. He loves Nico and fucked him 67 times and plans to make even more times.

Nico: An cleft chin gay guy with an pink shirt , small hair , pink dress , glasses , an blue scarf and red jeans with flowers . He loves Coelo the coelophysis and has an Discord account called Nicoporne621xxxvideos which show him fucking deino and coelo . He is gay and a buddhist , as he loves Yakumo oomori , he wants to marry him.

Coelo : An non ghoul coelophysis , who is smart and loves making science , he was raised by troodons and his notes are A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and he has an glass and lab called Coelo destructive and idiotic lab , he is an evolutionist , he tries to make science and other stuff , he has an health potion and a fire potion , he likes so much minecraft , he was a astronaut , teacher , constructor , tennis player and now a scientist . Before he meet Yakumo Oomori he liked seeing Tokyo ghoul

Second characters

Kureo Mado , he is an Mid aged man and it killed Touka and Hinami with an Spinosaurus and he still tries to make all Quinques

Juuzou Suzuya , appears as an Cameo along with Shinohara and sometime makes appearences in the Ghoul Tower

Eo the eoraptor , An eoraptor who is a doctor who loves healing everyone , he likes to be friend with spiny the spinosaurus.

Destroyer the T rex : An T rex who is from Team deino and he loves killing , he is from jurassic park and dont have feathers.

Carcharo and Mafy , Two carcharodontosaurus brothers who likes each other , they are not friends with Destroyer , still they are friends with Yakumo Oomori and the others from Team Deino , as they are brothers , they were born on the same location , they are evolutionists , sometime trying to talk with ankylodocus

Ankylodocus , An hybrid of Ankylosaurus and Diplodocus , he lives on Dinolandia in Team deino , with his friend Amargaspinus , he is not very fast and when the team deino runs he screams : WAIT FOR ME , IM SLOW . Due to his ankylosaurus armor he cant run fast , but he can walks fast , he was born in the Troodon lab.

Amargaspinus , An hybrid of Spinosaurus and Amargasaurus , he lives on team deino , with his friend Ankylodocus , he is fast and can swim faster than any crocodiles , he is smaller to ankylodocus and can run even faster.

Veloci : An velociraptor who is a friend from Deino , he tries to be on team deino , but Rize blocks him and he still tries to go.

Alberto : An Albertosaurus who is serious and its the only feathered Tyrannosaur from The ghoul tower , he is sad because there is no other featered Tyrannosauroid than him.

Nick : An baryonyx who loves fishing with spiny the spinosaurus.

Spiny : An spinosaurus who fish gars and other fishes , he was almost killed when fishing in Florida when Robert L. Arrington almost shot him confusing as an American Alligator

Cerato the ceratosaurus : An ceratosaurus who loves guns and he is an cop along with indoraptor

Indoraptor : An cop who is an hybrid of indominus and a velociraptor , he has Dissociative Identity Disorder , In jurassic world fallen kingdom he has 2 Personality , Prankster personality : He wanted to touch Maisie hair to make her scream and get grounded . The normal personality  : When he was in the Dinosaur selling , he started to become angry and go to its evil personality. After he was brought back to life in Troodon Labs he have a new personality : The Black personality , where he turns into a cop and has an black accent and he say the N words 2 time

Rize : Brought back to life from Troodon labs and she has an team , she is the reason to kill many dinosaurs. She is very protective, and dont let veloci go to team deino , being like a mom .

Azdarcho : An azdarchid who is from team deino and flies to see food to team deino.

Quetzal : An Quetzalcoatlus who tries to find food to team Death

Toast the carnotaurus : An carnotaurus who loves toast , he is from team deino.

Utah : An utahraptor who loves doing other stuff.

Ovi the oviraptor : from season 2 and he is from team deino , he likes eggs and are addicted to egg cocaine

Dead characters

Kaneki : Died by Yakumo Oomori attacking him

Touka : Died when Kureo Mado drived her to an volcano in eruption burning her.

Hinami : Also burned in the volcano.

Shuu tsukiyama : Dead when Yakumo Oomori crushing him with a rock


Season 1 :

-Meeting : Deino finds Yamori and then pass 4 years later to 2018 where he find his friends

-Friends : Deino , Nico and Coelo tries to find an meaning for life

-Bee chase : Deino is chased by bees and its up to Nico , Yakumo Oomori and coelo to save him

-Trapped : Deino is trapped by an Oviraptor and Yakumo oomori tries to save him

-Murder : Yakumo Oomori kills Kaneki ken

-Sadness and Depression : Touka gets depressed when kaneki died

-An evil plain : Kureo Mado tries to kill Touka when a volcano will erupt

-The fishing that goes wrong : Spiny is shoot in the leg and a arm when Robert L.Arrington confuses him with an American alligator. Now Eo needs to save him before its too late

-The anomalies : An time portal brings an Strange animal called Camouflage beast where he starts to talk about an future plan where humankind makes an plan to kill the posthumans

-Making an plan : While Team deino tries to go to 2050 to cancel humankind to going to 20 million years in the future to kill posthumans , Kureo mado sees an News saying that the Dinolandia volcano is going to erupt , making Kureo mado plan even more right

-Saving new humankind : Team deino tries to join an American Killer Dylanus to his team because they can stop the plan by killing the humans.

-The time machine : Coelo makes an prototype time machine to make the Team Deino go to 2050 , but since its a prototype , instead of leaving to 2050, they leave to 2001 and the time machine brings an metal piece and destroys an airplane and stops 911 , then coelo comes back with the real time machine to leave them to 2050.

-2050 : Team Deino find London as more modified , and then an advertsiment shows an giant bomb going to 20 millions of years to destroy the posthumans , now they need to find the location to stop the bomb.

-Stopping the plan : While team deino tries to find the location , in earth 2018 , Kureo mado count the days for the volcano eruption and he gets busted when touka enters his room.

-Busted : Kureo mado is forced to stay on the Tower prison for 2 days , even worst , 2 days on jail will only make his plan slower , meanwhile in 2050 , team deino find the location.

-The battle with the Travellers of the stars : Team deino finds Jimez Smooth and battles to him , when Yakumo oomori wins , they have 1 hour to save the posthumans

-The eruption : Kureo mado gets out of the jail and the volcano erupts , Kureo mado is forced to drag touka and hinami to the volcano and they found a stampede of tasty dinosaurs , when they are going to attack , the volcano lava burns them.

-The last minutes : Yakumo oomori , Nico and deino needs to stop the Bomb by throwing a cellphone with big marvel , but the worst is that the WIFI is not known , so Coelo finds the WIFI password and Deino destroy the bombs by throwing big marvel video , one guy 40 sounds into the bomb and later exploding all of London , and before it exploded , Team deino escaped with the time machine , and has gone into the tower.

-The end is the beggining : While 20 millions of years is saved , another anomaly appears , now bringing new creatures aquatics and Future predators.

Season 2 :

-Invasion of future creatures : Future predators starts to invade Dinolandia , now Yakumo Oomori and its Team needs to kill some of them

-The lab : Coelo lab is open , Team Deino needs to find some thing to kill the future predators

-Disaster : Coelo opened an anomaly and Akuoreo tg tfs came to Dinolandia , and they cause havoc , now there is 2 problems , Future predators and Akuoreo aberrations of nature

-The idea : Coelo has idea , where he needs to make an mutant army , with an mish mash of 2 creatures or even fictional beings.

-The fusion machine : Coelo creates an fusion machine , which then an ankylosaurus and a diplodocus enters , and an strange explosion happens , before everyone could see what happened , ankylodocus introduces himself , and now he joins team Deino.

-Dinolandia city rampage : It was an noon on Dinolandia city , when all of sudden akuoreo 3 giant dragons from Drum call starts causing havoc , They need to find something big like Godzilla , but when the 3 giant dragons take their first step , their legs break because of their enormous size , now team deino needs to fix the city by using the reformation potion (fatalities caused , 400 dinolandia intelligent dinosaurs , which were brought back to life by coelo reformation potion)

-First experiment an sucess : Coelo makes an hybrid of an coyote and a hyena , the Coyena , its the first of the Mutant army , his powers is that they can bite , claw and use their howls to attract pack members ( fatalities caused : 1 future predator )

-The great Magmadons : Coelo , inspired by Crash of Titans , decided to make Magmadons to the mutant crew ( fatalities caused the Ice Queen )

-Ibenz comes to invade : Ibenz creatures came , causing even more havoc , now Coelo made Snake-birds and Elephamanatee ( Fatalities caused , metallic death beings )

-Ice and fire : Coelo create Ratcicles and Blaze bats to make more parts of the battle ( Fatalities caused , half of Akuoreo creatures )

-The titan is coming : Charoset , Ibenz and Akuoreo make a plan to make an titan that can destroy the ghouls , then they plan to make one.

-The ghoul , the Bad and the ugly : Coelo makes Sludges , Death-Lion and Wolfoyotengoox , to join the mutant army ( falities caused , 12 future predators and Akuoreo creatures)

-Spike and Chamaletiger : Coelo creates an Chamaletiger and Spikes , both working in teams to destroy many creatures ( Fatalities caused , innumerable Akuoreo creatures )

-The giant Girakangazebra : Coelo Girakangazebra hybrid is the first one to declare making cities of Mutants and weapons to kill the creatures

-Ratcicle city : Ratcicles make cities on the most coldest places in Dinolandia while Snake-Birds make cities like structures on Dinolandia trees

-Release the Scorporilla : Coelo heards the plan of Akuoreo , charoset and ibenz making an plan , now coelo makes the Scorporilla .

-The guns and weapons : Many species of mutants makes guns , and weapons now going to fight

-Dinolandia : Infinity war part 1 : The ghouls and mutants make an army , killing many future predators and transformed humans , later , the scorporilla is released and fights the titan ( fatalities caused , many tg tfs , mutants and charoset girls )

-Dinolandia : Infinity war part 2  : Yakumo Oomori picks the destructive machine , then finally he uses it , killing all of tg tfs from Deviantart ( Fatalities caused , all of deviantarts tg tf )

-The new city : The ghoul tower is reformed to be a city like thing , all mutants live in there , waiting for the next enemy .

season 3 :

-Its a wonderfull world : After the events of season 2 , Dinolandia has become populated with many creatures and so do on

-No one likes the idea : An Bass.EXEs named Steven Irben do not likes the idea of many animals living in Dinolandia island , so he tries to make a plan to kill all of them.

-Embarassed : Deino tries to say that he loves Nico , but he gets embarassed and cant tell his feelings to him.

-Torture : An gigantic storm comes to dinolandia and starts to make plant life growth bigger. But this has some consequences

-Out from the sea , to land : The storm has brought Zilla to dinolandia , where he lays his eggs on the Rainforest , thus making many species wonder what are these eggs.

-Nightmare : Yakumo Oomori has a nightmare where Nico and Deino marries , so he has multiples nightmare from that.

-First sight of love : Yakumo Oomori finds a girl named Jasmine and both stsrt to love each other.

Attack : Steven Irben starts to attack the tower , but Zilla starts to kill him.

The kaiju meeting : Anguirus and Rodan found Godzilla and thus try to save dinolandia from any evil

Three headed devil : Ghidorah comes from space to terrorize dinolandia and kill everything living in there.

A problem worse than death : Kaneki and Touka are cloned from Coelo evil brother to kill Yakumo Oomori and his team.

Hes been going into changes : A anomaly appears and bring Horns , small and big digger , la mutacion and S.T.A.R.I.Y.A to Dinolandia

Baragon and Varan : Godzilla starts to attack King ghidorah and varan and baragon tries to help godzilla but something goes very wrong in the battle.

The life of a boyfriend : While godzilla and the other kaijus tries to kill king ghidorah , Yakumo Oomori and Jasmine live their daily lives.

Kronos : an dragon like kaiju called Kronos appears in Dinolandia and starts to kill the kaijus.

Helping the kaijus : Team deino tries to help godzilla to kill King ghidorah.

Kronos demise : King ghidorah kills Kronos , this let into his soul being absorved by godzilla.

The extinction : Godzilla kills king ghidorah , thus ending the battle.

Aftermath : Kaneki and Touka are dead , along with ghidorah , now all kaijus bow down to its new king

Married : Yakumo Oomori and Jasmine are married , and then before the end where they all are married and before the NSFW post credits scene which Yakumo Oomori and Jasmine will , well you know , this song will play. Thus ending season 3 and probably if not , the series,


Coelo was inspired by Albert Einstein

In episode , The eruption , dinosaurs that appears have the same color from the game Carnivores

An easter egg appears , in episode Busted , there is a note saying THINK OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE , an reference to Subway sufers episode Busted

Many of the mutants are from Crash of the titans and Mind over mutant

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