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Symbol of Din faith: the crescent moon represents unity of the Qirjak people, and the triple-triangle represents the three elements of Qirjak Magic.

Din (دين), or Dinism or the Din Faith as it's sometimes called outside Dhahabi, is the collective term for the traditional ancestral polytheistic Qirjak Faiths & Mythologies. Followers are called Dini (ديني).

Din is also observed in Seljuk and as far away from the mainland as Awal, and to a lesser extant on the Island of Nubia

Al'aelaa Alwujud

Al'aelaa Alwujud (الأعلى الوجود) is a supreme deity that is central to Din faith. He is assumed to be the ancestor of the entire Qirjak race, including the Althaluth.

Althaluth of Magic

The Althaluth of Magic (الثالوث من السحر/Athaluth min Alsihr) is a trio of magic deities worshiped the Qirjak.

According to popular myth, the Althaluth of Magic were a trio of pre-Caliphate magical masters that invented the techniques of Qirjak Magic, using three essences now known as the Qirjak Elements, Sand, Fire, and Glass.

Deified upon their death, the Althaluth are now believed to be the source of Qirjak magic and the embodiment of certain virtues.

Deity Title Embodiment Historicity & Other notes
Morgiana Jalama bint al-Raqsa
مورجيانة جمالة بنت الرقصة‎
Lady of the Flames Love & Passion Little is known about Morgiana's life, but in her lifetime she was alleged to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She was also the best dancer in the world of her time, inventing a style only taught to girls that endures to modern day.
Alibaba Malik al-Lusus
اليبابا ملك اللصوص
Lord of the Sands Strength & Courage Alibaba was the founder of the legendary Forty Thieves, whom have existed in one form or anther for thousands of years.
Aladdin ibn Qasim al-Sesame
الاءدن يبن قسيم السيسمي
Lord of Glass Wisdom & Learning Aladdin ibn Qasim al-Sesame, was an abjaksan whom was the founder and ruler of the Lost City of Sesame.


Deity Representation Historicity & Other notes
Alhabu Janasa
الحب جنسة
Goddess of Love and Sex
A creator god He is believed to have shaped of the world at the behest of Al'aelaa Alwujud.
Yaquta al-Wahiha
ياقوتة الواحهة
Goddess and creator of oases
God of storms
Qara'at Wakitaba
قراءة وكتابة
God of written language
Al-Akhudh Al-ruth
الآخذ الروح
God of death

Notes & Trivia

  • The Arabic writing is read from right to left.
  • Din, is an Arabic word meaning religion, and Dini is also an Arabic word meaning pious/religious.
    • "Althaluth" is one of several Arabic words for "Trinity," which an old term for a group of three.