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Developer(s) Unknown
Publisher(s) Unknown
Series Dimensional Series
Release date Unknown
Genre First-Person
Role-Playing Game
Rating(s) Unknown

Dimensions is a upcoming first-person shooter sandbox game based on the novels of the "Dimensional Series". The game firsts sets in with the Dimensional Lords raging war against Chaos, before going into the early 6th century where you play has Arthur Pendragon, and travel across the land, saving people.


There will different acts, which will also allows different playable characters. You can switch between characters at different times to know their story, background etc.

  • First Act
    • Emrys - In the first act, you play has the Dimensional Lord, Emrys "Luna" Ambrosius who is fighting against the Greek Primordial God of Chaos in the First Dimensional War.


  • After finishing the main story line, the player can choose an option known as "Roam". Which is a option which allows the player, to make their own characters in any time periods, locations, dimensions (Exception to the the First Act).
    • With this option, you are able to see how you played in the main story line, as it will have the same events on what you did. Example, as Arthur Pendragon, you went and save a village from bandits. If "your" character was at that village, you will see Arthur coming to their aid.