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  • Unknown
  • Unknown (Native)
  • All Languages
Average height
  • Various
Average length
  • Various
Average wingspan
  • Depends on Who
Skin color
  • Various
Hair color
  • Various
Feather color
  • Depends on Who
Eye color
  • Various
  • Created before the Darkness
  • Creator is Unknown
  • Absolute Beings
Average lifespan
  • Unknown (Suspected to be over 99.8 Trillion or More Years)
Famous members
The Dimensional Lords are the most powerful entities in the whole cosmical omniverse regions. No matter how strong one is, they can never truly defeat one. Not even I, Death or even the Darkness can even come close to their full power.
~ God on the Dimensional Lords

Dimensional Lords (also known as Dimensional Deities, or Kryptonians by DC fans on Earth ) are omnipotent beings born before the universe, God, Death and even the Darkness. Due to the First Dimensional War, only 20 Dimensional Lords lives.


The Dimensional Lords birth is unknown, the only Dimensional Lord who knows how they were born is the legendary Dimensional Lord and Wizard of King Arthur, Emrys "Luna" Ambrosius or also known has Merlin.


20 Surviving Dimensional Lords

Mortal Lords


Race Types

Only one known sub-race is known within the Dimensional Lords, and that is the Mortal Lords.


The Dimensional Lords appears in the Codiac Mythology and Codiac Lore, being depicted has a being of mass Dimensional Energy, Time Energy, and other energies of the universe.


  • Omniarch - Rule all things.
  • Omnicompetence - Handle all situations or matters.
    • Hypercompetence - Be absolutely skilled in every possible field.
  • Omnifarious - Take on any and all existing forms, shapes, varieties, or kinds.
  • Omnificence - Create anything and everything from nothing.
    • Almighty Object Manifestation - Create artifacts of nigh limitless power.
    • Omnireplication - Duplicate anything.
  • Omnilingualism - Decipher and speak any language.
  • Omnilock - Exist outside of everything.
    • Freedom - Be absolute free of any boundaries, even from destiny.
  • Omnipresence - Be everywhere in existence at once.
  • Omniscience - Know everything and anything.
    • Enlightenment - Possess full comprehension of the omniverse.
    • Omni-Senses - Possess senses enhanced to omniversal scale.
  • Complete Arsenal - Have every power.
    • Absolute Change - Change anything.
    • Absolute Condition - Have the ultimate levels of strength, speed, intellect, etc.
    • Absolute Existence - Total control over their own existence.
    • Absolute Force Manipulation - Control, create, shape and destroy all forces.
    • Absolute Restoration - Restore everything back to their natural state.
    • Absolute Will - The power to control/manipulate anything and be totally unstoppable.
    • Almighty Magic - The power to use magic that is able to accomplish anything.
    • Almighty Law Creation - Create and control the law that is unbreakable and is the Alpha law.
    • Almighty Replication - Replicate all powers.
    • Almighty Science - Control almighty/omnipotent science.
    • Alpha Reality - Rewrite the laws of reality without limit.
    • Amortality - The user is beyond life and death.
      • Absolute Immortality - Total, absolute immortality.
    • Boundary Manipulation - Complete control of all boundaries.
    • Causality Manipulation - Compete control of the cause/effect relation.
    • Concept Manipulation - Create/manipulate/erase all Concepts.
    • Cycle Manipulation - Manipulate the cycles of existence (creation, existence, destruction).
    • Definition Manipulation - Manipulate how anything/everything is defined.
    • Destruction - Destroy anything and everything.
      • Apocalyptic Force Manipulation - Control the final force.
    • Existence Manipulation - Manipulate the entirety of existence itself.
      • Primordial Force Manipulation - Manipulate the prime force.
    • Existential Plane Manipulation - Manipulate all planes of existence.
    • Grand Design Construction - Creating, sorting, preserving the universe.
    • Logic Manipulation - Control and defy logic without limit and achieve any impossible feat.
    • Maximum Quintessential Control - Control infinite amounts of spiritual force.
    • Meta Power Manipulation - Create, control and delete powers on an infinite level.
      • Meta Ability Creation - Can create whatever power one wants with no limits.
      • Power Augmentation - Can increase and amplify special abilities to infinite power-levels.
      • Power Immunity - Be immune to any and all external powers and effects.
      • Power Link - Manipulate the power link.
    • Meta Probability Manipulation - Control all possibilities.
    • Metapotence - Do whatever one wishes regardless of justification.
    • Nonexistence - Completely erase any kind of existence.
    • Omni-Embodiment - Be embodiment of Everything.
    • Omni-Magic - Manipulate all forms of magic.
    • Omni-Negation - Negate and nullify everything.
    • Omnicid - Kill all life at once.
    • Omnifabricating - Invent anything with varying capabilities.
    • Omniverse Manipulation - Control all universes.
    • Origin Manipulation - Manipulate the origin of all that is.
    • Paradox Manipulation - Override the laws of reality, logic and common sense.
    • Perspective Manipulation - Manipulate the Perspective.
  • Perfection (Existential Perfection/Perfection Embodiment) - User is absolutely flawless, perfection itself.
    • Physical Godhood - Break and bend all scientific laws and concepts.
    • Power Anchoring - User's powers are immune to all alterations.
    • Preservation - Preserve Everything.
    • Prime Being - Be the beginning of everything and every species.
    • Separation - Separate/Divide Everything.
    • Singularity - Absolutely one of a kind.
    • Supernatural Manipulation - Control everything supernatural.
    • Totality Manipulation - Rule/Control/Preserve/Create/Destroy all Totality.
    • Ultimate Invincibility - Be absolutely invincible.
    • Unimind - Be one with all minds.
    • Unity - Be one with all and be everything.
    • Universal Irreversibility - Actions cannot be stopped or reversed.


Despite being absolute entities , they do possess weaknesses, despite being beyond life and death, and having absolute Immortality.

  • Death/Death Gods - Bringer of literal death, Dimensional Lords can die from Death and be harmed by any Death Gods, regardless if they did in fact create it in the first place.
    • Death Scythe - Death's Scythe can reap all beings, including Dimensional Lords.
  • Gamma Radiation - Gamma Radiation can harm all Dimensional Lords
  • Radium - A sacred metal, named after of planet of origin Radium, and this chemical element can harm Dimensional Lords.
  • Eight Diamonds of Power - Can alter the Dimensional Lords to make them as weak as a human child.


  • Dimensional Lords true power is unknown, but God said that He, the Darkness and the Primordials does not come close their power, implying that the Dimensional Lords are even more powerful then Emrys stated.
    • God said only Death or the Death Gods are one of the very little few that could actually kill a Dimensional Lord.
  • Dimensional Lords are based on the Dimensional Lords in the multiverse fan-fiction, A Mending Soul written by Torrenta.
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