Dilophosaurus (SciiFii)
Dilophosaurus anthropoceus (name meaning two-crested lizard from age of man) is a species of theropod dinosaur part of Dilophosauridae family that originally lived in what is now North America during the Early Jurassic, about 193 million years ago, but now exists in modern times (thanks to SciiFii) located in the Carnivores of the Jurassic section of Cretaceous Park in Sacramento, California. At about 7 meters (23 ft) in length, with a weight of about 400 kilograms) (880 lb), Dilophosaurus was originally one of the earliest large predatory dinosaurs, though it is smaller than some later theropods. It is slender and lightly built, being covered in both green, yellow, and brown scales, as well as greenish yellow feathers, and the skull is proportionally large, but delicate. The snout is narrow, and the upper jaw has a gap or kink below the nostril. It has a pair of longitudinal, plate-shaped crests on its skull, similar to a cassowary with two crests used for species recognition and even breeding season to attract mates (when males have bright red crests). The mandible is slender and delicate at the front, but deep at the back. The teeth are long, curved, thin, and compressed sideways. Those in the lower jaw are much smaller than those of the upper jaw. Most of the teeth have serrations at their front and back edges. The neck is long, and its vertebrae are hollow, and very light. The arms are powerful, with a long and slender upper arm bone. The hands have four fingers: the first is short but strong and has a large claw, the two following fingers are longer and slender with smaller claws, and the fourth is vestigial. The thigh bone is massive, the feet are stout, and the toes bare large claws. Dilophosaurus is an active and bipedal carnivore, and can hunt large animals; but it also feeds on smaller animals, carrion, and, mainly, fish. Due to the limited range of movement and shortness of the forelimbs, the mouth instead makes first contact with prey. It can grow rapidly, attaining a growth rate of 30 to 35 kilograms (66 to 77 lb) per year early in life. Naturally in its native range and timeline, Dilophosaurus is known from the Kayenta Formation, and lived alongside dinosaurs such as Megapnosaurus and Sarahsaurus, but in modern day Cretaceous Park, it feeds on live fish food, carrion, and, occasionally, live pigs and/or goats. Dilophosaurus was featured in the novel Jurassic Park and its movie adaptation, wherein it was given the fictional abilities to spit venom and expand a cowl on its neck, as well as being smaller than the real animal (both original and the Cretaceous Park version).
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