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Digimon Detective Patamon is a 2019 urban fantasy mystery film directed by Zack Snyder.

It was released in Japan on September 4, 2019, and in the United States on September 11, 2019, distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures in RealD 3D and Dolby Cinema.


  • James Corden as Detective Patamon
    • Laura Summer (archive recording) as Patamon
  • Brian Froud as DemiDevimon
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Ipmon
  • Eddie Izzard as Harry Badman
  • Jason Isaacs as Tom Badman
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Linda Stevens
  • Tony Hale as Harry Classified
  • Keanu Reeves as Detective Henry Yoshoda
  • Chris Pratt as Ralph Classified
  • Patricia Arquette as Mrs. Nigel
  • Tom Holland as Sylvester
  • Octivia Spencer as Dr. Annie Laura
  • Keegan-Michael Key as James
  • Jordan Peele as "Gems"
  • Rickey Henderson as the Mayor of Random City