Digimon: Sora no Seiai (空の性愛, meaning; Digimon: Sora's Sexual Love) is the TV drama CD based on PR: Digimon and take place after event of Digimon: Samuel's Rebirth. Unlike since Samuel Nakaoka the Second was the main character, the very important main character was Sora Takenouchi. This story, however, Sora Takenouchi's normal life personality is mysteriously changed into a sexually personality when Samuel Nakaoka left to the another world.


Sora's Mysteriously Change

After Samuel Nakaoka the Second left to the another world, Samuel Nakaoka the Second narrates where Sora visiting Samuel Nakaoka the Second's room while she looking at her picture of Samuel Nakaoka the Second. However, she was acting strange according to Samuel Nakaoka after he left to the another world. While she begin to rest in his bed, her personality was changed which is Samuel Nakaoka was somehow worried about her sexual behavior.


  • There were mostly have sex scenes where Sora become sexually behavior.
  • This is the last TV Drama CD where they have no English dub.
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