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Digimon: A New Digitude


Confidential Music - Raise The Stakes EpicSongWeek 30 10 2016

Music used in the Comic-Con teaser trailer.


Do You Realize

Song used in the first trailer.


Ninja Tracks - The Machination

Music used in the second trailer.

Digimon: A New Digitude is a Japanese-American science fiction fantasy action-adventure film directed by Joseph Kosinski and written and produced by Drew Gars. It is the fifth installment of the live action Digimon film series, the first film in the sequel trilogy and a stand-alone sequel to The Fate of Two Worlds, taking place five years after its events. It stars Dylan Minnette, Mason Cook, Hailee Steinfeld and Noah Crawford, with Joey King, Ty Simpkins, Ansel Elgort, Josh Hutcherson, Bella Thorne, Asa Butterfield, Robert Sheehan, Liana Liberato, Ken Watanabe, Jennifer Garner and Tom Cruise all reprising their roles from the previous four films, with Josh Hamilton, Sarah Clarke, Halston Sage, Maria Dizzia, Gerald McRaney, Elizabeth Reaser, Victor Webster, Dylan Gelula, Gracie Dzienny, Calum Worthy, Andy Buckley, Clea DuVall, Aasif Mandvi and Chris Kattan joining the supporting cast.


Four years later after the events of the last adventure, most of the original DigiDestined have moved on with their lives and the Digital World was supposedly secure and peaceful, in the meantime, San Francisco is still repairing itself after the Myotismon attack and they moved to San Diego. However, a new evil has appeared in the form of the Digimon Emperor. This new villain is different—he’s a human just like the DigiDestined. The Digimon Emperor has been enslaving all Digimon in sight with Dark Rings and Control Spires and, to make things worse, has somehow made regular Digivolution impossible. Because of this situation, Three new youths are chosen to save the Digital World and, along with T.K and Kari, make up the new generation of DigiDestined.



  • Dylan Minnette as Davis Monaghan, The new leader of the DigiDestined. Like Tai, he is brave, but very stubborn and impulsive. Like his senior, he plays football (soccer). He has a crush on Kari, which leads to a rivalry with T.K. due to their strong friendship.
  • Ty Simpkins as T.K. Tanner, an original DigiDestined and is the younger brother of Matt.
  • Joey King as Kari Kamden, An original DigiDestined and is the younger sister of Tai.
  • Mason Cook as Cody Hill, the youngest in the new DigiDestined, but despite that he is very mature and thinks things through much like Izzy and admires Joe.
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Michelle "Yolei" Irvine, an energetic new DigiDestined. She is headstrong but is sometimes stubborn and over-dramatic. She takes after Izzy when it comes to her computer skills and technical knowledge.
  • Noah Crawford as Ken Ichabod/The Digimon Emperor, a rouge DigiDestined turned self-proclaimed tyrannical ruler of the Digital World who attempts to conquer the Digital World. He serves as the main antagonist of the film.
  • Ansel Elgort as Tyler "Tai" Kamden, He was the leader of the previous DigiDestined and Kari's older brother. He attends college.
  • Josh Hutcherson as Matt Jordans, T.K.'s big brother and a member of the original DigiDestined.
  • Asa Butterfield as Korbin "Izzy" Isaacs, a computer expert and a member of the original DigiDestined.
  • Bella Thorne as Sora Taylor, Tai's best friend and a member of the original DigiDestined.
  • Liana Liberato as Mimi Thatch, a blunt and outspoken teen and a member of the original DigiDestined.
  • Robert Sheehan as Joe Kingston, the eldest member of the original DigiDestined.
  • Tom Cruise as Thomas Norstein, the President of the United States and a veteran DigiDestined.
  • Ken Watanabe as Satsuma Rentarō, the Director of D.A.T.S. and a veteran DigiDestined.
  • Jennifer Garner as First Lady Zoe Norstein, Tom's wife and a veteran DigiDestined.
  • Josh Hamilton as Patrick Monaghan, Davis and June's father.
  • Sarah Clarke as Samantha Monaghan, Davis and June's mother and Patrick's wife.
  • Halston Sage as June Monaghan, Davis' older sister.
  • Maria Dizzia as Felicia Hill, Cody's single mother.
  • Gerald McRaney as Christopher Hill, Cody's grandfather and Henry's father.
  • Elizabeth Reaser as Barbara Irvine, Yolei's mother.
  • Victor Webster as Jonah Irvine, Yolei's father.
  • Dylan Gelula as Christine Irvine, one of Yolei's older sister.
  • Gracie Dzienny as Mona Irvine, one of Yolei's older sister.
  • Calum Worthy as Malcolm Irvine, Yolei's older brother.
  • Andy Buckley as Daniel Ichabod, Ken's father.
  • Clea DuVall as Kelly Ichabod, Ken's mother.
  • J.R. Bourne as Sullivan "Sully" Kamden, Tai and Kari's father and Yudelle's husband.
  • Tracy Middendorf as Yudelia "Delia" Kamden, Tai and Kari's mother and Sully's wife.
  • Sasha Alexander as Katherine Isaacs, Mason's wife and Izzy's adopted mother.
  • Matt Passmore as Mason Isaacs, Katherine's husband and Izzy's adopted father.
  • Josh Hopkins as Hilton Jordans, the news director of KNSD and Matt and T.K.'s father.
  • Kathleen Rose Perkins as Nancy Tanner, Matt and T.K.'s mother and Hilton's ex-wife.
  • Aasif Mandvi as Alvin Chowdhury, the principal of Stockholm High School.
  • Chris Kattan as Cal Dabney, the vice principal of Stockholm High School.
  • Shiri Appleby as Naomi Ashley, the homeroom teacher at Stockholm High School.
  • Rory Scovel as Todd Morris,
  • Vondie Curtis-Hall as Fisher,
  • Fred Stoller as TBA, the homeroom teacher at Stockholm High School.
  • Billy Gardell as Hank Paddock, the PE teacher at Stockholm High School.
  • James Earl as Officer Stu Copeland, the security guard at Stockholm High School.
  • Timothy Simons as Charlie Jeffers, Hilton's assistant at KNSD.
  • Logan Lerman as Sam Ichabod, Ken's deceased older brother.
  • Wayne Bastrup as Henry Hill, Cody's deceased father. He was a police officer who died in the line of duty protecting a politician from an assassination attempt.
  • Ed Helms as Doug Fulbright, the DigiDestined's former high school science teacher and the new head of the computer club. (cameo)


  • Derek Stephen Price voices Veemon, Davis' Digimon partner.
    • Derek Stephen Price also voices DemiVeemon, Veemon's In-Training form.
    • Steven Blum voices Flamedramon, the "Fire of Courage", is the form that Veemon takes when he armor digivolves using the Digi-Egg of Courage.
- Doug Jones as Flamedramon (motion capture)
    • Steven Blum also voices Raidramon, the "Storm of Friendship", is formed from Veemon digivolving with the Digi-Egg of Friendship.
  • Robert Axelrod voices Armadillomon, Cody's Digimon partner.
    • Pamela Segall Adlon voices Upamon, the In-Training form of Armadillomon.
    • Tom Fahn voices Digmon, the "Drill of Power", is the form Armadillomon takes when he Armor Digivolves with the Digi-Egg of Knowledge.
    • Submarimon, the "Reliable Guardian of the Seas", is the form Armadillomon takes when he Armor Digivolves with the Digi-Egg of Reliability.
  • Neil Kaplan voices Hawkmon, Yolei's Digimon partner.
    • Kath Soucie voices Poromon, Hawkmon's In-Training form.
    • Neil Kaplan also voices Halsemon, the "Wings of Love", is the form that Hawkmon becomes when he Armor Digivolves using the Digi-Egg of Love.
    • Neil Kaplan also voices Shurimon, the "Samurai of Sincerity", is the form that Hawkmon becomes when he Armor Digivolves using the Digi-Egg of Sincerity.
  • Laura Summer voices Patamon, T.K.'s Digimon partner.
    • Daniel Cudmore as Angemon, Patamon's Champion form.
    • Dave Mallow voices Pegasus, the "Flying Hope", is the form Patamon becomes when he armor digivolves using the Digi-Egg of Hope.
  • Edie Mirman voices Gatomon, Kari's Digimon partner.
    • Edie Mirmon also voices Nefertimon, the "Angel of Light", is the form that Gatomon takes when she Armor Digivolves using the Digi-Egg of Light.
  • Paul St. Peter voices Wormmon, Ken's Digimon partner who Ken abuses.
  • Tom Fahn voices Agumon, Tai's Digimon partner.
    • Michael Lindsey voices Greymon, Agumon's Champion form.
    • Joesph Pilato voices MetalGreymon, Agumon's Ultimate form.
  • Kirk Thornton voices Gabumon, Matt's Digimon partner.
    • Kirk Thornton also voices Garurumon, Gabumon's Champion form.
  • Tifanie Christunn voices Biyomon, Sora's Digimon partner.
    • Melodee Spevack voices Birdramon, Biyomon's Champion form.
  • Jeff Nimoy voices Tentomon, Izzy's Digimon partner.
    • Jeff Nimoy also voices Kabuterimon, Tentomon's Champion form.
  • Anna Garduno voices Palmon, Mimi's Digimon partner.
    • Mari Devon voices Togemon, Palmon's Champion form.
  • R. Martin Klein voices Gomamon, Joe's Digimon parnter.
    • R. Martin Klein also voices Ikkakumon, Gomamon's Champion form.
  • Frank Welker as various digimon voices
  • Tom Kenny as various digimon voices
  • Tara Strong as various digimon voices
  • Dave Bautista as Andromon
  • Chris Pine voices Wizardmon


Despite the intention for the third film to be the last, a 4th film was announced. Gars will return to produce. The film's plot revolves around the the second season of the anime, meaning it will focus a new group of DigiDestined, while the old DigiDestined will serve for support role. Patrick Stewart will not return for the film. It was announced that Greg McLean (who previously directed the 2nd film) will direct the film.

It was announced the Elgort, Hutcherson, Thorne, Hyland, Butterfield, Sheehan, Simpkins, and King will reprise their role as the previous DigiDestined. More recently, Hailee Steinfeld was cast in the film playing Michelle "Yolei" Irvine. Mason Cook has comfirmed to portary Cody Hill. Noah Crawford joined the cast as Ken Ichabod aka The Digimon Emperor, the film's main antagonist. Later on, it was comfirmed that actor Dylan Minnette was cast to portray Davis Monaghan. The voice actors from the anime will return to reprise their roles as the Digimon partners. It was announced that Danica McKeller and Chris Kattan joined the cast of the film.

Industrial Light & Magic was chosen to create the visual effects for the first film and the second film. Hongo and Gars hired Oscar winners John Knoll and Hal T. Hickel, both known for their work on the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Legacy Effects was hired to do the special and practical effects on the film. Shane Mahan, known for creating the armored suits for Iron Man, was hired on as effects supervisor. John Rosengrant was also brought in for his work on Real Steel. Oscar winner Clay Pinney, known for his work on Independence Day and Star Trek, was also brought on board. Hybride Technologies, a division of Ubisoft, and Rodeo FX also contributed to the visual effects music: hero by skrillet and digimon theme song. Some of the practical creature effect were provided by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.


  • The running time is 135 minutes.
  • The film is rated PG-13 for action violence and language.
  • The film is distributed by Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures, while being produced by Saban Films and Toei Company.
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