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A Digger man with his invocatron

Digger - one of the Neobionts from the Neobiontomania.

Profile on computer

  • Type: Earth
  • Character: Neutral
  • Size: 1.65m (bent), 1.8m (upright)
  • Body Type: Humanoid
  • Human Origin: Yes
  • Sapient: Yes (even if it doesn't look like)
  • Systematics: Humanaceae
  • Skills: Digging, night vision, dark vision, increased endurance, vibration sensing
  • Natural weapons: Claws, teeth, spikes


A brown-skinned humanoid with a characteristic hump and disproportionately long, gorilla arms equipped with wide hands with long, sharp, green, phosphorescent claws. Short legs, no visible nose or ears, large bulging eyes (usually fluorescent green in color), luminescent spikes on the head (in females they are laterally flattened and extending along the surface of the head, making them look more like blades than spikes). Long, thick, sharp teeth that look a bit like stalactites or stalagmites, a slight undershot.


They are quite wild creatures, with a mentality a bit like cavemen (which actually fits them, because they live mainly underground). Nevertheless, they can be civilized and learned to use human speech. They speak a strange language consisting mainly of gibberish, mumbling and groans.


Mostly underground.


As the name suggests, they can dig tunnels very well in the ground, but also in other materials. Their sharp claws and teeth, combined with a strong bite, allow them to break through even solid rocks. Their large eyes allow them to see in the dark. In addition, they also have quite thick, durable skin and can sense vibrations, which makes it even easier for them to navigate underground.


Their somewhat wild nature makes them not particularly intelligent, which they can often take advantage of. against them the opponents.


Omnivores, mainly roots, tubers, fungi, insects and everything that lives underground.

Known examples

Dwayne's Digger

Translation to the other languages

  • English: Digger
  • Polish: Kopacz