Die Hard is an American action-comedy film and a remake of the 1988 action film of the same name.


27-year-old NYPD detective Jack McClane (Leonardo DiCaprio) flies to Los Angeles on New Year's Eve to visit his estranged wife Lucy (Anne Hathaway), who uses her maiden name Gennaro, at the headquarters of the Japanese Nakatomi Corporation, the Nakatomi Plaza skyscraper, where she works. After limo driver Argyle (Kevin Hart) drops him off, Jack meets Lucy as well as her boss Joseph Takagi (Ian McDiarmid) and her smarmy co-worker, Harry Ellis (Danny DeVito). Still feeling out of sorts after his flight (as Jack hates flying) Jack decides to practice an idea another passenger told him about; walking around with his bare feet curled up, and is surprised to find it works. 

At the entrance, a mysterious black limo car pulls up and two man come out. They are a 31-year-old German named Karl (Aaron Ashmore) and a Russian African-American named Theo (Snoop Dogg). They pretend to talk about Football but Karl pulls out a gun and shoots the guard. Theo says, Boom, two points and they hut five about it before Theo jumps on the corpse and says to an Arabian truck driver named Heinrich (Dwayne Johnson) that their in and Heinrich speaks in Arabian and confirms it. Heinrich's shotgun driver is Karl's 26-year-old younger Canadian brother Tony (Shawn Ashmore) who goes inside the building. Theo seals entrances and exits while 8 men climb out of the truck. The leader is a 38-year-old British drug lord turned terrorist named Hans Gruber (Al Pacino). The group include Hans' French wife Kristoff (Scarlett Johannsson), a Bolivian assassin named James (Geno Silva), James' Cuban best-friend Alex (Jason Clarke), a Hispanic D.J. named Franco (Patrick Warburton), Franco's Jamaican partner Fritz (Ryan Reynolds), Heinrich's corrupt Italian priest partner Marco (Mike Judge), a Chinese drug dealer named Ulich (Jackie Chan), and a half-Korean half-American actor named Eddie (Bryon Lawson).

Tony goes to cut the phone lines while Jack is on the phone with Argyle and Eddie disguises himself as the dead guard while Hans locks the doors with a security card but first looks out for witnesses or cops. Karl shoots the elevator guard after throwing a smoke bomb disguised a Chocolate snack. Everyone are tired of Tony going slow with his work but Karl uses a chainsaw to cut the wires, despite his brother protests. Tony then glares at a smiling Karl. They go upstairs and start shooting at ceiling. They are unaware that Jack can hear them and he slips away unnoticed. James and Alex investigate the office but find nothing and laugh when Franco pulls out a couple (Mark Wahlberg and Lindsay Lohan). Hans looks for Takagi and convinces him to come with him.

Gruber escorts Takagi to another room and interrogates him, wanting to know the access code to a large vault in the building. Takagi is confused as the vault contains only $640 million in bearer bonds, something which terrorists would have no interest in. Gruber explains that they mean only to steal the money, with terrorism as a cover. When Takagi refuses to cooperate, with Jack secretly watching from afar, Gruber coldly executes him. 

Jack regrets not saving Takagi but sees a fire alarm and pulls it. Eddie informs them of it and Hans sends Tony to check it out.

Jack soon encounters Tony, taking the criminal at gunpoint, but they end up getting into a struggle and take a fall down a flight of stairs, breaking Tony's neck. Wrapping some decorative lights around his corpse, Jack places Tony in the elevator and sends it down to the party floor, with it the message "Now I have a machine gun!" alerting the villains to Jack's presence and his new weapon.

Jack uses Tony's radio to call the LAPD, who mistake it for a prank call, but decide to send Sergeant Al Powell (Anthony Anderson), who is buying twinkies for his pregnant wife at a nearby convenience store, to investigate. He asks at reception but is actually met by Eddie, who informs him everything is fine, satisfying him. Upstairs, Jack runs into Marco, who pretends to surrender by putting his hands in the air and screaming in Italian, preventing Jack from shooting him. However, it is part of a trap, as Heinrich runs up behind him and tries to shoot Jack as Marco drops to the floor, but Jack manages to fatally shoot Heinrich. Jack takes cover under a nearby table while Marco empties his gun trying to shoot him. As he stands on the table reloading, Marco mocks Jack for hesitating to kill him, only to be suddenly shot from beneath the table.

Jack makes it to the window and sees Powell getting ready to drive away, so he throws Marco's body through the window and it collides with Powell's car. The guards in the lobby try to shoot Powell as he drives away and alerts the LAPD, who surround the tower. At a nearby news station, rude and arrogant reporter Richard Thornburg (James Woods) also receives the call and gets a news truck to take to the tower and investigate.

A SWAT team assembles to retake the building, but James and Alex fire at them with rocket launchers. Seeing the danger that the SWAT team is in, Jack jumps into action, taking a bag of C-4 explosives he retrieved from Marco, and throws them down a shaft, the ensuing explosion killing James and Alex and allowing SWAT to get to safety. Jack contacts Gruber over the radio and mocks and insults him, but Gruber warns him that he is simply a fool who watches too many cowboy movies. Jack replies with "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker."

The news have identified the gang as most wanted terrorists in America because Hans is wanted for various crimes including murder and robbery.

In the foyer, Lucy has deduced that the man the criminals are after is Jack. Ellis gets fed up and approaches Gruber, offering to try and speak to Jack and negotiate with him over the radio. Jack insists that this was the first night that he even met Ellis, while Ellis fails to see that Gruber plans to kill him if he fails. Ellis tries to convince Jack to give himself up but to no avail while Jack tries to explain to him that Gruber is cold and ruthless. Fed up with Ellis wasting his time, Gruber calmly snaps his neck.

Everyone on the ground is shocked, and Gruber is prompted to address the police. He makes up false demands to have various terrorists released from prisons across the world, which he read about in a time magazine. Jack and Powell don't buy the story and think something else is up. Soon, the FBI arrive to take control of the situation. Inside the building, Gruber goes to the mechanical room just below the roof to expect the C-4 which his comrades had previously planted there when the took the tower. However, Jack stole the detonators when he killed Marco. Unexpectedly, he is found by Jack, who doesn't know who he is, so fakes an American accent and pretends to be an escaped hostage. Jack catches on and gives him a gun, trying to get him to reveal his plan for the C-4, but Gruber tries to shoot him, only to find that the gun is empty. Before Jack can arrest or kill Gruber, Karl, Fritz and Franco arrive in the elevator. They chase Jack into a nearby office, where Jack shoots Fritz to death and sends Franco crashing through a pane of glass, cutting his throat, before running out of ammo. Gruber recognizes that Jack is barefoot and has Karl shoot out the glass. Jack escapes under the cover of a flash grenade but cuts his feet badly while doing so, and leaves the detonators behind.

Thornburg arrives at the McClane house, having done some background research, and escorts the children down to the tower. He interviews them on live TV asking their parents to come home safe. Gruber realises that Lucy is Jack's wife and takes her. Thanks to the FBI cutting the building's power, Theo is able to access the vault. Gruber takes Lucy with him to the vault while the other hostages are herded onto the roof by Uli, Eddie and Karl. Jack returns to the machinery room and realises it is wired to blow, uncovering Gruber's C-4 plot. Before he can take action, Karl tackles him and a brutal fist fight ensues, culminating in Jack strangling Karl with chains. He runs to the roof and shoots Uli and begins to search the hostages for Lucy, but is informed by a co-worker of hers that Gruber took her.  Jack tries to warn them to get off the roof as it is rigged, so he fires Uli's machine gun into the air. An FBI chopper spots him and try to shoot him, thinking him a terrorist, and touch down on the roof. The hostages run back down stairs before Gruber presses the detonator, blasting the roof apart. Jack uses a fire hose to repel down the roof in time while the hostages are safe, but the FBI chopper is destroyed. 

The chopper crashes through the lower floors, engulfing the foyer in a fireball. Jack hears Lucy screaming in reaction to the shock and follows the sound to the vault. He tackles Kristoff and manages to break her skull open with a fire extinguisher. Meanwhile in the garage, Argyle sees Theo moving the courier truck and drives straight into him, and in the ensuing chaos Theo is killed.

Jack slowly advances down the corridor into the vault to confront Gruber and Eddie. Gruber, holding Lucy close, orders Jack to drop his weapon, and the hero complies. Gruber once again mocks Jack for being a cowboy, repeating his early yippee-ki-yay line, causing Jack to burst into laughter, distracting Gruber and Eddie. Jack shouts to Lucy and suddenly reveals that the hid his service weapon on his back with sellotape and uses it to shoot Gruber in the chest and uses his last shot to hit Eddie right between the eyes. Gruber stumbles back and falls through the window, but retains a grip on Lucy's watch. Jack rushes to her side and manages to unclasp it, sending Gruber crashing through the glass roof of the lobby below.

As the hostages evacuate the building, Jack and Lucy finally meet Powell in person and they share a moment of joy for their success. Suddenly, Karl emerges from the crowd, having escaped by posing as a hostage, and tries to shoot Jack and Lucy, when suddenly Powell pulls out his gun and shoots him. Argyle then crashes through the garage wall and runs Karl off his feet. The couple are approached by Thornbug, who Lucy punches for endangering her family, before they get into Argyle's limo and are driven home.


Leonardo DiCaprio - Jack McClane

Anne Hathaway - Lucy Gennaro/McClane

Anthony Anderson - Al Powell

Kevin Hart - Argyle

Christoph Waltz - Hans Gruber


The film was followed by Die Hard 2: 58 Minutes and Die Hard With a Vendetta.

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