Die Hard (2016 film) Action film directed by John Moore.

Die Hard (2016 film)
Directed by Doug Liman
Produced by Nolberto Swaby

John Moore

Written by Jasser Camacho
Screenplay by Matthew Vaughn
Story by
Based on
Starring Matthew Ebanks
Music by Brian Tyler
Editing by Jules Fademaster (editor)
Production company(s) Saban Films
Distributor MGM
Release date(s) April 4, 2016
Running time
Gross revenue
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  • Mark Ebanks as H. McClane, John's deceased brother.
  • Matthew Ebanks as John McClane
  • Yoli Ebanks as Lisa
  • Solangel Cardenas as Holly Gennero
  • Jordan McLean as Trey McConnor, John's patient friend.
  • Ron Swaby as Robin Moore, Ex-hitman and main villain.
  • Erickson Brown as Jeff Holloway; an he's police cop.
  • Alec Cox as Freeman Connor
  • Oliver Swaby as Jack McClane John's oldest son, Meilssa's brother.
  • Yanet Swaby as Meilssa McClane-Gennero; Jack's sister and John's daughter.
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