Dickory is a character in Trolls World Tour. He's one of the Bounty Hunters employed by Queen Barb, and Hickory's brother.


Dickory is a lime-skinned Troll with reddish-orange long hair tied in a ponytail and a full beard, and a yellow nose. He wears a black sleeveless top, bavarian shorts with suspenders, and a green alpine hat with a black brush. His skin, hair color and outfit are all matched by his brother, Hickory.


Dickory is the bossy and determined one of the Yodeller brothers. Patient to a point, he only drops the Country Troll disguise he and Hickory adopted when the opportunity to get Queen Poppy's Pop string arose. He shows frustration and loses his patience with Hickory, who had grown fond of Poppy.

Skills & Abilities

He has most normal Troll abilities.


Dickory adores his niche music of Yodelling, like his brother.

Bounty Hunting

Dickory is a focused and patient Bounty Hunter, willing to endure some discomfort to aid his brother. He and Hickory had staked out their target long before any other bounty hunter got near Poppy, and stayed with her most of the journey without her ever suspecting their ambitions. Compared to Hickory, he's level-headed, able to stay on target a lot more and not get attached to them. The pair are quoted in rumor by Riff as being more mysterious than Chaz, The K-Pop Gang, or Tresillo and his Reggaeton Trolls. Their reputation is the greatest of the Bounty Hunters, as Barb figured that they would be the ones to bring in Poppy.


Dickory is an exceptional runner, able to keep his distance, help Hickory carry weight and outrun the Country Trolls' fast speed.


Dickory and Hickory were bounty hunters. Dickory spends most of the film as the back part of their Country Troll disguise, and he only appears when Queen Poppy shows the Pop String, which he takes and gives to Queen Barb. Later at the end, he accepts to live in harmony with all Trolls.

Dickory and Hickory are seen again with the Country Troll disguise back on, which presumably Dickory is helping with based on their dance moves, at the Pop Village party.

Character Concept

Hickory and Dickory are based on Austrian Crooners.

From the DreamWorks website: "It was Dave’s idea to have yodeling brothers, and he brought Flula on," director Walt Dohrn says. "We were such big fans of Flula that we told him, ‘Do whatever you want!’ He was improvising nonstop. That character’s insanity inspired the animators, and they really stepped it up"


Official Website

Trolls World Tour

Dickory is one of the Yodelers, a pair of Austrian crooners who also happen to be two of the most-feared bounty hunters in the entire Trolls Kingdom.

So deep is his love for yodeling, in fact, that when Queen Barb gives him an ultimatum—"find me Queen Poppy or lose your music forever"—he reassures her that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep his music safe after her rock apocalypse.


  • "Hickory" and "Dickory" comes from the rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock". In Dickory's case, it may also describe his behavior as a jerk.
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