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Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a film adaptation of the popular video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) and the reason why Eidos and Square Enix went with Human Revolution rather than the original and a bit superior game to adapt to film is unknown, but they did it, with a budget of 20 000 US Dollars, the effects or locations weren´t hard to find since the whole film could be shot and edited on Sean Connerys futuristic Bedside table.

The Movie is directed by Sean Connery and produced by Adam Sandlers dog.


The Plot of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is basicaly the same as in the video game, but because Sean Connery wanned something for the use of his bedside table, he had a part in a redicilous scene were Sean Connery appears out of nowhere as himshelf and gives Adam Jensen the ultimate weapon to defeat Zhao Yun Ru that isnt even in the demented concept art. (A lazer barfing cat)

The Reviews

The movie recieved overall bad reviews mainly because the movie looked bad, the whole team didnt realize that sean connery bedside table was just a bedside table so it actualy looked like Elias Toufexis cosplaying as Adam Jensen beating up a bunch of security guard Nicholas Cages on a bedside table. This made the movie recieve all the Razzy awards and an oscar trown at the directors bedside table.

Whole freaking movie casted here:

Elias Toufexis as Adam Jensen

Natalie Portman as Megan Reed

Christopher Walken as David Sarif

James McAvoy as Frank Pritchard (Because duh.. he doesnt look like him.)

Rosario Dawson as Feridiah Malik

Jason Momoa as Jaron Namir

Sean Bean as Lawrence Barret

Tamala Jones as Yelena Fedrova

Tilda Swinton as Eliza Cassan

Teruyuki Kagawa as Tong Si Hung

Liam Neeson as William Taggard

Malcolm McDowell as Hugh Darrow

Lucy Liu as Zhao Yun Ru

Martin Short as Isais Sandoval

Sean Connery as The Godlike Sean Connery type character

Nicholas Cage as every side character: Citizens of every city in the film, guards, voices, so on and so on.