Detective Alemas was assigned by the MCP to find out the mystery of the murder of Randy Meeks, a survivor of the original Woodsboro massacre. He took his sidekick, Loney, with him to the crime scene (The house of Randy). On their way to Alemas' car, Pauline, a neighbor who Alemas had a crush on was walking down the sidewalk. She spotted him and went up to him. Pauline asked Alemas if he ever did anything else besides solving mysteries. Alemas briefly explained her his job and he and Loney headed over to the crime scene.

Once Alemas got to the crime scene, he ordered Loney to stay in the car. Brick greeted him and took him to the scene. When they got their, Alemas was disgusted by the scene. Randy had been stabbed multiple times and hanged from the ceiling fan. Alemas noticed a message written on the wall. The message made no sense and seemed to be written in blood. The message said, "Syr DNA Srelpek".

Alemas took out his note pad and wrote the message down. Brick then told him that they have found a piece of paper on the front door that said, "Cake". Alemas excused himself and rushed out of the house and into his car where Loney was awaiting. Alemas was pretty sure that Cake had killed Randy and he was gonna give Cake a little visit.

Part 2 coming next week!

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