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Destination is a 2019 American Supernatural Slasher Horror film written by Glen Morgan & Gabe Totter. It is the sixth instalment in the Final Destination film series and is directed by Jaco Van Dormael. The film serves as a sequel to the initial Final Destination film and 2011 fifth entry entitled Final Destination 5 and a prequel plot to the second film Final Destination 2 (2003).

It stars Camila Mendes, Moises Arias, Mathieu Amalric, Julia Garner, Taylor Russell, Miles Heizer, Sacha Dhawan and Tony Todd.

It was released theatrically and in select IMAX theatres on May 14th, 2019 to mixed to positive reception and was a commercial success.


High school senior photographer Lena Roth takes a graduation trip to Paris with her friends Elizabeth and Gabby. After agreeing to a cirque du soleil event at the 801 Guignol theatre (Elizabeth is a performer in) where various other fellow graduate classmates are in attendance, ominous signs present themselves to Lena ultimately triggering a premonition of the theatre's collapse which kills all inside.

After experiencing this she creates a scene and is taken out by proprietor Jean Laugier and the security, a handful of others including Jean's wife Audrey. The vision comes true and Lena's friends Gabby and Elizabeth perish along with a dozen others that remain inside.

After undergoing a short-ended immediately following investigation Lena is released to her older American officer brother Vance who along with her, and the other classmate survivors catch a Voilee Airlines flight home.

In the days following after having returned home Lena begins to experience a weird surrounding unseen presence. The same applies for curator Audrey who tries to inform her husband Jean that night walking home. Audrey ends up sacrificing her life for Jean as a falling construction site radiator almost crushes him.

Lena tries to readjust to life in the following days by starting her photography seminar coming across fellow 801 Guignol survivors and graduates Grace Fulci and her boyfriend Brent. After following the two to the local nightclub Brent is DJ'ing at Brent is killed in a bathroom corridor flash flood, and collapsing roof beam impalement.

Jean then arrives after travelling over Paris to seek Lena out and aligns with the two as they scramble to convince the other graduate survivors, that Death itself may be after them.

Everyone else denies Lena and Jean's story minus Marissa and Malcolm, who have been experiencing the strange omnipresent force Lena and Jean allude to. Lena and Grace watch over Marissa at her dance class and Jean over Malcolm at the veterinary clinic he works at. Marissa dies accidentally ingesting poison and Jean dies in Malcolm's place, shredded by a ravenous stray dog that escapes confinement.

Establishing an order to the deaths and following Jean's contact of a mysterious coroner William Bludworth present at the previous deaths, they learn of his survival of a previous ocean liner accident when he was 17, in which all other survivors other than him perished as per the natural order of Death itself.

Lena and survivor Donnelly are attacked and rendered unconscious by Bludworth as he reveals his survival by means of the murder of a healthy Mount Abraham High School, NY gymnast Dorothy Landers. He traps Donnelly in a coffin and Lena in the unlit furnace, until Death will come and eliminate them for him.

At Jeana and bisexual close friend Duncan's late Graduation Party they are watched over by Malcolm and Grace in case of them being next. A drunken Duncan is knocked into the pool, and drowned after becoming wrapped in the pool tarp. In mismatched order Malcolm is killed by a falling ceiling fan, Jeana is knocked from the roof to her death below and Grace has her neck broken on a roof party rope ladder trying to save her.

Death comes for Donnelly and Lena, lighting the furnace and causing Donnelly to be crushed in the coffin, as Lena escapes the furnace and is too late. Bludworth having already fled the scene leaves Lena and her arriving brother Vance to be trapped in the mortuary as flames engulf the building. Vance believing Lena finally on Death being after her offers his life for hers, using her to push him into the oncoming flames and immolate to death, which permits her escape.

Months after Lena abandoning her life pursuit of photography, instead draws a connection with death and it's signs in photographs while operating as a nurse at Stonybrook Institution in 2001. Bludworth's mortuary is rebuilt and the police are in search on Lena's behalf for a William Bludworth, which seems to be an alias as it is a man/coroner that by all records, does not exist.


  • Camila Mendes as Lena Roth
  • Moises Arias as Donnelly Gordon
  • Mathieu Amalric as Jean Laugier
  • Julia Garner as Grace Fulci
  • Taylor Russell as Jeana Landis
  • Miles Heizer as Duncan Garris
  • Anne Winters as Marissa Arnold
  • Charlie Heaton as Malcolm Lynch
  • Sacha Dhawan as Officer Vance Roth
  • Tony Todd as William Bludworth
  • Marco Ilsø as Seth Garris
  • Layton Williams as Brent Gordon-Lewis
  • Irène Jacob as Audrey Laugier
  • Olive Gray as June Landis
  • Shadi 'i' Mari as Byron Kennedy
  • Jaida-Iman Benjamin as Elizabeth Tourneur
  • Freddie Thorp as Jack Bava
  • Niki Koss as Gabby Burr
  • Lambert Wilson as Ticketer Daniel


  1. Rocky Mountain High- Sidewalk Prophets
  2. Paris- The Chainsmokers
  3. Highway To Hell- Tesni Jones
  4. Turn Around, Look At Me- The Vogues
  5. Lose Yourself To Dance- Daft Punk
  6. Weekend!- Scooter
  7. It Just Won't Do- Tim Deluxe
  8. Brendan's Death Song- Red Hot Chilli Peppers


  • As in the case of the previous five Final Destination instalments, a majority of the characters (including the primary survivors and victims of the opening disaster) are named after well known horror writers,actors & directors: Lena and her brother Vance Roth for writer/director & horror actor Eli Roth, Duncan and Seth Garris after writer/director Mick Garris, Jeana and June Landis after John Landis, Grace Fulci after Lucio Fulci, Gabby Burr after Jeff Burr, Malcolm Lynch after David Lynch, Jean and Audrey Laugier after Pascal Laugier, Marissa Arnold after Jack Arnold, Brent Gordon-Lewis after Godfather of Gore Hershell Gordon-Lewis and Donnelly Gordon after Stuart Gordon.
  • Easter Eggs for all previous films of the series appear throughout: From Hice Pale Ale to Presage Paper, memorabilia for the Devil's Flight Rollercoaster, the flight home being Voilee Airlines, John Denver vinyl records, signs for the town of McKinley, Pennsylvania and it's motor speedway photos. Tagert Logging trucks and screens.
  • The 801 Guignol Theatre collapse, which serves as the subsequent opening disaster is the theatre collapse to which a heavily drug intoxicated Rory Peters from Final Destination 2 (2003) survived, having been on his way to the theatre but being distracted by Carter Horton, the Flight 180 survivors' death by the Le Cafe Miro 081 sign. A background feature of the character appears. With a fill in actor dubbed with original actor Jonathan Cherry's lines appear in the ending of the film
  • The institution that Lena comes to work at in the film's climax, is the psychiatric facility that houses Clear Rivers, in her desperate attempt to evade death in Final Destination 2 following the in-between events demise of boyfriend and visionary Alex Browning. Lena is revealed as an unseen Clear's nurse that has suggested her the methods of padded confinement to escape death.
  • Anne Winters and Miles Heizer had both previously starred on the hit Netflix teenage drama series 13 Reasons Why.
  • Establishes the method to escape Death properly, as introduced by series harbinger William Bludworth in Final Destination 5 (2011), confirming Bludworth's overrall knowledge of Death itself stemming from his own continued survival, despite Death's Plan.
  • The murder Bludworth perpetrated to ensure his continued survival, is a high school female gymnast belonging to Mount Abraham High School, the school to which the first film's characters, victims and survivors of Voilee Airlines Flight 180 belonged.
  • Malcolm's ceiling fan death is a homage to the Final Destination 2 interactive special feature questionnaire game, being a possible option of Death.
  • The 801 Guignol is named after the famous Parisian horror theatre entitled The Grand Guignol, which was detailed in it's history by film historian Daniel Del Valle on the documentary: Bits & Pieces, which was prominently featured on the special features of Final Destination 2
  • Like the first, third, fourth and fifth instalments, Death's Design is a chronological order of deaths correlating with their order of demise in the initial opening disaster, but like the others with the exception of intervention resulting in Death skipping forward, and then circling back.
  • Set in 2001, in the months prior to the Route 23 pile-up in New York.