Desolation of the Abomination is the second and final memoir of Crona's which this time, focused on a doctor's grim backstory that related to Scarred Man's origin.

This serves as a sequel for Broken Bird and Man Whom Only Learn Hate.


Chapter 1: The Mysterious Polidori

It's been a while since i resume my journey.

Chapter 2: Order of Phylanthropy

Polidori was not just a doctor, but also war hero.


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2: Meeting Dr. Reilich

Chapter 3: Desolation of The Doctor's Village


By the time i wrote this, i already lived in Trostville, and i could see that her life became better here, perhaps since the man with fedora help her to control her powers. She did, had better control of her powers, but her attitude changed too; she now more confident and had more friends than she was in Backwater Village. Or perhaps too confident, as in spite of her good intentions, she tends to be reckless, brash and her temper seems to be worse that she used to be. But this doesn’t mean that she was arrogant, but simply brash, just it.

I wonder whether she still remember me, but if it does, hou could i forgive myself had she knew that i was the one that brought Koba to her village that trigger her worst ordeal in life?

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