Desmodium: Temple of Decay, or rather simply Temple of Decay, is the debut album from American metalcore band Desmodium, consisting of Kieran Winestead of Eternal Guardians and Kink++'s Alyson Peterson as well as Mike Mignela on bass and Lee Chase on drums. The album received mixed to positive reviews.


Upon its release, Temple of Decay received mixed to positive reviews.

Metalix said: "While it doesn't quite reach up their with Eternal Guardians' Childlike Empress or Kink++'s Never In A Million Years, Temple of Decay is a decent album that will appease metalcore fans. The duo vocals from Winestead and Peterson commands bombast and power, but it has yet to reach its full potential. Kieran Winestead's screaming does not sound strained, or overused, as he doubles this with his clean singing, alongside Alyson's punk-ish accompaniments. While the songs may lack inspiration, the band shows potential. A better sophomore release is inevitable".

MetalHeaded was less enthusuastic: "Desmodium are a band that really is not necessary. Their freshman album is boring and recycled, and sounds really poor. Stick to your respective bands, please!".

Track listing

  1. "Nine Hours" - 5:00
  2. "Harsh Words" - 5:44
  3. "Hammer" - 6:00
  4. "Flying Colours" - 4:44
  5. "Candelbra" - 6:00
  6. "Haunted Dreams" - 4:44
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