Deranged is an American Psychological Mystery Horror film written by Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola and directed by Wes Anderson starring Robert Downey Jr., Tobey Maguire, Zooey Deschanel, Kirsten Dunst, Zachary Levi, Sarah Bolger, Tyler Posey, Evanna Lynch, T.J Miller, Charlotte Rae and Eva Green.

The film serves respectively as a loose remake of the 1971 low budget cult classic of the same from Alan Ormsby and also is based off the infamous Ed Gein Plainfield, borrowing a lot from his true crimes and the tales of necrophilac acts.


The film is divided into six interlinking stories revolving around delusional, gentleman psychopath Ezra Cobb (Robert Downey Jr.) whom resides alone on a rural farm property whose only company is the preserved corpses of victims and stolen cemetary cadavers he steals. The stories link his beginning and end altogether and the reason behind his madness as well as the sorrowful end to two of his heinous murders.

Mary Beggs

The film opens on prostitute Mary Beggs (Eva Green) a lonesome kind streewalker who lives in a stingy apartment in Coney Island supported only by a fellow female prostitute and sympathetic councellor whom resides in the same neighborhood. Mary spends her nights outside the rich estate of a handsome man whom is revealed as Kurt Sommers a man she attended with high school with and had hoped to have married had he not broken up with because of an affair in senior year. Kurt is settled down as a businessman with a beautiful realtor wife Diane and two children, a son Douglas who is nine and a daughter Kathy who is 5.

Mary divolges to her councellor friend and fellow streetwalker Miriam she hopes to work up enough money to put herself into nursing courses over at Coney General and than hopefully land a life like Kurt's, one of success and happines, not one of shame and misery like had been living most of her life to spite her parents and disapproving sister whom have chose not to say in contact with her.

Mary eventually catches word of a wealthy ranch owning client out in the Coney sticks offering top dollar for a high end escort for a night of entertainment, the money promised enough to make Mary's dreams come true.

Mary hitches her way to the property of the advertised wealthy client, known as Mr. Cobb all dressed up for the occasion.

Her last ride comes to be a family man Lawrence whose wife had cheated on him and whom is in a drunken state. 

He claims all women to be whores and pulls a gun on Mary.

The two engage over the weapon and Lawrence's wagon parades off the road.

Lawrence still drunk and now severely injured from the crash like Mary emerges from the wreckage and attempts to rape Mary before shooting himself.

However Mary is saved by none other than Mr. Cobb disabled and disarms Lawrence of his handgun and then escorts an injured Mary away promising to contact the police when they get to the nearest phone, which is in fact his place which they are not far from.

The two come to the ranch and he tends to Mary's wounds.

They engage in conversation and Mary admires his house and the many tapestries and portraits it displays for a simple farmhouse, proclaiming it tells a story though in shock is slipping into unconsciousness.

Mary then awakens the following day late in the afternoon and comes downstairs to a gleeful cooking Mr. Cobb whom she asks about the authorities being called in about Lawrence.

He tells her he called them and they looked over the situation and the pig is now in custody and she is his entertainment and he has her money if she would like to stay.

As the sun sets Mary tells Mr. Cobb that she is thankful for everything but she's had a change of heart and would like very much to return home.

Mr. Cobb reveals her knows all about her home and that she wasn't out for a day and a half but rather four as he had been administering more and more sedatives to her as she was initially unconscious.

She counter-acts with wanting to not return to stingy apartment as it is not her real home, but the home with her parents and sister.

Ezra then has an emotional breakdown and begins tearing at things and then becomes sinister with threats towards Mary.

Mary quickly walks away but feels the affects of another sedative in her system kicking in.

Mary makes her way down a downstairs corridor and flinging open doors eventually opens up an unseen room which strikes a tear of fear upon her face and a scream before a bloody faced Mr. Cobb who has wiped himself in the blood of hounds descends on her and the scene fades away with Mary's screaming.

Ezra and Ma

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