Deranged is a 2014 American Psychological Horror film written by Guillermo Del Toro and Ted Elliot and directed by Kris Moyes starring Bryan Cranston, Christoph Waltz, Kelli Garner, Scarlet Johansson, Joshua Bowman, Vanessa Hudgens, Channing Tatum, Rupert Grint, Evan Ross, Kenzie Dalton and Emilia Clarke.

The film is a remake of the classic Jeff Gillen and Alan Ormsby 1974 Horror film which in turn is based on real life murderer Ed Gein who inspired Leatherface of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, Norman Bates of Psycho and Buffalo Bill of The Silence Of The Lambs.

The film incorporates an incredibly different story to the original in the terms of the contending victims and the focus being mainly on the killer himself though retains the faithfulness the original had to the real life Ed Gein.

Del Toro a fan of the original 1974 gory motion picture drafted his script for the remake back in 2009 and finished a final submitted draft by April 10th, 2012.

The film was then greenlit and went into immediate production as of May 13th, 2012 securing Paramount Pictures and Film District as its' distributors.

Australian music video and City Limits director Kris Moyes was hired by Del Toro on April 23rd, 2012 to serve as the director of the motion picture not knowing of the original at all and only being familiar with The Texas Chainsaw films, Psycho and the Silence Of The Lambs.

The film is slated for worldwide theatrical release on March 24th, 2014 though a pre-screening will commemorate on March 16th, 2014 at the Toronto, Spanish, Tribeca, New York, Cairns and Los Angeles film festivals.


The film begins with a six year old Ezra Cobb (Owen Bento) being tended to a domineering mother Ruth (Joan Allen) who tells him the world outside their farm is a bad place full of bad people like the ones who picked on him at school, she tells that all other women are bad and he must stay away from as they will try to entice him with their beauty and lies.

She then comforts her son lovingly and tells him come down with her for breakfast.

After breakfast Ezra asks if he can go outside and play which his mother agrees to on par with his newspaper reading father and he is told not to venture off the farm's border.

Ezra does so and sling-shotting away at bottles on a log comes to hit a poor pigeon which lands in his path.

Ezra then becomes traumatized at the still alive but severely injured, bleeding suffering bird.

His mother comes out to the scene as he calls for her help and she tells him that all actions have consequences, the bird got in the way and he ventured off the border, she then passes him a rock and tells him to kill the bird to spare its' suffering be he declines and his mother then angrily seizes the rock and smashes it upon the bird spurting a small portion of its' blood on her face and his.

The scene then goes forward to an 11-year old Ezra (Aiden Flowers) who now has an ill mother dying of cancer and a father who still keeps to himself and seems neglectful of him.

Ezra now well and truly ventures beyond the border of their property and often spots groups of 60's teenagers coming up their drive and spies on them from time to time.

He has taken to killing animals such as foxes and rabbits that he encounters in the farm fields to fulfill his sadistic urges set in motion by his mother.

Things take a turn as a teenage couple Bradie Williams (Evan Peters) and Stacey Andrews (Karen Gillan) strike a flat on the road along with Stacey's friend Kayley Winterton (Brooklyn Decker) and the three end up walking their way up to the Cobb residence.

Father Richard Cobb (Bryan Cranston) attempts at his best efforts to keep the youths from coming on inside and states he has a phone which he can call in a tow man to help.

The three noticing his weird evasive behaviour and desperation from preventing them entering the house themselves prompts Kayley to recklessly enter the house and sneak around.

Bradie and Stacey follow in after her to bring her back out.

Bradie is stopped at the doorway by Richard Cobb who has just put down the phone after dialing the tow service and asks where his two girlfriends are.

He overhears a ruffle upstairs as Kayley and Stacey stumble upon the master bedroom containing a rotting bedridden Ruth Cobb and then finally Ezra's room where they see several hanging dead animal corpses, skinned, mutilated and strung up.

After entering Ruth and Richard's master bedroom and startling the barely human rotting Ruth they cause her to enter cardiac arrest and ultimately die of a heart attack having been overstartled by Stacey and Kayley.

Stacey and Kayley proceed downstairs and their shocked faces announce they have seent he master bedroom which spirals Richard Cobb into attacking Bradie but he is pushed back and knocked down with his own hunting rifle which breaks his nose and splits his head as crashes down upon a wooden table.

Ezra enters as the three flee the house and he finds his writhing bloodied father and after proceeding upstairs to the master bedroom finds his mother dead and looking out the bedroom window sees the running three youths.

Ezra takes his mother's pruning shears from downstairs and in a tranced state begins his walk off the farm border.

Bradie, Stacey and Kayley eventually arrive back their immobilised vehicle and as Stacey attempts to jumpstart it it collapses furthermore and Kayley proposes they make a run back towards town way despite the three not knowing the turns they took which got them lost out where they are.

The group are then descended upon by Ezra who kills Bradie first by shooting him bow and arrows multiple times and then guts Stacey with the pruning shears as he pushes up against her and Bradie's jeep.

Kayley screams in shock and knocks Ezra down as he slices her left arm with his mother's pruning shears.

Kayley then screams and runs along the road as Ezra reaches for his dropped bow and arrows.

As Ezra grabs ahold of them and then stands up covered in Bradie and Stacey's blood looking out at the running Kayley who looks back at him before turning back and is then shot down suddenly hitting the ground.

Ezra turns and sees his father holding up his rifle smoking indicating he shot down Kayley.

He looks at Bradie and Stacey's bodies and tells his son its' ok that he's sick just like his mother and he promises he'll take care of him embracing in a hug.

Richard then takes Ezra with him as they bring Bradie, Stacey and Kayley's bodies out to the farm cornfield and bury them.

Richard returns to the road himself and torches with a molotov cocktail Bradie's jeep and collects their belongings which he brings back to the house.

Overnight Ezra awakens and sifts through their belongings and comes across a collection of Bradie's Tales Of The Crypt comics and various other horror comics whilst also looking through fashion magazines belonging to Stacey and Kayley.

Ezra then proceeds to dig up the bodies and extract portions of skin from Bradie, Stacey and Kayley's bodies which he applies to himself and then brings back to create decorations for the house.

The scene then comes to present day 2014 and Chicago Tribune reporter Judy Davidson (Kelli Garner) is assigned handling the story of the only survivor of the Cobb family of Westernson, Wisconsin.

The survivor Eliza Gardner (Vanessa Hudgens) has just finished her psychiatric examination at a local clinic and Judy is tasked with getting her to talk on what happened as she won't tell any newspapers of the exact ordeal she went through, the only things she let go was to the police that Richard Cobb and his son Ezra murdered her friends and tried to kill her.

Judy internet searches into the story herself and into articles concerning the victims and sole survivor Eliza Gardner.

She then the following rainy day corners her outside the local rehabilitation clinic about the story but is firstly declined by Eliza on getting the story.

Judy however comes to stop her and taxi temporarily and confesses she once had a 9 year old son Jack who two years ago was abducted from his friends' house after his friend and his mother were murdered.

Her son was kept in captivity and unimaginable torture for weeks before he was finally executed at point blank range with a 444 Magnum Pistol underneath a harbor bridge.

Judy tells she doesn't want to exploit what happened to her and her friends for the paper she just wants to get out there what happened and maybe save her from the media circus which is constantly harassing her the way they harassed her after they scraped up her son.

Eliza then quickly before the taxi speeds away to meet her at Grandville Station at 9:00.

The following morning Eliza packs up paper, a camcorder and her purse and departs for the station.

There she meets Eliza and the two board the train together headed for Westernson, Wisconsin.

Upon arrival the locals give them looks of awe and shock as Eliza states they remember me.

Eliza begins a trek up a long winding dirt road which she says comes to a series of turns before arriving at the farmhouse, she states that before she tells the whole gory story she wants to know that she must tell her more about Jack and what he was like.

Judy recounts Jack to her as they continue walking and after Judy finishes her story and they make their turns they come to a long wooden log fence stretching up to the farmhouse.

Eliza points out the infamous house and then tells it started where most teenagers start off at these days.

We are then taken back a month prior and introduced to a happy Eliza with her boyfriend Trent Bainbridge (Joshua Bowman), Jock Josh Morris (Channing Tatum), Funny guy painter Jed Hoskins (Rupert Grint), Trent's bestfriend Gokul Kakkardi (Evan Ross), popular headstrong smart bottle blonde Carly Stollen (Kenzie Dalton) and Carly's pretty popular friend Tenielle Bridge (Emilia Clarke).

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