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Delta Jaeger or simply Delta is a Mark-III Australian Jaeger piloted by Arthur Jaeger and Marie Stark of the 501st Jager Corps of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps in Australia. It is powered by a nuclear reactor, and is analogue. Its operation system is the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operation System.


Early Combat History

Delta Jaeger was constracted on Tasmania in January, 2016, one year before Gipsy Danger. It was then launched on July 6th on the same year piloted by 2 unarmed jaeger pilots, which protecting the coastlines of Syndey, Australia. It fought the Splinter Dieago along with the Matador Fury. While Matador was taken serious damage, Delta Jaeger was able to take it down and soon became a popular jaeger among the populance of Sydney. Delta even became the protector of Syndey.

Operation Antarctica

Main article: Operation Antarctica

Mark-III Restoration Program

The Mark III Restoration Program was a dedicated program in restoring the surviving Mark-III jaegers, Delta went underground at Anchorage Shatterdome for repairs, and upgrades alongside Gipsy Danger. It obtained new modifictions, hull. It also gotten a operation system upgrade of the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operation System at the request of Howard Stark.

But when the United States annoucned the closure of the Anchorage Shatterdome, it was relocated to Hong Kong Shatterdome alongside Gipsy Danger, Cherno Alpha and Striker Eureka.


Kaiju Killed

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Delta Jaeger, assisted or on its own.

Given Name