Delta Force: Blood Connection (2019 film) (Untitled Delta Force Reboot) Action, Crime, Neo-Noir film.

Remake of 1990 film.


  • Arley R. Swaby as McCoy[1] Killed by dad.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Rigs "Bulkstein"
  • Jasser Camacho as Luke Bells, Scott's Uncle, Karen's cousin.
  • Carla Bodden as Jean Bells
  • Elroy Bryan as Ben Bross (villain) Scott's friend and enemy.
  • Penny McDowall as Karen Bells, Scott's partner, friend, Jean's sister.
  • Erbin Swaby Rivers as Sgt. Nathanson, Scott's grandfather, friend.
  • Jesika Ebanks as Rachel Bossier- McCoy, Scott's first friend, cousin.
  • Chloe Walter as Yoly Blake, Scott's friend.
  • Rudy Swaby as young Scott (as Child) meets his dad named Ray.
  • Joseph Swaby as John Ulrich (villain) Scott's corrupted-enemy; former friend.
  • Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo as Ray McCoy (cameo) Scott's father.
  • Denia Swaby Ortiz as Wilma McCoy (Uncredited) Scott's mother enstranged.
  • Alec Cox as Sgt, Trey McCoy (villain) Scott's Adopted Cousin, Ray's Brother.
  • Rachel Ebanks as Julie McGregg (villain) Scott’s former friend.
  • Vanessa Williams as Ashlee Gregg (villain) Scott’s former Friend.
  • Lesita Swaby as Janet McCoy
  • Yanet Swaby as Hayley, Scott’s Cousin.
  • Henry Torres as Charles Charleston

Uncredited Casts

  • Caridad Camacho as Soledad McCoy (Uncredited) Scott's Aunt.
  • Luke Pennyworth as Bulk (Flashback) Scott's Bully.
  • Trenny Deanne Nelson as Jamie (Uncredited)..,, Scott's Rival.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers as Luke Bells (mentioned)
  • Shaniel Swaby Mayo as Auntie Charly McCoy (flashbacks; credits only) Scott's Enstranged First Aunt.


  • "Body Control" performed by Phillip Glass courtesy by Phillip Glass
  • "S.W.A.T (Main Theme)" performed by Barry DeVorzon courtesy by Barry DeVorzon remixed scores by John Debney & Phillip Glass
  • "Delta Force Theme" Performed by Alan Silvestri courtesy by Alan Silvestri (2019)
  • "Baby" performed by Justin Bieber courtesy by Justin Bieber
  • "Back in Black" performed by AD/AC courtesy by AD/AC (2019)
  • "Power Rangers (Theme)" performed by Haim Saban courtesy by Haim Saban

Bumber Theme

  • "Lethal Weapon (Theme)" (bumper theme)

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