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Fairy Tail Akuma Deliora Ost - Extended

Fairy Tail Akuma Deliora Ost - Extended

Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Deliora
 Current Alias Demon of Destruction
 Editorial Names
 Base of Operation
 Marital Status
 Occupation Etherious Demon
 Gender Agender
 Height 20ft (Exact Unknown)
 Eye Color Black
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Black
 Unusual Features
 Origin Etherious of the Books of Zeref
 Universe Earth-680
 Place of Birth
First Appearance

Deliora, also known as the Demon of Destruction, was one of the most powerful Etherious from the Books of Zeref, and is responsible for countless of deaths on Ishgar, and eventually on Tamriel.

While its suppose death was by the hands of the Ice Mage, Ur by using Iced Shell, it was in fact then teleported before death, and truly revived by the Cult of Zeref from Cyrodiil. However, in the 16th of X784, Deliora was finally truly slain by Lucius Heartfila during the War for Zeref.



Magic & Abilities

Deliora's Magic Beam

Magical Beams: Deliora is able to fire lime-green beams, which on contact to any surface, erupts into a wall of intense fire, causing tredmendous amounts of damage to the contacted surface to the point it becomes dust.

Immortality: Deliora is not affected by facets of Mortality, such as age, illnesses or diseases. Deliora is however affected by unnaturally causes such as physical assaults, and Magic.

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