Degrassi: Survivor is a horror crossover of Degrassi and Ash vs Evil Dead and serves as a sequel to Degrassi: It's Terror Time Again. This fanfic also serves as a final chapter to the Demon Fanfic Saga.

The fanfiction takes place in between Bittersweet Symphony with Clare Edwards who is now cursed with the book of the dead that had killed or possessed her friends in the last fanfic. One day, Campbell Saunders is pushed to the edge by students who bullied him and gets a hold of Clare's spellbook and uses it to reign terror over Degrassi. It's up to Clare along with Ash Williams, Kelly Maxwell, Brandy Barr and Pablo Boliviar (who found out about the events of Boy Meets World: Dead By Dawn and Degrassi: It's Terror Time Again) to stop the destruction of demonic possession and death once and for all.

The fanfic is named after the song Survivor by Destiny's Child.



Aislinn Paul as Clare Edwards

Bruce Campbell as Ashley "Ash" Williams

Dylan Everett as Campbell Saunders

Demetrius Joyette as Mike Dallas

Chloe Rose as Katie Matlin

Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly Maxwell

Sarah Fisher as Becky Baker

Daniel Kelly as Owen Milligan

Ray Santiago as Pablo Boliviar

Stefan Brogren as Archie "Snake" Simpson

Ricardo Hoyos as Zig Novak

Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin

Annie Clark as Fiona Coyne

Arielle O'Neil Carver as Brandy Barr

Lyle Lettau as Tristan Milligan

Alex Steele as Tori Santamaria

Transformations and Deaths

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