Degrassi: It's Terror Time Again is a horror crossover of Degrassi and Boy Meets World and serves as a sequel to Boy Meets World: Dead By Dawn.

The plot picks up to where All Falls Down Part 2 left off where Clare Edwards and her friends including Eli Goldsworthy, Drew Torres and Bianca DeSousa skip the first day back to Degrassi and leave town to hide out in the Philadelphia wilderness unaware that demonic forces had just took the lives of Cory Matthews and his friends with the exception of Shawn Hunter who survived the onslaught. History is about to repeat itself when Eli foolishly steals the ceremonial daggers from the indian burial ground, a domino effect of death and destruction starts all over again as Shawn bands with Clare and the others to stop the demonic bloodshed once and for all.

The fanfiction is named after the song, It's Terror Time Again by Skycycle and serves as a homage to Evil Dead 2.


The fanfiction opens up where Boy Meets World: Dead By Dawn left off with the entity rising up from the indian burial ground and begins to attack the unconscious and disheveled Shawn Hunter who wakes up only to be attacked by the entity who lifts him up into the air and possesses him, before falling down into the ground. The now possessed Shawn begins to woozily stumble around the burial ground while moaning "Join Us". As he does, his severed hand miraculously grows back and the sun rises, forcing the entity to leave Shawn's body and he passes out.

Meanwhile in Canada at Degrassi Community School, Sav Bhandari and Holly J. Sinclair try to apologize to Snake Simpson but he is still angry with them for what happened at The Vegas Night dance. At the moment, Degrassi is under the weight of a major discipline crackdown involving a stiff new dress code, new rules and new security. As Sav and Holly J. miserably review the new rules, Clare Edwards complains that the rules are ridiculous while Ali Bhandari resolves to turn over a new leaf. Adam Torres, Chantay Black and Dave Turner are furious that Degrassi canceled their clubs due to the crackdown while K.C Guthrie and Jenna Middleton struggle in their relationship due to the latter's pregnancy.

After their tough first day back to Degrassi, the group devise a plan to ditch school and leave town. The next morning at 2:30 in the morning, Holly J, Sav, Alli, Clare, Jenna, K.C, Chantay, Dave and Adam meet outside The Dot where Adam's brother Drew Torres along with Bianca DeSousa, Riley Stavros and Eli Goldsworthy picks them up in a van and leave Canada and Degrassi behind.

Back in the Philadelphia wilderness, Shawn wakes up to see that it's already morning and tries to leave the woods but he remembers that the bridge is still destroyed and finds a trail that leads to the other side of the bridge. While on the trail, Shawn gets attacked by demonically possessed trees which entangle around his arms and legs. As he tries to free himself, a revived but naked Alan Matthews suddenly appears before a trapped Shawn and vomits a bluish blood projectile at him, infecting him with the possession as Alan changes back into his demonic form once more.

Meanwhile, the kids make it as far as Pennsylvania after leaving Canada while tempers fly between Alli and Bianca over the lockdown and the boiler room incident with Holly J and Clare doing their best to calm them down. They soon come onto a dirt road which leads to the cabin where Shawn and his friends were staying but stop halfway due to the demolished bridge. As the group begin to argue and debate whether to take a trail or go back to Degrassi until Holly J. spots a figure convulsing on the ground only a few feet away from the van.

The group rushes out of the van to see that the figure is Shawn and they all carry him back to the cabin, which is now in disarray and covered in gore and blood, much to the horror of Clare and everybody else. Holly J. is repulsed by the cabin's current state while Adam is mortified to see the skin of Cory Matthews lying on the ground. Drew and Ali find a pile of organs and intestines in the kitchen that once belonged to Rachel McGuire which scares Ali to the point that she leaves the cabin to process what she has seen. Jenna, Dave and K.C find the dead body of Eric Matthews in the basement while Clare tries to talk to Shawn about what happened in the cabin.

Shawn tells Clare that she and her friends need to leave before it's too late but Clare tells him to get some rest and to clean up due to him covered in dried blood and bruises. After Clare leaves his bedroom, Shawn sees that his hand had grown back and is horrified to realize that he may be possessed as he looks at the mirror to see that the reflection is not only himself but Demon Alan giving him a malicious look.

After discovering the gruesome scene of unadulterated carnage, Sav tries to alert the police but he discovers that the phone line had been cut.and tries to warn Alli who cries upon seeing the dead bodies of Rachel, Cory, Topanga and Jack. After comforting his sister, Sav is under the impression that Shawn is the one responsible for the gruesome deaths and goes to confront him but Clare and Eli tell Sav that Shawn is showering but what they didn't know that a sickly Shawn is coughing heavily while taking a freezing shower.

Sav, Clare and Eli break down the bathroom door to see Shawn on the ground unconscious and Clare tries to perform CPR on him but Shawn wakes up with black eyes and rises up with black veins all over his body which complete his transformation into Demon Shawn. Demon Shawn grabs Clare by the neck and pushes her against the wall in a attempt to rape her but Eli intervenes only for Demon Shawn to shove Eli into the bathroom mirror and knock him out. Sav thinks quickly and knocks out Demon Shawn before locking him in the basement.

Ali hears the commotion and tries to go back into the house but demonic hands shoot out from the ground and grab her by the legs. Her screams are heard by Holly J and the others and they all dash outside to see her being dragged into the ground. Holly J. tries to grab her hand but due to the strong grip of the demon hands, Ali's hand slips from Holly J.'s grip and sinks into the ground. As Holly J. cries, blood begins to seep out of the ground as others realize that Ali is being eaten alive underground. Drew grieves over Alli's death and all of a sudden, Alli's hand shoots out of the blood soaked ground and rise from her dirty grave, fully transformed into a demon.

The others rush back inside just as Demon Alli chases after them and Holly J. locks the door. Clare, Sav and Eli emerge from the basement with the spell book of the dead and theorized that the book caused all the chaos that Shawn went through. As Clare looks through the book for a spell that will send the demonic entity back to where it came from, Demon Shawn's hands burst through the basement door and drags Clare into the basement where she get knocked out when he throws her against the wall. Demon Shawn attempts to kill Clare but sees a picture of himself and his friends, causing him to scream in anguish and to throw up the bluish infection, returning him to normal.

As a teary Shawn looks at the picture, a hysterical Clare wakes up and tries to stab Shawn with a trowel but he stops her telling her that he's O.K. with Clare slowly calming down. Shawn tells Clare about what happened to his friends and about what he had been through. As he spoke, a scream is heard from upstairs and Clare runs upstairs while Shawn stays in the basement to get dressed.

When Clare gets out of the basement, she finds her friends surrounding Jenna who is violently convulsing with blood running down her legs and her pregnant stomach growing to outrageous proportions until it explodes, splattering blood all over the room including everyone present. Jenna gives out an inhuman scream as her teeth shoot out her mouth with fangs growing in their place and her eyes roll into her head, completing her transformation into a demon.

Shawn races upstairs to see Demon Jenna and he is repulsed by her appearance as she charges at him and Clare who stabs her to death with the trowel. Soon after, Demon Alli breaks into the house with her appearance being more grisly as her body appeared to be half eaten especially her face. A horrified Clare is frozen with fear as her best friend had just became a demon but Shawn takes her trowel and decapitates Demon Alli who is about to attack the duo.

Shawn tells the remaining survivors about how the demons possessed his friends and he was the one that had to kill them. Once he's done, Holly J. finds a picture of the ceremonial daggers in the book and a spell that will stop the demonic forces once and for all.

They all decide to face the demonic forces at the indian burial ground and they leave the cabin after arming themselves with the weapons from the shed. Along the way, they run into Demon Alan who attacks them and one by one, the kids spring into action against him. During the fight, K.C is suddenly possessed and grotesquely bends backwards while his face stretches to unhinged proportions and his head twists around his body, completing his transformation into a demon. Demon K.C. attacks Holly J. who quickly overpowers and dismembers him with an axe after he bites out a chunk of her hair.

Chantay uses a chainsaw to saw off Demon Alan's arm, causing a cascade of blood to shoot out of the stump and at her. Demon Alan becomes angrier and undergoes another transformation where his body grows another 30 feet, he sprouts a tail and a pair of wings, before finally becoming Chimera Alan. He proves to be invincible against the kids until Eli reads a spell from the spell book that expels the demon from Alan's body, causing Alan to decompose and die.

The kids then continue their way to the indian burial ground after the fight but they end up lost in the forest. They split up into groups to search for the burial ground. Shawn, Clare and Eli eventually find the burial ground while the others are still searching fruitlessly through the vast forest.

Back at Degrassi, A livid Simpson finds out about Clare's plan through one of the students and alerts the police about their heinous truancy. Back in the woods, Shawn attempts the read the spell that will end the nightmare that he suffered but is suddenly stabbed in the back with one of the ceremonial daggers by Eli who turns against Clare and claims that he is the author of the book and that he stole the daggers from the burial ground on the way to the cabin.

A shocked but betrayed Clare doesn't believe him until he tells her that he murdered a group of kids at his old school to ink the book's pages in blood and skins one of his old tormentors alive to bound the book together. He lured the kids he murdered to the cabin and carried out his revenge by creating the book and killing those who hated him. Eli then casts a spell that unleashes all of the entities from the book to find the remaining survivors.

Elsewhere, the entities find the rest of the group in various areas of the woods and they begin to kill or possess them. The first entity find Drew and Bianca having sex near a river and possesses Drew, who's skin begins to blister and burn as his eyes, nose and lips explode in gruesome fashion and his skin burns away to reveal tissue and bone, completing his transformation into a demon as he climaxes into an oblivious Bianca whose breasts over inflate and explode, vomits blood and maggots, losing her hair and bugs growing in her body, completing her transformation into a demon.

The second and third demons find Sav, Holly J., Riley and Adam and the second entity possess a group of trees which rape Holly J., tear skin off of Adam which rapidly complete his transformation into a demon and devour Riley alive. The third entity possesses Sav as he attempts to stop the demonic trees from raping Holly J. Now possessed, Sav's intestines bursts out of his stomach, his hair falls out and his body becomes unhinged and distorted to the point where all the bones in his body break which complete his transformation into a demon.

Demon Sav and Demon Adam then attack Holly J. who breaks free from the demonically possessed trees and overpowers Demon Adam by decapitating him with a chainsaw. She is then chased back to the cabin where she discovers to her horror that the fourth entity has possessed Chantay, who returned to the cabin earlier. Chantay's body is malformed by her own transformation into a demon complete with most of her face being cut off with a glass shard from the bathroom mirror, her body covered in sores, maggots and pus and her spine is shown dangling from her sliced back.

Holly J. is also horrified to see that Demon Chantay has already dismembered Dave with an axe and is cooking his remains in the kitchen. As Holly J. begins to process the ghastly scene of murder, Demon Sav breaks through the door and tries to kill her with a meat cleaver but Holly J. cuts him in half with the chainsaw. A butcher knife is suddenly thrown into Holly J's arm as Demon Chantay dashes out of the kitchen and attacks her. Holly J. rips the knife from her arm and stabs Demon Chantay to oblivion, killing her and leaving Holly J. covered in blood. She then proceeds to burn down the cabin and Demon Chantay's corpse.

As Holly J. leaves the flaming cabin in despair, she begins to feel the uncontrollable urge to itch and begins to scratch herself to the point where most of her skin comes off while becoming bloody and severely raw, completing her transformation into a demon herself.

Back at the burial ground, Demon Drew, Demon Bianca and the recently transformed Demon Holly J. appear on Eli's command and order them to kill Clare and Shawn, who is dying from blood loss from being stabbed. Demon Bianca is the first to attack Clare and throws her against a tree. Badly wounded, Shawn finds the second dagger and throws it to Clare who kills Demon Bianca by stabbing the dagger through her eye.

Empowered and more confident, Clare fights back against her remaining demonic friends and with Shawn's help, kills Demon Drew with the daggers. Enraged, Eli uses a spell from the spell book to summon The Unholy which bursts from the ground and takes over Demon Holy J.'s body becoming a winged devil-like creature. Eli orders The Unholy possessed Demon Holly J. to kill Clare and Shawn but she turns against Eli and grabs him by ankles before flying into the air. Unholy Holly J. splits Eli's legs apart by the ankles and tears him in half, killing him and splattering Clare and Shawn in his blood.

Shawn and Clare are no match for the invincible Unholy Holly J. as she is able to overpower them both. Running out of options, Shawn decides to finish the incantation from the spell book to end the madness while Clare distracts Unholy Holly J.. Shawn manages to successfully finish the incantation as Unholy Holly J. throws him into a tree branch, impaling him through the back. The Unholy leaves Holly J.'s body and is cast into the book while Holly J. begins gruesomely decompose and die before fall on top of Clare, leaving her to be covered in blood even more.

Clare sees the dying Shawn and tearfully tells him that she will take him to the hospital but Shawn tells her that he can't make it. Before dying, Shawn promises her not the read the spell book and use it's powers properly by spilling her blood onto it. Clare then complies as Shawn finally dies in her arms and opens the spell book before spilling her blood onto one of the pages, selling her soul in exchange for immortality and the book's power.

Afterwards, Clare takes the trail back to the van and sits in the driver's side as the sun rises in the distance. As she breaks down from what transpired the previous night, a hand hits the window and startles her as she discovers that Snake had tracked her down and is extremely furious with her as the fanfiction ends.


Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter/Demon Shawn

Aislinn Paul as Clare Edwards

Munro Chambers as Eli Goldsworthy

Melinda Shankar as Alli Bhandari/Demon Alli

Charlotte Arnold as Holly J. Sinclair/Demon Holly J.

Raymond Ablack as Sav Bhandari/Demon Sav

Sam Earle as K.C Guthrie/Demon K.C

William Russ as Alan Matthews/Demon Alan/Chimera Alan

Luke Bilyk as Drew Torres/Demon Drew

Alicia Josipovic as Bianca DeSousa/Demon Bianca

Jessica Tyler as Jenna Middleton/Demon Jenna

Jordan Todosey as Adam Torres/Demon Adam

Jajube Mandiela as Chantay Black/Demon Chantay

Stefan Brogren as Archie "Snake" Simpson

Jahmil French as Dave Turner

Argiris Karras as Riley Stavros


Alan Matthews- After infecting Shawn with the bluish infection, Alan goes through the same process by growing 30 feet, developing fangs and horns complete with longer hair.

Shawn Hunter- While being infected with the possession, Shawn takes a cold shower while coughing heavily and passes out on the bathroom with a bloody nose. When Clare tries to give him CPR, Shawn wakes up with black eyes, bulked up muscles and black veins all over his body, becoming Demon Shawn but only for a limited time.

Alli Bhandari- After being dragged into the ground by the demonic hands, Ali is almost eaten alive to the point where she is almost skinless and dies but comes back by bursting out of the ground with mold and maggots covering her bite marks, her teeth become rotten and her eyes were gouged out, becoming Demon Alli.

Jenna Middleton- While Clare confronts the transformed Shawn, Jenna is possessed by the entity

K.C. Guthrie-

Demon Alan-

Drew Torres-

Bianca DeSousa-

Adam Torres-

Sav Bhandari-

Chantay Black-

Holly J. Sinclair-

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