Carter and th Circle come back to the sub divison to find new neighbors(Dee, Derrick, Dimitri and Mia) moving into the abandon mansion next to Carter's that once had the dead Resurgents in it. Carter dosen't talk to Chad beacuse he never told him that he was Resurgent. Blake and Carter met up at a park in town and Ray follows them. Blake wants to knof if he and Chad or over officaly beacuse Cater might have another chance if Blake can trust Carter again. Ray here's this and decides to give up on his love for Carter and runs into Dimitri the next door neighbor's teenage son who calms him down. Breannon is packing his stuff to go when Christopher appers to him and goes inside his body and he walks out of the sub divison with a sick smile on his face a laughing tantingly. Carter and Ray walk past eachother in the park and Carter says hi but Ray dosen't say anything back and Carter us hurt.

Carter feels left out when he see's Ray with Will and Breannon. Carter goes to a football in town out of bordem and mets Dalton. Dalton invites Carter to his house where they hook up. Breannon who has been following him tapes them from the window. Chad, Cordeila and Jason leave them beacuse they feel like they don't belong with them anymore. Carter movs away and moves into a mansion in Daton's neighborhood. Blake is hurt and Breannon rubs it in his face and teases him about it.

That night there's a huge storm in town. Dalton coms over and tell Carter that he's a freak. Carter dosen't know what he mean until Dalton tats liffting the funture with his mind and Dalton has telekenisis. Carter tells him that he has Resurgece, fire, water, earth and sprit. Dalton's real family and his step faimly are witch hunters. Dalton ran away from Dee, Derrick, Dimitri and Mia his step family and he didn't want to kill witches so he ran away to his real family and found out they were witch hunters and just staye there but he told them he wasn't going to kill any witches.

Dalton leaves. Blake realises how much he loves Carter and misses him. He and Will do a locater spell and they find his location in town. Blake runs into town and to Carter's house and bangs on the door. Carter let the soacking wet Blake in. Blake tells him that he realises how much he loves him and misses him and he wants him back and everybody in the circle is breaking apart and keeping to themselves.Carter tells him that he's sorta of seeing somebody right now. Blake is disappointed and falls asleep on the couch and Carter puts a blanket around him.

Somone else knocks on Carter's door and it's Seth and Micheal. They tell Carter that they think someone is after him and watching him. Micheal says that he and Seth will be bodyguards for his house. That morning they all have breakfast at Panera Bread. Carter has been thinking about Breannon alot and thinks he misses him. Carter and Dalton go on a date and Dalton dosen't want to lose control of his Teleknies and kill people like Carrie did. Dalton leaves Carter to get icecream and Carter spots Breannon.

Breannon and Carter start talking and Breannon sees Dalton walking to them and grabs Carter's face and start's kissing him. Dalton gives them both the evil look and runs away. Breannon startslaughing in a evil way and his eyes blaze with fire and Carter runs away. Carter goes back to the sub divison and to the council. He tells them about Breannon's eyes. Kathrine says she has to call her friend who is in town. While waiting for them Carter goes to his old house and see's Blake.

Ray is over there with Dimitri, Mia, Derrick and Dee. Carter thinks that's familar but ignores it and talks with them. Stan gets Carter and they go back to the council. Amber is shocked to see Carter. Katherine tells him that Amber, Jamie and Austin are Shadows. Which are people who has the abilty to teleport, telekenisis and telapath. They are waiting for there Shadow leader Erick to lead them in the vampire world. Katherine and the council are glad they don't mess with vampires. Carter tells Amber, Jamie and Austin what happened and they tell him that Breannon is possossed. Amber tells Carter about Erick and Carter rembers seeing him at the pool at the Ritz Carlton and tells them about it.

Carter wants to know whose taking over Breannon's body. Amber is going to need something personal that Breannon cared for. Carter brings Breannon's football. Amber, Jamie and Austin draw a circle and do a rithual. She tells them that Chritopher has taken over his body and Chriopher appers in the middle of the circle and tells them that he's still getting revenge on them and is going to destroy everybody in the circle's life and disappers. Amber tells them that the only way to get Christopher's sprit out of Breannon is for Christopher to leave his body.

Breannon goes to Dalton's house and he's there alone. When Breannon knocks on the door Dalton slams the door in his face but Breannon breaks the door open with power and pins Dalton agansit the wall he demands to know what his power is. Dalton shows it to him and a knife goes out of the drawer and is aiming a Breannon but he thuks and the knife plunges into Daltn's heart. Breannon breaks through Christopher and tries to save Dalton but Christopher comes back and laughs.

Carter gets a text message from Dalton telling him to come over. Carter comes over and finds blood everywhere but Dalton is no where in sight. Breannon sneaks behind and Carter demands to know where Dalton is at. Breannon wont tell him and Carter dosen't want to hurt Breannon. Breannon breaks through Christopher and begs him to realise him from Christopher. Carter tells him that Christopher has to leave his body on his own.

Christopher comes back and throws Carter across the room and has him magically pinned to the wall. Breannon deflets his powers drainnning it and Carter tries to stop it using Deflection but it dosen't work. Breannon knocks him out with a hammer but heals him so it wont cause any damage. It then shows Breannon dragging Carter away. Micheal and Seth are worried beacuse Carter haven't came home yet. He calls the council to see if he's with them and there not and he calls Blake and he's not there ether.

The witch leader of Witch Prison Amy and her leaders Janelle, Raina and Samantha come to the councl. You get sent to witch prison if your harming others with your power and they suspect Carter harming his powers. Kathrine tells them that Carter hasn't been with them and they think she's lying so they decide to stay here until Carter arrives. Carter still haven't came back to the house and Blake is worried. Breannon comes ovver and none of them no that Breannon is possossed.

Breannon acts like he dosen't know what's going on and they tell him that Carter is missing. Micheal goes back in the guest room. Breannon goes back there and seduces Micheal and turns into Carter, Christopher and Breannon and has sex with him causing Micheal to pass out. Breannon hides Micheal in the closet. Carter awakes and he's in the same closet with Micheal. Carter breaks out and tries to wake Micheal but he dosen't wake up.

Carter goes out the backway beacuse he see's Breannon in the kitchen but Breannon dosen't see him. Carter runs to the council and tells them what happend to him. Katherine tells Amy they can not areest Carter beacuse he was beng held captive. Katherine tells him that they have to capture Breannon. Ray, Dee, Dimitri, Derrick and Mia and the rest of the circle. They go to Carter's house and Breannon isn't there but Blake, Seth and Micheal are there and they don't know where Breannon is at.

Carter goes back to the sub divison with them and Ray asks Carter if they can talk. Ray apologizes for being mean to Carter and tells him that he's happy with Dimitri. Then it suddenly its Carter that Dimitri's family is Dalton's family. He decides not to tell the council or Ray this. Carter goes to there house and they let him in. Carter asks them if they have a son named Dalton and they say yes and Carter tells them that he knows wha they are and storms out.

Carter see's Breannon by the swan lake and Breannon waves at him and runs to the tower. Carter chases aftr him and follows Breannon to the very top. Breannon tries to push Carter off of it but Carter starts talking to him. Breannon tells Carter that he must destroy him and Breannon breaks through and starts crying and sobbing. Breannon tells him that he loves him and that he can't fight Christopher no more and Breannon begs Carter to let his soul be free.

Carter throws Breannon out the window and he lands on the ground breaking his skull killing him and Christopher. Carter runs down to Breannon and holds him in his arms crying. Amy, Janelle, Rayna and Samantha aresst Carter for killing another witch.


Christian Hall as Carter

Josh Hutherson as Blake

Alex Pettyfer as Ray

Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Wil

Zach Roerig as Chad

Ansel Elgrot as Breannon

Julianne Moore as Dee

Bradley Cooper as Derrick

Micheal Trevino as Dimitri

Sarah Hyland as Mia

Birtne Oldford as Amy

Janel Parrish as Janelle

Sammi Gayle as Raina

Vanessa Ray as Samatha

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