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Deep Blue Sea is a Science Fiction-Horror remake of the 1999 movie of the same name. The movie stars Andrew Lincoln, Kristen Bell, Jamie Foxx, Emma Roberts, Rebel Wilson and Ice Cube.


A group of teenagers (Tyler Posey, Meaghan Martin, Britne Oldford) are on a boat, when one of them feels movement under them. A shark suddenly attacks, breaking a hole into the bottom and making Lisa fall out. The shark swims for her but is suddenly caught by Carter Blake, (Andrew Lincoln) a man who works for a company known as Aquatica.

The next day, Aquatica's financial backers send Russell Franklin (Jamie Foxx) to inspect the facility. The team, including Carter, Tom Scoggins, (Justin Deeley) and Susan McAlester (Kristen Bell) are testing their progress with one of the sharks when it attacks and bites Jim's (Ralph Fiennes) arm off. He falls into the pool with the shark and it bites his torso, but the team save him and send the shark back out. Carter calls for Red (Deborah Ann Woll) to get help from the shore. A helicopter arrives and picks Jim up, but one shark jumps up, taking his gurnie down with the helicopter, the explosion killing Red.

Meanwhile, in the lab underwater, the group sees one of the sharks use Jim's gurnie as a battering ram and break the under water window, flooding the entire facility. This results in Carter, Russell, Susan, Tom, Tina (Emma Roberts) and Jane (Rebel Wilson) in the facility. Also trapped is the chef, Preacher, (Ice Cube) in the kitchen. Susan confessed her and Jim had genetically altered the sharks brains, making them smarter and faster.

While the group makes their way to the sub, they see it is destroyed by the sharks. Russell says they need to seal off the hole and tries to when one of the sharks jumps up and bites his leg off. He falls into the water, the group screaming. Russell tries swimming away and enters another room where a second shark is and they both double team him, ripping him to shreds. Carter seals off the entrance and the group leave as the station continues to flood.

The group find their way to the industrial latter and climb it, but an explosion makes it fall and get wedged between the walls, leaving them dangling over the rising water. Tina begins to lose her grip when her handle breaks, sending her into the water. The sharks arrive as Carter tries pulling her from the water, killing her. Meanwhile, Preacher is trapped in the kitchen with a shark and he kills it. He then finds Carter, Tom, Susan and Jane and helps them.

Tom comes up with an idea on how to unlock the doors to the surface, which involves them going to the flooded lab. Him and Carter unlock it as the largest shark finds them, torturing Tom until he is trapped under water, eventually drowing before being eaten. Carter escapes and finds the others. Susan ends up electrocuting the second shark, destroying her research.

The group run to the exit and open it, but it was filled with water, sending them all back and filling the hall with water to their waists. Jane notices the biggest shark coming to them and it attacks, biting Preacher's leg until he stabs it and they rush to escape. They make it to the surface when Carter realizes it's trying to get into the open ocean. To distract the shark, Susan jumps into the water and cuts her hand, attracting it. She attempts to get out but the shark slams her into the wall. As it tries biting her, Jane chucks debris from the explosion at it. The shark swims back and jumps over, catching Jane in it's jaws and pulling her into the water. Susan tries to help her but she is ultimatly pulled under and killed.

Carter and Preacher finally get the harpoon ready and shoot it, connecting the wire to the car battery in Red's office. The shark explodes, making the three sigh with relief. Susan realizes that one of the sharks was to have a baby and it was developing fast. Carter asks how fast before they look in the water and a smaller shark jumps at the three, taking Susan with it. She screams, blood filling the water before she goes under, not coming up again. Carter stares into the water in shock as the shark speeds out of the pen into the ocean.


  • Andrew Lincoln - Carter Blake, One of Aquatica's workers who controls the sharks.
  • Kristen Bell - Susan McAlester, A doctor who genetically modified the sharks.
  • Ice Cube - Preacher, The head chef in the facility.
  • Justin Deeley - Tom Scoggins, A timid electrical worker in the facility.
  • Jamie Foxx - Russell Franklin, Aquatica's supporter who inspects the facility.
  • Emma Roberts - Tina, A young woman who works on the research.
  • Rebel Wilson - Jane Parks, A college intern from Australia.
  • Deborah Ann Woll - Breanna 'Red' Reddings, 'Front office' lady of sorts.
  • Ralph Fiennes - Jim, Doctor responsible for creating the sharks.
  • Meaghan Martin - Lisa, Partying teen.
  • Tyler Posey - Aiden, Lisa's boyfriend.
  • Britne Oldford - Mai, Lisa's best friend.
  • Cameron Deane Stewart - Cole, Mai's boyfriend.


  1. Two Pilots - The helicopter is brought down, causing them to be incinerated.
  2. Red - Witnessing the explosion, the helicopter's blade snaps, a piece flying through the window and stabbing her in the chest. The explosion burns her body.
  3. Jim - He drowns after being smashed into the glass.
  4. Russell Franklin - While sealing the water hole, the shark jumps up and bites his leg off. He falls in and swims away from the shark into another room where another shark is waiting and they team up and rip him into three pieces.
  5. Tina - She is escaping with the others when the latter snaps and she falls into the water. Carter tries to save her when a shark pulls her back down.
  6. Tom Scoggins - He tries helping get the doors open when a shark pulls him down and he cowers back under water, trapped by the shark until he takes a breath of water and convulses, then gets eaten by the shark.
  7. Jane - She saves Susan but the shark jumps above her and pulls her down into the water. She is pulled under and killed off screen.
  8. Susan - The baby shark jumps up and bites her head, pulling her in the water. Blood fills the pen and she screams for Carter to help before being dragged under and ripped to shreds.