Deep Betrayal is a 1967 horror cartoon short that aired on October 31, 1967. This the first time was screen played by Floyd Norman, he arrived from Walt Disney Productions after screen played The Jungle Book.


A Jack O Lantern appeared as Remy with Blue he sees a sign said "It's Halloween on Whoville!", then Remy shocks and see Animals running from Count Jojo (Animals such as Monsters, Dogs Elephants, Polar Bears, Rabbits, Mouses, and Horses, and host of animals) then the Vampire comes (from a William Hanna voice) "Stop from the Rat!", Jojo tords Jamie's Art even though Jamie McDodd gone mad and spanks him.

Jojo made Remy from a Mean Tuna, Remy then makes a Wild Strawberry Pie Surprise. Then his stomach crashes, after that. Nelly Foster take Jojo turn into normal (Walter Lantz's voice coming back) then Nelly Foster's voice sounds weird "Don't you believe it!".


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