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Sveriges Television AB (SVT), Sweden's Television, is the Swedish national public television broadcaster, funded by a public service tax on personal income set by the Prior to 2019, SVT was funded by a television licence fee payable by all owners of television sets. The Swedish public broadcasting system is largely modeled after the system used in the United Kingdom, and Sveriges Television shares many traits with its British counterpart, the BBC


  • SVT1 – The main channel with broad and regional content. The 10 most seen Swedish TV shows in 2006 were shown on this channel. SVT1 HD simulcasts in high definition.
  • SVT2 – A channel with slightly narrower programming with an emphasis on culture, current affairs and documentaries. SVT2 HDsimulcasts in high definition.
  • SVT Barn (SVT Kids) – Programs for children and (pre-)teens.
  • Kunskapskanalen (The Knowledge Channel) – Broadcasting debates, seminars and documentaries in cooperation with UR.
  • 1x2 - The channel shows documentary and reality-tv and also time-sharing SVT Barn.