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Debney O'Gill and the Little People is a 1969 Michael Shires Productions feature film starring Norman Rossington, Sandy Duncan, Roger Moore and Gordon Rollings, in a tale about a wily Irishman and his battle of wits with leprechauns.


  • Norman Rossington as Debney O'Gill
  • Sandy Duncan as Kathryn O'Gill
  • Roger Moore as Matthew Berk
  • Gordon Rollings as King Barry
  • John Kevin as Patrick Surge
  • Theresa Nelson as Milly Malloy
  • Sterling Hayden as Tom Kendall
  • Stanley Holloway as Patty Scanlon
  • Dabney Coleman as Phadrig Orion
  • Benjmain Whitrow as Pony Surge
  • Jim Backus as Father Michael
  • Paul Newman as Lloyd Fitzpatrick


  • Starring: Norman Rossington, Sandy Duncan, Roger Moore, Gordon Rollings
  • with John Kevin, Teresa Nelson, Sterling Hayden, Stanley Holloway, Dabney Coleman
  • Featuring: Benjamin Whitrow, Jim Backus, Paul Newman
  • Director of Photography: Winston Hoch
  • Film Editor: Stanley Johnson
  • Special Photographic Effects: Ernest Lloyd
  • Animation Effects: James Michaels
  • Production Design: Maurice Nelson
  • Assistant Director: Fred M. MacLean
  • Costumers: Ruth Sandifer
  • Make-up: Peter Old Nellie
  • Hair Stylist: Robert G. Shannon
  • Sound Supervisor: Robert Crissman
  • Sound Mixer: Dan Thomas
  • Technical Advisor: Michael O'Herlihy
  • Music Editor: Emery Kennethson
  • Art Director: Doug Scheib
  • Special Art Styling: Phil Eastman
  • Set Decorators: Emily Kenny, Hal Gausman
  • Music: Oliver Williams
  • Orchestration: Michael Young
  • Songs: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
  • Written by: Ernest Peters
  • Screenplay by: Lawrence Edward Watkin
  • Story by: Doug DeGuard
  • Produced by: Roy E. Shires
  • Executive Producer: Michael Shires
  • Associate Producer: Sarah Shires
  • Directed by: Robert Wise


  • Pretty Irish Woman - Matthew Berk
  • The Wally Song - Debney O'Gill and King Barry