Deathly War is a 2016 open world first-person horror survival involving crafting, combat and free-running similar to video games such as Dying Light and Fallout. It is for Xbox One, PS4 and PC being developed by Techland and Bethesda Game Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.




Main Missions



Other Characters

  • Michelle Smith: The leader of the Newfuture City and was a tyrannical survivor who is cunning, cruel, savage, remorseless, brutal and highly intelligent as well as determined to survive in the apocalypse. She has an utter lack of mercy for her allies or enemies, and will kill not just for survival, but if she believes she cannot control them due to her lust for authority and power over others. Michelle believes dominating other communities is best for protecting Newfuture City and will often take hostages, plan out deadly attacks on communities and even execute those who oppose her. 
  • Jamison Barkley: Michelle's top Australian hitman and a former military Sergeant. He enjoys killing more than anything and is extremely ill-tempered, violent, volatile and completely sociopathic and loves both pain to himself and others. He is an efficient killer and hunter who takes jobs from Michelle Smith to eliminate or capture targets, setting up his own home near Newfuture City to be easy to contact and will also pay for slaves out of the city for him to torture. 
  • Jose Garcia: Michelle's lieutenant and is in charge of her militia forces, being extremely loyal to his ruthless leader and is also almost as equally brutal, sadistic and tyrannical as well as having an extreme hatred for the infected due to his personal losses. 




Side Missions


The game takes place in New Modern; a large city in the United State which is also connected to the Wilhelm County. It has many sections in each of the two locations.

New Modern

  • Central Kingdom:
  • Old Castle:
  • Daybridge:
  • North Point:
  • Westford:
  • Sharp:
  • Gothton:
  • Saint Moxon:
  • Wiltown:

Wilhelm County

Wilhelm County is a large county covered in mass infection and is extremely dangerous and the infected are known to roam it's grounds. It consists of scorched earth spotted with infectious waters, charred trees, wrecked buildings and heaps of rubble with barely any signs of previous civilization. However, there is one settlement: a secret underground facility that is heavily guarded and contains large amounts of supplies and advanced technology, hidden from survivors.

Irongate Penitentiary 

A prison island is located on the sea nearby New Modern and was a maximum-security federal prison which was designed to hold the world's most dangerous inmates. The three-story cellhouse included four cell blocks, the warden's office, visitation room, the library, a hospital, a dining room and the barber shop. The island itself also had a nearby water tower, a watchtower, two workhouses and a military training center along with a small airport.

Skill Trees


Strength modifies carry weight and melee damage.


Agility modifies stamina and movement speed.


Endurance modifies damage resistance and the rate that stamina deplete by while fighting or sprinting.


Perception modifies accuracy, lockpicking, stealth and stealing attempts.


Intelligence modifies overall mental acuity, hacking and XP earned.


Charisma modifies the ability to charm and convince others and bartering.


Luck modifies overall chance and critical hits. 


Rarity shows how effective or rare a weapon or item is:

  • Common (White)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Ultra Rare (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold) 



Weapon Damage Speed Value Weight Rarity Image
Fists 8 Medium N/A N/A N/A
Brass Knuckles 18 Medium 0.5 Common
Nighthunter Gauntlet 47 Medium 10 Ultra Rare
Meat Hook 32 Medium 2 Rare
Pipe Wrench 15 Medium 2 Common
Baseball Bat 20 Medium 3 Common
Crowbar 28 Medium 5 Rare
Machete 30 Fast 2 Uncommon
Knife 9 Fast 1 Common
Combat Knife 23 Fast 1 Rare
Bowie Knife 37 Fast 2 Ultra Rare
Butterfly Knife 48 Fast 1 Ultra Rare
Karambit Fast Ultra Rare
Straight Razor Fast Uncommon
Push Dagger Fast Ultra Rare
Malice Dagger Fast Ultra Rare
BC-41 Blade Fast Legendary
Sledgehammer Slow Rare
Katana Fast Ultra Rare
Cutlass Medium Rare
Short Sword Fast Uncommon
Broadsword Medium Rare
Rapier Medium Rare
Buster Sword Slow  Legendary
Yatagan Medium Rare
Chainsaw Medium Ultra Rare
Axe Medium Rare
Hatchet Fast Uncommon
Hammer Fast Common
Baton Medium Uncommon
Lead Pipe Medium Common
Tire Iron Medium Common
Nunchucks Fast Ultra Rare
Bo Staff Medium Rare
Ripper Medium Legendary
Spear Slow Rare
Mace Slow Rare
Flail Slow Uncommon
Battle Axe Medium Legendary
Warhammer Slow Legendary
Sickle Medium Uncommon
Ring Sword Fast Legendary
Sai Fast Ultra Rare
Pickaxe Medium Rare
Claws Fast Legendary
Broken Bottle Medium Common
Wooden Shield Medium Common
Riot Shield Slow Rare
Meat Cleaver Medium Uncommon
Rolling Pin Medium Common
Tech Axe Slow Ultra Rare
Triple Blade Medium Legendary
Shovel Slow Common
Golf Club Slow Common
Power Pow Medium Legendary
Dragon Tooth Fast Legendary
Oar Fast Rare
Scythe Slow Rare
Khukri Medium Uncommon
Lightsaber Fast Legendary
Ancient Staff Slow Legendary
Mallet Slow Rare
Boxing Gloves Medium Common
Boxing Tape Medium Common
2x4 Medium Common
Cement Saw Fast Uncommon
Hockey Stick Medium Common
Pitchfork Slow Common
Skull Smasher Slow Ultra Rare
Bastard Sword Medium Rare
Buzz Axe Fast Ultra Rare
Whip Slow Rare
Garrote Wire Slow Rare
Ice Pick Medium Uncommon
Ninjatsu Sword Fast Ultra Rare
Wristblades Fast Ultra Rare
Pool Cue Slow Common
Screwdriver Medium Common
Pike Slow  Rare
Shiv Fast Uncommon
Cattle Prod Medium Uncommon
Bolt Cutters Slow Common
Tanto Knife Fast Uncommon
Tooth Tearer


Slow Uncommon


Weapon Damage Fire Mode Magazine Size Value Weight Rarity Image
Glock 17
Beretta 92FS
Beretta 93R
Beretta Px4 Storm
Colt Python
H&K P8
Desert Eagle
SIG-Sauer P226
S&W M29
S&W M500
Silver Ghost
Five Seven
C96 Red 9
Springfield Armory XD
S&W M2
S&W M3
Colt Single Action Army
Colt M1911
CZ 75
Makarov PM
Tokarev TT-33
Walther P38
Vektor CP1
Browning Hi-Power


Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles

Light Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles





  • Handcuffs:
  • Duct Tape:
  • Lockpick: 

Melee Modifications

Ranged Modifications


Interactive Buildings/Individuals


Vehicles that can be controlled by players and upgraded.


  • Ford Crown Victoria:
  • Chevrolet C-10:
  • DC-27C Winnebago Chieftain:
  • Ford E-350:
  • Dodge Challenger:
  • Jeep Cherokee:
  • Ford F-250:
  • Jeep Wrangler:
  • Dodge Ram Wagon:
  • Suzuki Samurai:
  • Chevy Caprice:
  • Dodge Charger:
  • Triumph Boneville:
  • Hyundai Tucson:
  • Dodge Ram:
  • Plymouth Grand Voyager:
  • Ford Taurus Wagon:
  • Prison Bus:
  • Ford F-100:
  • Mercury Sable:
  • Ford Ranger:
  • Chevrolet Suburban Silverado:
  • Honda Civic Wagon:
  • Ford Excursion:
  • Nissan Altima:
  • Humvee:
  • General M35A2:
  • Ford Explorer:
  • Dodge Grand Caravan:
  • Bread Truck:
  • Ford Bronco:
  • Jeep Cherokee:
  • Transport Truck:
  • M60A1 Patton:
  • International Scout:
  • Isuzu Rodeo:
  • Coachmen Senator:
  • Honda Nighthawk:
  • Chevrolet Chevy:
  • Isuzu Turbo:
  • Toyota Land Cruiser:




Vehicles can be resprayed, wheels customized, windows customized, interior customized and their stats upgraded. They can also have many upgrades:


Helpful Hands

Brotherhood of Survival

Brotherhood of Survival is a military-like faction with it's roots stemming from the U.S. Armed Forces and mostly composed of military officers, soldiers and scientists, aside from some outsiders among their ranks. They have many bases and safehouses but their primary base of operations is the abandoned Fort Dragon, and the faction mainly wipe out the infected and attempt to keep the peace in survivors, building their own quarantine zones and camps for them as well as being interest in bringing known "criminals" and enemies to justice who pose a threat to both innocent survivors and the brotherhood. 

Known Members


  • Assistant Cleric: Clerics-in-training that are taken in by one of the Senior Clerics and made apprentices, where they are then taught to be full Clerics. 
  • Cleric: Clerics are tasked with creating and keeping records of the technology used.
  • Senior Cleric: Senior Clerics are the most advanced clerics and are always chosen to work on the most important projects.
  • High Cleric: The High Clerics oversee and approve of each project that the other Clerics are working on and assign the proper clerics to the right projects.
  • Head Cleric: The Head Cleric is the highest-ranking civilian class and is responsible for choosing which clerics work on which project.
  • Recruit: The lowest military rank and Recruits are trainees that reserve the title until initial training is completed. 
  • Private: Privates are recruits who have completed training.
  • Lance Corporal: Lance Corporals outrank Privates and are occasionally taken out as observers on sweep and clean missions led by high ranking members of the brotherhood.
  • Corporal: Corporals are soldiers ready to become Sergeants and are taught all the requirements and oaths to be one.
  • Sergeant: Sergeants are responsible for manufacturing and repairing the weapons and other pieces of technology as well as serving as the military's pinnacle of soldiers.
  • Gunnery Sergeant: Gunnery Sergeants are higher-ranking Sergeants that show promise in promotion.
  • Sergeant Major: Sergeant Majors give command to one or two squads as well as the command of an outpost.
  • Lieutenant: Lieutenants have staff jobs as well as command positions.
  • Captain: Captains are in the field leading shock troopers or in charge of an command post, leading lower ranking soldiers into battle.
  • Major:
  • Lieutenant Colonel:
  • Colonel:
  • Brigadier General:
  • Major General:
  • Lieutenant General:
  • General:
  • Field Marshal:
  • High Elder:

Fort Dragon

Fort Dragon is the base of operations for the Brotherhood of Survival and was a military base abandoned after the outbreak, with the brotherhood clearing out infected and recruiting survivors into their faction. It consists of an main area and an underground area along with three wings: Medical, Technology and Security.

Medical Wing:

  • Clinic: Medical assistance for survivors and operatives with doctors and nurse on staff.
  • Virus Lab: Scientists working on the vaccine using data and equipment from the personnel's fieldwork.
  • Disaster Aid: Distribution of medical aid and disaster relief supplies to civilians.
  • Quarantine: Pallative care for patients exposed or to be infected with the virus.
  • Intensive Care: Clinical space for surgical procedures and limited to critical operations only.
  • Hazmat Unit: Storage for hazardeous materials and decontamination equipment for emergency workers.
  • Decontamination Unit: Personal decontamination for field personnel.
  • Pharmacy: Storage for restricted medications serviced by a pharmacist.
  • Counseling: Resources for the psychological counseling of survivors and personnel.
  • Pediatric Care: Care for children, infants and pregnant women.

Technology Wing:

  • Control Room: City-wide monitors for infrastructure including heat, water and electricity.
  • Communications: Infrastructure and personnel to handle communication between the base and field personnel operating outside.
  • Brotherhood Tech: Special analytics unit to carry out missions and investigations as well as repair of technology.
  • Generators: Auxillary generators to increase power and stability to the base.
  • Water Purification: Backup systems and filtering for the water supply.
  • Field Engineering: Field repair team for emergency infrastructure repairs in New Modern.
  • Central Heating: Consistent heating for the base.
  • SatComms: Satellite communications with the outside world and enables the base to receive data around the world.
  • Recalibration: Workstation to improve gear and tech found in the field.
  • Recharge Center: Batteries and other electronic devices can be recharged there.

Security Wing:

  • Situation Room: Headquarters for planning military operations.
  • Armory: Military weapons, ammunition and equipment.
  • Barracks: Housing for all essential personnel.
  • Dead Zone Ops: Planning for all operations in the Dead Zone including rescue, recon and combat missions.
  • Supply Line: Tracking for all supply convoys entering or moving through the faction's lines.
  • Gunsmith: Collection of unneeded weapons to recycle and refurbish them.
  • Procurement Team: Specialists that recover equipment and supplies for use in the base.
  • Guard Posts: Guard posts and patrols around the perimeter of the base.
  • Shooting Range: Indoor shooting range for personnel.
  • Canine Unit: Canine support for searching and rescuing individuals, military stashes and supplies.

Other Bases


Lizard Corporation

Deities' Empire

Syndicate Kings 


Armor are wearable outfits that increases the chances of survival or add special attributes. Clothing is divided into underwear, torso clothing, right arm clothing, left arm clothing, right leg clothing, left leg clothing, headwear, eyewear, masks and accessories.


  • Boiled:
  • Girded:
  • Treated:
  • Shadowed:
  • Studded:
  • Lighter Build:
  • Pocketed:
  • Padded:
  • Deep Pocketed:
  • Asbestos Lining:
  • Pneumatic:
  • BioCommMesh:
  • Ultra-Light Build:
  • Lead Lined:
  • Dense:
  • Strengthened:
  • Brawling:
  • Stabilized:
  • Aerodynamic:
  • Weighted:
  • Cushioned:
  • Muffled:
  • Custom Fitted:
  • Sleek:
  • Welded:
  • Hardened:
  • Tempered:
  • Buttressed:
  • Painted:
  • Enameled:
  • Alloyed:
  • Polished:
  • Braced:
  • Muffled:
  • Reinforced:
  • Fiberglass:
  • Polymer:
  • Hazmat Material:
  • Laminated:
  • Resin:
  • Microcarbon:
  • Nanofilment:


Morality is the good and evil choices made with different morality types: neutral, good and bad. 





  • Wood:
  • Thatch:
  • Stone:
  • Flint:
  • Metal:
  • Oil:
  • Obsidian:
  • Crystal:
  • Polymer:
  • Cementing Paste:
  • Acid:
  • Absorbent Substrate:
  • Glass:
  • Copper:
  • Fiber:
  • Rubber:
  • Plastic:
  • Fertilizer:
  • Silver:
  • Gold:
  • Electronics:
  • Gasoline:
  • Gunpowder:
  • Sparkpowder:
  • Pearls:
  • Gel:
  • Hide:
  • Pelt:
  • Wool:
  • Horn:
  • Charcoal:
  • Nuclear Material:
  • Gears:
  • Cork:
  • Screw:
  • Spring:
  • Cloth:
  • Concrete:
  • Ceramic:
  • Adhesive:
  • Asbestos:
  • Leather:
  • Lead:
  • Bone:
  • Antiseptic:
  • Aluminum:



  • Apple: 
  • Soup:
  • Beans:
  • Noodles:
  • Carrot: 
  • Gum:
  • Patato:
  • Melon:
  • Patato Crisps:
  • Cookie:
  • Eggs:
  • Cake:
  • Chocolate:
  • Candy:
  • Banana:
  • Yoghurt:
  • Beetroot:
  • Salad:
  • Tomato:
  • Cheese:
  • Nuts:
  • Pasta:
  • Lasagne:
  • Bread:
  • Raw Meat:
  • Cooked Meat:
  • Raw Fish Meat:
  • Cooked Fish Meat:
  • Jerky:
  • Burger:
  • Sausage:
  • Berries:
  • Corn:


  • Water:
  • Dirty Water:
  • Juice:
  • Milk:
  • Coffee:
  • Tea:
  • Beer:
  • Wine:
  • Scotch:
  • Cola:
  • Whiskey:
  • Vodka:


The main source of income and they are various types of loot. 


XP and Levels

Experience Points are a measurment of character progress and players can gain XP from killing creatures and completing missions as well as disarming traps and explosives, picking locks, hacking computers, convincing and charming others, discovering locations and completing challenges. There is also no level cap and each level has a title depending on morality.


  • 1-5: Samaritan
  • 6-10: Matyr
  • 11-18: Sentinel
  • 19-26: Defender
  • 27-40: Dignitary
  • 41-55: Peacekeeper
  • 56-68: Ranger of the Apocalypse
  • 69-78: Protector
  • 79-86: Avenger
  • 87-95: Exemplar
  • 96-115: Crusader
  • 116-130: Paladin
  • 131-145: Legend
  • 146-165: Shield of Hope
  • 166-180: Hero of the Wastes
  • 181-200: Paragon
  • 201-220: Zombie-Slaying Survivor
  • 221-235: Saint
  • 236-250: Guardian of the Innocent
  • 251-280: Restorer of Faith
  • 281-300: Role Model of Selflessness
  • 301-325: Shephard
  • 326-350: Friend of the People
  • 351-365: Champion of Justice
  • 366-400: Symbol of Order
  • 401-420: Herald of Tranquility
  • 421-450: Last and Best Hope of Humanity
  • 451-499: Savior of the Damned
  • 500-: Messiah 


  • 1-5: Drifter 
  • 6-10: Renegade 
  • 11-18: Seeker 
  • 19-26: Wanderer 
  • 27-40: Citizen 
  • 41-55: Adventurer 
  • 56-68:
  • 69-78:
  • 79-86:
  • 87-95:
  • 69-115:
  • 116-130:
  • 131-145:
  • 146-165:
  • 166-180:
  • 181-200:
  • 201-220:


  • 1-5: Grifter
  • 6-10: Outlaw
  • 11-18: Opportunist
  • 19-26: Plunderer 
  • 27-40: Fat Cat
  • 41-55: Marauder 
  • 56-68: Pirate of the Apocalypse
  • 69-78: Traitor 
  • 79-86: Wasteland Terror 
  • 87-95: Ne'er-do-well
  • 96-115: Crime Lord
  • 116-130: Defiler
  • 131-145: Mojave Boogeyman
  • 146-165: Sword of Despair 
  • 166-180: Fiend 
  • 181-200: Villain of the Wastes
  • 201-220: Soultaker 
  • 221-235: Zombie-Slaying Destroyer 
  • 236-250: Evil Incarnate 
  • 251-280: Scourge of the Apocalypse
  • 281-300: Architect of Doom
  • 301-325: Bringer of Sorrow
  • 326-350: Deceiver 
  • 351-365: Consort of Discord
  • 366-400: Stuff of Nightmares
  • 401-420: Agent of Chaos
  • 421-450: Instrument of Ruin
  • 451-499: Demon
  • 500-: Devil 


  • Marijuana: Can be smoked and can also be created by growing it with marijuana plants, water and fertilizer. It causes the player to hallucinate.
  • Cocaine: Can be snorted 
  • Ecstasy: Can be consumed 
  • LSD: Can be consumed 
  • Heroin: Can be injected 
  • Meth: Can be snorted
  • Steriods: Can be injected 
  • Speed: Can be injected

Status Effects

  • Injured: When health is low, survivors cannot jump, run, recover stamina and move slower.
  • Knocked Out: The survivor can't move, open their inventory or use any items; only faintly seeing what is front of them.
  • Tranquilized: The survivor is slowly rendered unconscious.
  • Leeched: A leech attaches itself to the survivor, draining their health and stamina slowly.
  • Webbed: Reduces the survivor's movement speed temporarily.
  • Venom: The survivor's vision is obscured and their movement speed is reduced temporarily.
  • Poisoned: 
  • Burning:
  • Freezing:
  • Suffocating: If a survivor is out of oxygen, their health decreases rapidly over time.
  • Encumbered: If the survivor has too much weight on them, their movement speed is reduced as well as being unable to run or jump.
  • Exhausted: If the survivor has no stamina, they can't run or jump and attacking can raise the survivor's rate to being unconscious.
  • Starving: 
  • Dehydrating:
  • Food Poisoning:
  • Infected:

Settlement Building

Players can build and manage their own settlements at various sites, allowing them to create their own custom bases and towns as well as gather survivors, AI or player, to live there.


Players can construct foundations, roofs, walls, corners, shacks, windows, doorways, doors, windowways, railings, stairs, ladders, ceilings, bridges, supports, scaffolding towers, scaffolding frames, posts, fences, elevators, ramps, tracks and many more. They can be built out of a variety of materials including junk, wood and metal, and can be colored.

Furniture and Decorations 

Players can construct a variety of furniture including beds, shelves, chairs, benches, tables, ottomans, couches, cabinets, containers, coolers, desks, dressers, footlockers, boxes, safes, cases, chests, trunks, lockers, trophy stands, bathtubs, racks, toilets, counters, televisions, sinks, dispensers, carts, projectors, fountains, weight benches, display cases, armor racks, statues, signs, weapon racks, cutouts, posters, mats, rugs, props, mounted creatures, flags, cash registers, trashcans, paintings, letterings, barrels, basketball hoops, vendors, ashtrays, candles, bowls, cigeratte machines, cribs, doghouses, banners, ice coolers, grills, lawn decorations, radios, jukeboxes, stereos, trees, consoles and other decorations and furniture.


  • Generators:
  • Power Pylons:
  • Power Conduits:
  • Switches:
  • Pressure Plates:
  • Laser Tripwires:
  • Power Counters:
  • Firing Target Pulses:
  • Neon Letters:
  • Neon Punctuation:
  • Neon Numbers:
  • Lights:
  • Neon Signs:
  • Powered Gates:
  • Conveyor Belts:
  • Builder:
  • Armor Forge:
  • Weapon Forge:
  • Auto-Loom:
  • Ammunition Plant:
  • Explosives Mill:
  • Food Processor:
  • Hopper:
  • Sorter:
  • Component Sorter:
  • Conveyer Storage
  • Vaccuum Hopper:
  • Recruitment Radio Beacon:
  • Terminal:
  • Population Management System:
  • Pitching Machine:
  • Mortars:
  • Speakers:
  • Hoop Switch:


  • Guard Post:
  • Guard Tower:
  • Machine Gun Turret:
  • Heavy Machine Gun Turret:
  • Laser Turret:
  • Shotgun Turret:
  • Spotlight:
  • Heavy Laser Turret:
  • Missile Turret:
  • Tesla Arc:
  • Trap Door:
  • Infection Emitter:
  • Flamethrower Trap:
  • Spring Trap:
  • Powered Spring Trap:
  • Sawblade Trap:
  • Spike Trap:
  • Stationary Gun:


  • Water Pump:
  • Powered Water Pump:
  • Water Purifier:
  • Industrial Water Purifier:
  • Carrot Plant:
  • Corn Plant:
  • Melon Plant:
  • Grain Plant:
  • Patato Plant:
  • Soda Fountain:
  • Slot Machine:
  • Power Cycle:
  • Feed Trough:
  • Scavenging Station:
  • Barber Chair:
  • Trade Caravan Post:
  • Pillory:
  • Fast Travel Target:


  • Trading Shop:
  • Armor Shop:
  • Weapons Shop:
  • Clothing Shop:
  • Restaurant:
  • Clinic:

Crafting Tables

  • Armor Workbench: A crafting table that can be used to attach and detach armor mods on body armor and are divided into chest, right arm, left arm, right leg and left leg.
  • Chemistry Station:
  • Cooking Station:
  • Vehicle Garage:
  • Weapons Workbench:


Group Roles

  • Leader: The founder and the one in charge of the group and their built settlements and communities. They make decisions for almost anything and an effective leader must have leadership aptitude, logistical planning skills and good interpersonal talents.
  • Advisor: An effective group will have well established lines of authority. Advisors are also valuable in replacing the leader when necessary.
  • Enforcer: When dealing with others of lesser authority, Enforcers can lead by a display of force and fear is a powerful tool, so a leader can use the Enforcer to assassinate or brutalize when necessary.
  • Scout: 
  • Communications Specialist: The survivor who may try to use communications to contact other survivors and groups as well as being in charge of keeping track where the scouts are located and report to the community about upcoming events and emergencies.
  • Medic: The medical specialist will have access to medical tools and medicines to treat the infection and other diseases as well as heal the injured.
  • Explosives Specialist: Explosives are a powerful force and the specialist should be proficient in manufacturing and operating such weaponry for when necessary.
  • Tradesman: 
  • Blacksmith:
  • Mechanic:
  • Store Manager:
  • Cook:
  • Interpreter:
  • Guide:
  • Survivalist:
  • Agricultural Expert:
  • Electrical Specialist:
  • Scientist:
  • Teacher:
  • Entertainer:
  • Fisherman:
  • Farmer:
  • Priest:
  • Lookout:
  • Guard:
  • Hunter:
  • Raider:

Hobbies and Pasttimes

Kidnapping and Torture

A player or a NPC can be captured by either forcing them to surrender or knocking them out before binding them and they can be brought back to a community, preferrably a secure and indoor location, to be locked up in a cage/cell, tied to a chair or hung by their arms from a ceiling. They can be tied up with rope, duct tape, chains or handcuffs, as well as capable of being gagged with duct tape, cloth or ballgags or can be blindfolded with cloth or duct tape.

After being restrained, the player can keep them alive by forcefully or allowing them to feed and drink and allow them to become prisoner at the community but this may cause their allies to attack in an attempt to rescue the captive, player or AI. Captives can also be tortured to extract information or just for revenge/fun, however there is a possibility they can die through the torture so medical supplies are recommended along with torture tools. 

Torture Tools/Method:

  • Physical: The prisoner can be beaten unarmed or with blunt melee weapons, strangled, grabbed and lifted into the air, threatened with death or worse torture and their nails and teeth can be forcefully removed.
  • Psychological: Subject the captive to mind games, some simply by tricking them, other times by directly tormenting their minds such as torturing loved ones or holding them hostage as well as threats, being forced to watch gruesome fates of others and even false promises to help/release them.
  • Blades: Prisoners can be threatened with blades or their skin can be slowly cut, stabbed, use the blades on injuries and can also be used to cut out eyeballs.
  • Electric Shocks: Electrical weaponry can be used to tase victims harshly or they can even be hooked up to machines to violently shock them, and the electric shocks can be increased every time.
  • Serums: The captive can be injected with drugs that either ensured they talked or put them through extreme pain.
  • Deprivation: The prisoner can be deprived of sleep to break down their resistance or be kept waiting without food or water for long periods of time.
  • Rack: The prisoner can be strapped to a rack to stretch and even break their bones.
  • Water-Boarding: The victim is force-fed water to simulate drowning.
  • Branding: A red-hot metal can be used to burn the prisoner severely.
  • Infected/Animals: The captive can be threatened with captured infected or animals, and these can be released to execute them. 

Aside from killing the prisoner with a torture method, when the time's up and their fate is decided, the player has the choice to either release them, keep them captive and forced to become a slave or even publicly or privately execute them. If an arena is built, prisoners have a chance to be saved from death by surviving in an arena.

Executions Methods:

  • Hanging: The captive can be hung via a noose while their hands are restrained, snapping their neck.
  • Shooting: Either alone or with a group of armed survivors, the prisoner can be shot dead while restrained and can be either be blindfolded or forced to watch.
  • Poison Gas: The prisoner can be locked up in a room and poison gas is created to slowly kill them.
  • Lethal Injection: The victim is strapped to a table and then injected to painlessly kill them.
  • Decapitation: The victim is restrained and bent over before using a blade to decapitate them.
  • Drowning: The captive's feet is restrained to cement blocks and are then drowned in deep water.
  • Animal: The animal is used to kill the prisoner while they are restrained to a tree/pillar.
  • Electrical: The prisoner is strapped to an electric chair before being shocked to death.
  • Infected: The prisoner is restrained and left to die by infected.
  • Fatal Deprivation: The prisoner is restrained and locked up, and kept deprived of water and food until they die.
  • Burning: The prisoner is burned to death by gasoline being thrown on them and then lit on fire.
  • Impaling: The captive is impaled and then left for a painful death.
  • Burial: The prisoner is restrained and placed into a grave as they are buried alive and left to die.
  • Crucifixation: The captive is nailed to a cross and slowly killed.

Other than that, the captive can also be used as a hostage or human shield against another group of survivors who care about the prisoner. So, the prisoner can be traded in turn for them to be left alone or can be traded for other supplies, weapons, etc. If the enemy choose a more violent approach, the player can grab the captive and threaten to end their life with a weapon close to their head/neck/chest or their neck can be snapped, the option is to try to convince them to back off or the captive can be killed via execution or as a human shield against bullets and other attacks.


  • Amateur: 
  • Survivor:
  • Veteran:
  • No Mercy:



  • Walker: Victims of the virus who have been symptomatic for a long period of time, resulting in significant degradation of their bodies as well as major loss of movement, speed and coordination. They form the majority of the shambling infected and will react to, kill and eat the living. They attack with wide, flailing swipes or by grappling and biting their target. Walkers are most dangerous in groups where their slow speed is less of a disadvantage. Walkers are also fairly quiet at a distance and can be difficult to spot in darker or noiser areas but can be heard by their heavy breathing and moaning when up close. Some Walkers can occasionally be seen holding simple melee weapons such as hammers, wrenches, pipes and batons, etc.
  • Runner: Runners are humans that have only very recently succumbed to the infection. As a result, their bodies still retain the physical strength needed for them to possess a high level of fitness and agility. They run far faster than most other infected and can also jump and climb over obstacles and buildings. Runners do not bite, instead they use their hands to viciously claw and punch their victims. They possess advanced mental faculties as they often dodge attackers and hang back from the enemy charging in and backing off.
  • Ticker: Initially part of a special cleanup unit that was sent in and were subsequently killed, many of which still roam in their hazmat suits. Tickers are just as slow as Walkers, but have red oxygen tanks on their back that can be set off when hit. Since the Tickers cannot remove their helmets, their hazmat suits prevent them from biting, but also makes them fireproof, and can still attack with their fists. Their hazmat suits also protect them from dismemberment and decapitation, and makes them more resistant to being knocked down by melee strikes.
  • Carrier:
  • Stalker: The Stalker is an infected that only emerges at night. They are able to take several hits from high powered weaponry and can cause quick significant amounts of damage. Stalkers are broad-shouldered and quite tall as well as exposed bone and muscle and a mandible jaw that are used against their enemies. They can be identified by their heavy breathing and loud screeches. They are extremely fast; they can navigate through the dark at high speeds and can scale obstacles and buildings. They have a special pounce attack however when time passes to day, Stalkers will become frightened, they will start running to the nearest dark zone such as a tunnel or cave. While running for shade, Stalkers will always ignore any survivors and if they don't make it to a dark zone in time, they will die.
  • Bonie:
  • Spitter: An infected noted for it's ability to fire green acidic phlegm and display more agility than most infected, able to leap across rooftops with ease. It is however very weak but are dangerous horde support and ranged attackers.
  • Brute:
  • Bomber: Infected noted for it's exposed organs and shambling jog. They pick up speed and begin to convulse and once near a survivor, their body explodes, blinding the target with it's coagulated blood. The Bomber not only explodes when in the vicinity of a survivor but will also explode if the target is within it's view but cannot reach them, the explosion attracts more infected.
  • Tank:
  • Thug:
  • Pursuer:


  • Dog:
  • Cat:
  • Horse:
  • Bear:
  • Deer:
  • Wolf:
  • Jackal:
  • Hiyena:
  • Tiger:
  • Lion:
  • Jaguar:
  • Cheetah:
  • Elephant:
  • Cow:
  • Pig:
  • Frog:
  • Toad:
  • Turtle:
  • Tortoise:
  • Beaver:
  • Spider:
  • Snail:
  • Ant:
  • Angler:
  • Fish:
  • Shark:
  • Whale:
  • Gorilla:
  • Monkey:
  • Baboon:
  • Chimpanze:
  • Bat:
  • Squirrel:
  • Rhino:
  • Dolphin:
  • Jellyfish:
  • Oyster:
  • Crab:
  • Shellfish:
  • Starfish:
  • Eel:
  • Manta:
  • Praying Mantis:
  • Piranha:
  • Boar:
  • Rat:
  • Rabbit:
  • Snake:
  • Lizard:
  • Crocodile:
  • Alligator:
  • Scorpion:
  • Cockroach:
  • Beetle:
  • Fly:
  • Butterfly:
  • Firefly:
  • Chicken:
  • Eagle:
  • Hawk:
  • Parrot:
  • Pigeon:
  • Seagull:
  • Duck:
  • Dove:
  • Crow:
  • Turkey:
  • Penguin:
  • Hippopotomus:
  • Zebra:
  • Giraffe:
  • Goose:
  • Sheep:
  • Scarab:
  • Bee:
  • Flea:
  • Grasshopper:
  • Termite:
  • Cricket:
  • Mosquito:
  • Ladybird:
  • Earwig:
  • Hornet:
  • Wasp:
  • Leopard:
  • Fox:
  • Weasel:
  • Sloth:
  • Lemur:
  • Worm:
  • Moth:
  • Octopus:
  • Squid:
  • Prawn:
  • Bull:

Infected Animals


  • Survivor:
  • Bandit: Bandits are the countless groups of thieves, murderers, junkies, sociopaths and psychopaths who have no true society, living simply by the philosophy that might makes right and killing anyone who gets in their way. Most bandit gangs are small, consisting of up to a couple dozen members, and making a living scavenging the ruins as well as through robbery, extortion and the manufacture/selling of drugs. Bandits are notoriously cruel and merciless, shooting any survivor on sight and they also rely on scare tactics via their ruthless reputation and their intimidating mannerisms. The bases they build in ruins are often decorated with graffiti and the mutilated bones and bodies of previous victims, and their outfits and weapons are equally crude and simple, built from scrap metal and other junk. Some gangs have a roughly-established hierarchy: lower-ranking members wear very basic armor and clothing and wield simple firearms and melee weapons while higher-ranking members wear more impressive armor and wield more powerful weapons such as assault rifles and various heavy weaponry including rocket launchers. 
  • Hunter: Hostile survivors that can be found on patrol and hunting, raiding, attacking hostages or transporting prisoners as well as guarding their territory. They carry various melee weapons but more often sniper rifles and pistols as well as wearing masks and basic armor. Hunters operate on a set of cruel values and utilize the condition of having no civilization influences or refined culture; ignorance or crudity.
  • Mercenary: Paramilitary mercenaries and are the largest single unaligned faction, acting independently of any government or community. They are well-discliplined, highly-equipped soldiers for hire with their own customs and signage, who control numerous strongholds. Most mercenaries will attack strangers on sight and have extensive use of assault rifles and superior military-grade weaponry and vehicles as well as even employing turrets.
    • ​Rifleman: Mercenaries armed with assault rifles and flashbangs or stun grenades to assault survivors. They are the most common enemies and will attempt to flank their targets while they are distracted by other mercenaries.
    • Scout: Scouts will run up close to their target and use semi-automatic shotguns.
    • Sniper: Snipers will stay back and attempt to pick off the target from a distance. They are armed with sniper rifles and pistols, as well as some having under barrel-mounted laser/strobe device that can blind a survivor during engagements and can throw mines that are used as traps around their positions.
    • Gunner: Heavy gunners with heavy armor and are armed with light machine guns as well as occasionally riot shields.
    • Grenadier: Grenadiers utilize grenade launchers.
    • Engineer: Engineers will deploy turrets and will repair damaged ones.
    • Medic: Medics will heal nearby mercenaries, as well as themselves, and may attempt to recover wounded or unconscious targets.
  • Gangster: Hostile mafia-like gangsters who base themselves on mafia families and their traditions. They are often in the company of bandits and other such unscrupulous characters, running enterprises such as racetracks, drug manufacturing/trading and their own nightclubs and racetracks. They can be armed with submachine guns, pistols and baseball bats.
  • Soldier: The military occupy the area, being sent in an attempt to rescue innocents and contain the virus as well as guard Quarantine Zones and other governmental faciliites. Others however have gone rogue, attacking any survivor on sight and even killing them along with the infected for sport and stealing supplies, clothing and more weapons and ammo. They wear military-grade armor, vehicles and weaponry as well as use more tactics including rolling out of the way of gunfire, informing one another of different situations and even giving orders to target a specific survivor or take cover.
    • 'Recruit: The lowest of the soldiers, the recruits are pretty weak and armed with low-mid level weapons like pistols and SMG's.
    • Private: Privates are slightly better equipped and are stronger than their basic counterparts.
    • Corporal: A slight step up from the Private, some can even be found armed with assault rifles.
    • Sergeant: Sergeants are a stronger variant of the low-ranking soldiers and they are often seen in groups of other soldiers, mainly with rank-and-file ones and are armed with assault rifles and automatic pistols.
    • Commander: Armored head to toe these enemies often act as the final engagement for areas under military control. Not only strong, Commanders rarely go anywhere without several strong soldier sub-types besides them.
    • Lieutenant: While not in the top echelons of the soldiers, Lieutenants sport heavier armor and attack with melee weapons and DMR's. They sometimes work alongside with strong soldiers and acts as aids for officers above them.
    • Captain: Higher-ranking soldiers that are charged with squads and sport heavier armor and are armed with DMR's and magnums.
    • Major: Higher-ranking soldiers with more armor and heavy weaponry.
    • Colonel: Colonels utilize camouflaged armor, carrying sniper rifles and SMG's/pistols or assault rifles.
    • General: Strongest of the soldiers and wear highly modified heavy combat armor and wield powerful automatic weaponry and magnums.
  • Guard:  
  • Bodyguard: Survivors who take jobs involving protecting people, supplies and contraband for payment. Their equipment and weaponry consist of pistols, shotguns and rifles as well as melee weapons including baseball bats, crowbars and machete. 
  • Psycho:



  • Mustafar: A Russian head of prison security in Irongate Penitentiary and is very heavy due to his armor, dealing large damage and has a massive amount of health. Once killed, he can be looted for prison keys, handcuffs, flashlight, radio, baton and a Silver Ghost with some ammunition as well as his heavy armor.
  • Captain Eddie: A German astronaut in Randletong space station and has astronaut armor, being extremely slow however has a lot of health, deals quite a lot of damage with flailing swings and when killed, he will violently explode to deal a lot of damage and knock it's enemies back. Once killed, he can be looted for his astronaut suit and keys.
  • Impulsa: A Runner that is found in one of the power stations once it is activated, sending electrical currents through a single Runner, however it wasn't enough to kill it, instead giving it immunity to gunshots and electrical attacks, increased movement speed and is given electrical damage and more attacks including extremely electrifying liquids and certain objects and electrical lightning ranged attacks. Impulsa though is vulnerable to melee attacks and explosions. Once killed, Impulsa will violently explode, and can be looted for keys.


Infected Animals


  • Bobby the Jester: A survivor and a psychopath who dresses up as a clown, being found at Spaceland Park and was a serial killer who lured children in and murdered them, dressing their corpses up as "dolls" due to his mental state making him believe his creating a better world. During the outbreak, the surviving audience were held hostage by Bobby, preparing to kill them but the player can confront him. During the fight, Bobby is highly acrobatic and wields a Ripper as well as capable of throwing knives, using balloons full of poison gas and even firing off a pistol as well as exhaling flames to breath them out at close range. After his defeat, Bobby can either be killed or simply beaten. If beaten, Bobby will murder one hostage but another hostage will become angry and use a weapon to kill him out of anger when Bobby's guard is down, destroying his head so he will not be zombified. The hostages can be sent to the settlement and Bobby's outfit, Ripper, throwing knives, Colt Python, drugs, resources and poison gas grenades can be looted. If his head/brain was not destroyed when killed by the player, Bobby can become a Runner in a few days or in three more days, a Walker at the carnival.
  • Fred Barker: A delusional psychopath who believes the apocalypse is "right" and was sent by "God" as the ultimate method to finally "save" humanity from life. Fred was bitten and infected, but before succumbing to the virus, he wants to "help" others by kidnapping survivors and using infected his holding in cells to infect and kill them. He can be found in New Modern Mount Asylum where his holding three hostages in cells and has one strapped to a chair and many Walkers in cells too, and the player can confront him or let him kill the hostages. During the fight, Fred will use a Meat Cleaver and is a very agile fighter, and can also hide in a cell if damaged enough, allowing him to release infected against the player, but they can also kill the hostage. Fred may attempt to sneak out of the cell to surprise the player too by trying to slit their throat. After his defeat, Fred can either be killed or simply beaten. If beaten, Fred will collapse to the ground and become a Runner, forcing the player to kill him and his body can be looted for clothes, food, drinks, resources, keys for the asylum and his Meat Cleaver. His hostages can be either rescued and sent to the settlement or left to die in the asylum.
  • Michael Campbell: A narcassistic and violent survivor who was a professional racer, angered at the fact he failed to gain the grand prize from the race he competed in due to the outbreak. This led to Michael taking over the Motorviolence Cross arena in order to repeat the race by forcing other survivors to compete in the life-threatening race; filling the track with infected and deadly obstacles and traps. He can be found in the Motorviolence Cross and after kidnapping nearly enough survivors, he will confront the player and threaten to kill him and his hostage if they do not compete as well as offering the prize money if they win. If competing, the player will select a race car and then must survive the deadly traps and become first place in the race. If the player wins, Michael will become enraged and attempt to murder the player, leaving the player to either kill or beat him and Michael will use an shotgun. If beaten, Michael will commit suicide by setting the leaked gasoline from his car on fire and being burned alive. If Michael wins the race, he will try to blow up the arena in a mentally hysterical state, leaving the player to either kill or beat him. If a random survivor wins, Michael will kill him in anger and the player can either fight or escape. If his head/brain was not destroyed, Michael will be zombified and his hostages can also be saved and sent to the settlement if they live through the race or survive Michael himself. Michael's body can be looted for his shotgun, car keys, garage keys, keys to the arena and the prize money and keys to the trophy cabinet.
  • Antonio Smith: The cannibalistic cook and self-described as the king of Italian food, killing other survivors and using them as ingredients for his recipes who he consumes himself as well as feed to other survivors he will also plan on murdering, using the food as a means of manipulating and luring in. He can be found in Antonio's Palace, where he tries to convince the player in surviving with him and offers supplies. The player can either accept or refuse. Accepting will lead Antonio in leading the player to the kitchen, where a private room with corpses and human flesh and organs can be discovered, angering the chef and leading to a fight. During the fight, Antonio will use a Knife and can throw various objects around the room such as dishes, knives and meat cleavers, and can regenerate his health by consuming food. If beaten, Antonio will slip on the floor and kill himself by being knocked into his fryer, also preventing him from being zombified. Antonio's body can be looted for a Knife, food, resources and keys to the restaurant. 
  • Aaron Shephard: A U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Major who believed he saw everything due to his experience in war and conflict until the outbreak. He was sent in New Modern to rescue survivors and fend off against the infected, however his squad was overwhelmed and killed; leaving Aaron the only survivor. Now shell-shocked and delusional, he shoots anything that moves and believes his squad is still alive. He can be found on the Great Walk bridge, where he will act hostile towards the player, believing them to be infected, and attacks them. He uses his assault rifle and flash grenades as well as occasionally tossing live grenades. If beaten, Aaron will be wounded and become shocked at being defeated by an "infected", thinking his bitten and so commits suicide with a shot to the head by using one of his squadmates' pistols. Aaron's body can be looted for an AK-47, ammunition, grenades and the keys to his jeep as well as his squadmates that have ammunition, pistols, medical supplies and assault rifles.
  • Ted Red: A former security officer who has taken the outbreak as an opportunity to act as de facto sheriff and using his new found authority, he begins executing survivors he dubs "criminals" by hanging for "crimes" such as gaining supplies and even killing infected. He can be found in the Sanitarian Hill village, where he will confront the player if they venture too deep or can be confronted in the middle of executing a survivor. Ted will demand for the player to surrender; if the player accepts they will be tied up and locked in a cell however they can escape but if they refuse they will be hanged. If the player denies, Ted will attack and is armed with a revolver along with stun grenades and has laid traps around the village. If beaten, Ted will drop his revolver and is wounded, surrendering himself to the player and is willing to die and have the player take his title. Then, the player can either execute, knock out/capture or even let him go, but letting him go will cause Ted to attack again for believing the player is a coward and has to be killed. Ted's body can be looted for an Colt Python, ammunition, flash bangs and keys to the Sheriff's Office as well as the rest of the village being looted for weapons, ammunition, resources and supplies. 
  • Jonas Weber: A German surgeon who went insane during the outbreak and sought to kidnap his victims and "perfect" them by removing all their unique parts and performing immune experiments on them which will transform them into his emotionless, obedient slaves. He can be found in Massacre Camp, where he will sneak up on and knock out the player if they search a tent or find a body/slave. From that point, the player will be strapped to a chair and have a conversation with Jonas, either calm or aggressive, and this can lead to Jonas either torturing the player or leaving to get his tools. Once the player escapes, Jonas will become hostile. In combat, Jonas is armed with a butcher knife and may lunge at the player in an attempt to bite them to cause deep wounds as well as having beartraps around as well as have his slaves assist him. If beaten, Jonas will fall to the ground, injured, and then he will order his slaves to kill him, so the slaves rip Jonas apart. Jonas' body can be looted for an Butcher Knife, beartraps, various chemicals and tools and a diary, and his camp can be looted for various surgical tools and chemicals, duct tape, resources, supplies and body parts.
  • Jamison Barkley: Michelle Smith's top hitman and an Australian that was formerly part of the Australian Armed Forces but was discharged for his mental instability and love for killing. He is often sent by Michelle if someone needed killed or kidnapped quietly, as well as serving as her efficient interrogator and was the man who mainly did the dirty work. If Michelle becomes an enemy, she will send Jamison to hunt down the player and Jamison can either fight to kill or capture. If the player is captured, Jamison will torture and interrogate the player for Michelle's questions, and the player can escape when he leaves. In combat, Jamison is armed with a bayonet connected to his handless left arm and wields a Desert Eagle for the other, being a tough opponent. If beaten, Jamison will be rendered unconscious and can be captured. Jamison's body can be looted for his Desert Eagle, ammunition, switchblade, money, supplies, resources and his bayonet gauntlet.
  • Jose Garcia: Michelle Smith's lieutenant and is in charge of her guards, 
  • Michelle Smith:
  • Lord Direwolf: The guardian of the Artifact of the Wolf and a Spanish 
  • Lord Sabertooth: The guardian of the Artifact of the Lion and a Egyptian 
  • Lord Haast: The guardian of the Artifact of the Eagle and a American
  • Lord Titanoboa: The guardian of the Artifact of the Cobra and a Australian 
  • Lord Pulmonoscorpius: The guardian of the Artifact of the Scorpion and a Japanese 
  • Lord Direbear: The guardian of the Artifact of the Bear and a Russian 
  • Lord Megalodon: The guardian of the Artifact of the Shark and a Brazillian 
  • Lord Araneo: The guardian of the Artifact of the Spider and a Scottish 
  • Emperor Wyvern: The guardian of the Artifact of the Wyvern and a Chinese 

Zombified Mode 



The nine artifacts are hidden in "ancient tombs" throughout the world and before being rewarded an artifact, one must go through specific and difficult trials and then face one of it's powerful guardians. 

  • Artifact of the Wolf: An green artifact 
  • Artifact of the Lion: An blue artifact
  • Artifact of the Eagle: An red artifact
  • Artifact of the Cobra: An orange artifact
  • Artifact of the Scorpion: An purple artifact
  • Artifact of the Bear: An brown artifact
  • Artifact of the Shark: An turqouise artifact
  • Artifact of the Spider: An white artifact
  • Artifact of the Dragon: An golden artifact 

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