Save your breath. The only alpha they respond to is me!
~ Deathgripper.

The Deathgripper is the secondary antagonist in the 1996 animated film, Stanley: The Little Dragon 2. He is the personal dragon killer who tries to commit genoicide on all dragons on every given command as a result of being drugged by The Black Leader with his own venom.


The Deathgripper first appear on Griffin's airship to Warlord's island. After they reunited, one of the six attacks Ragnar the Rock but it was called off by Griffin. When Kevin refused to give Stanley, the adolescent dragon, Griffin ordered his Deathgripper to burn down the hall by their fiery acid.

While Valka was flying, the Deathgripper wakes up from his sleep, attacked her and Cloudjumper, unsuccessfully attempted to knock down Stormcutter as they end up being thrown and the Deathgripper were called again by Griffin. When the Dragon Riders came to stop Grimmel, he ordered the Deathgrippers to stop them which nearly killed Kevin. The Deathgripper were then attacked by the Rescued Crimson Goregutter who demolished the base and trapped the dragons under debris. With Ruffnut left behind, she was placed in a cage with a Scuttleclaw, of which is predisposed to be fed to the Deathgripper (to Ruffnut's disgust). Upon supposedly annoying Griffin into submission, she was set free and given the Scuttleclaw as a means of transportation back to the New World.

He carried the airship and followed Ruffnut and they were revealed with Stanley and the Light Fury captured. The Deathgripper carried the Warship back to the Warlord's armada. During the battle, Stanley blasts at the Deathgripper from his shackles, making him unable to hold the ship. The ship then crashed by lighting, and being electrocuted, which causes the ruthless creature to drown in the sea into his demise.


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