The group goes to see a psychic, Candice knows her from another encounter.


Sasha and Shane are enjoying their date on the beach, when Sasha sees someone in the woods watching them. Suddenly, Marnie and Adam run out, screaming. She yells Parker's dead. Sasha shushes her and says she thinks she just saw him. "He was pranking you." Marnie thinks she's right and angrily storms back to the resort.

The group all go to the psychic where Marie is waiting for them. Candice says she's seen her before. Marie starts telling everyone. When she gets to Candice, she brings up the past, talking about assault and death.

In the past, Dan answers the door and sees John. He asks if anyone's home, to which Dan says no. He lets him in and doesn't notice John grabbing a plastic bag until he shoves it over the boy's head. Dan struggles, but John pins him down, killing the boy. Candice sees from her room and hides under her bed. She sees John hanging Dan from the fan.

Soon, her parents come home and find Dan. Lois looks around and sees Candice under her bed, motioning her to go. John appears, slicing Mark's throat. Lois screams, running to her daughter's room and closing the door but it is forced open. Lois is shoved down and killed before her daughter.

Marie, currently, tells Candice she has to be careful. "More people around you will die." Marnie snaps and says they're leaving. Candice stays back and asks what she means. Marie says she lied to all her friends. "Please. Tell Sasha and her date not to go out tonight. Save them." Candice shakes her head and leaves.

Denise gives Sasha her heels. Sasha panics, saying she's so late and runs out the door.

Sasha is on her way to meet Shane when she hears someone following her. She turns and sees a dark figure with a knife. She screams, running from it. She ends up on the beach and stumbled back, falling. She feels something under her hand and looks to see Shane's face sticking out from the sand, dead. She screams and runs back to the resort, screaming for help.


Main Cast

  • Laura Marano as Candice Washington
  • Sara Paxton as Marnie Bleu
  • Ansel Elgort as Frankie Alexander
  • Austin Abrams as Axel Gustin
  • Marielle Jaffe as Jessica Gustin
  • Chord Overstreet as Adam Harris
  • Monique Coleman as Sasha Nixon
  • Jessica Lange as Marie Thomas

Guest Cast

  • Mark Wahlberg as John White (Flashbacks)
  • Zena Grey as Denise Alexander
  • Amadeus Serafini as Jack Polk
  • Sarah Paulson as Lois Washington
  • Khylin Rhambo as Shane
  • Kerr Smith as Mark Washington (Flashbacks)
  • CJ Adams as Danny Washington (Flashbacks)


  • Danny Washington (Flashback) - Smothered with a plastic bag by John White, later hung by cieling fan.
  • Mark Washington (Flashback) - Throat slit by John White.
  • Lois Washington (Flashback) - Stabbed nine times in the stomach by John White.
  • Shane - Buried alive in the sand.
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