Death from Dead Action, Crime Television Series.

Death from Dead (TV Series)
Genre Action,




Created by Trenny Deanne Nelson (Creator)
Starring Arley R. Swaby

Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo

Opening Theme Death from Dead Intro
Location California

New York

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Original Channel: CW

Original Film Entertainment

Original Air Date October 25, 2018
Produced by Shaniel Swaby Mayo (producer)

Justin Lin (co-producer)

Directed by Chloe Walter (co-producer/story by)

Matthew Vaughn (director)
Shaniel Swaby Mayo (director)
Matt Stone (director)
Phil Derrick (co-director)


Matthew's Father and Ex-Husband. ; Robbie Jr's Father.
  • Denia Swaby Ortiz as Sarah Cassidy-Riggs (rumored) Real-Life Mother of Matthew.
  • Erbin Swaby Rivers as Sgt. Davis (villain)..,, enemy of Matthew.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Dt. Nicholas 'Nick' Carly/Dt. Brandon 'Brennan' Carly (rumored) friend-Uncle of Matthew, Faternal Twin Brother of Brandon.
    • Unknown Actors as young Brandon and Nicholas Carly (mentioned)..,, young child after became brothers.
  • Giovanni Swaby as Cameron Wilde (rumored)..,, Matthew's Son.
  • Chloe Walter as Claire (episode, 1) (archive footaged; cameo) Friend/Lover of Matthew.
  • Harvey Swaby as Sgt. Matt Cassidy Jr. (Cameo) Matt's Nephew.
  • Ricardo Swaby Mayo as Capt. Matthew Cassidy I (rumored) Matt's Grandfather and Matthew's father.
  • Mark Ebanks as (adult) Matthew 'Matt' Cassidy (rumored) Matt was younger he's meet his father.
  • Coralyn Powell as Dt Sgt. Jules Carter Robbie's Niece, Matt's Childhood Friend.
  • Roger Swaby Jr. as Sgt. Dan Harris (rumored)
  • Henry Torres as Dt. Robbie (rumored) Robbie's Son.
  • Trenny Nelson as Annie Carter (rumored) Amanda's grandmother.
  • Jordan McLean as Travis Gregg (rumored) Matt's Childhood Friend.
  • Lee Ebanks as young Travis Greg (rumored) Matt's friend.
  • Tamara Castro as young Juile Carter (rumored) Matt's Childhood Friend, Sister.
  • Jamar Timothy as Sgt. Thorne III (rumored) Ally of Matt.
  • Matthew Ebanks as Sgt. Mayor Gillworth (rumored)
  • Shaun Ebanks as Cameron 'Cam' Wilde (rumored) Matt's Long Lost Son.
  • Elroy Bryan as Stoke 'Sticko' Brown, Jr. (Villain) Enemy of Matt.
  • Roberto Rosales Mijinies as Jack Thorne, Jr. (Mentioned)..,, Jack's Son.
  • Dante Thompson as Eric Browne, III (rumored)..,,, Eric meets Matthew Cassidy as his Best Friend.
    • Kevin Ebanks Matos as young Eric (rumored) Matt's Friend.
  • Daliet Aquliar as Dianne (rumored) Matt's Far-Cousin and Close Friend.
  • Daniela Jorge as Daniela Cassidy (uncredited only) Matt's Far-Cousin.
  • Eduardo Gullien as Jim Cassidy-Riggs (rumored) Matt's Uncle.

Ricardo Swaby Rivers as Trevor Riggs (uncredited) Matt's Paternal-Grandfather.

  • Shaniel Swaby Mayo as Lt. Amanda Nelson-Carly (uncredited) Matt's Aunt-by-blood.
  • Carla Bodden as Jean Russoti (rumored) Trevor's Ex-Wife, Matt's Friend.
  • Unknown Actor as Unnamed Matt's Cousin Matt's Closet Cousin.

Unknown Actor as Erick Browne (mentioned; name) Eric's Great-Great grandfather.

Uncredited Casts

  • Roger Swaby Sr. as Kyle (Uncredited)
  • John Henkis, Sr. as Dt. Will 'Neil' O' Reilly (uncredited)..,,, Enemy of Matt.
  • Jasser Camacho as Dt. Quinn 'Sherlock' Slade, Sr. (Mentioned) He's got arrested by him.
  • Nicholas Myers as Gabriel Brown- Carter (uncredited) Sticko's Step-Son.
  • Anthony Miguel Diaz as young James Banner
(uncredited) Matt's Cousin-by-blood.
  • Shaniel Swaby Mayo as Police Officer Citizen (uncredited) Citizen meets Matt.
  • Helmet Swaby Soto as Bernald Davies (uncredited) Jim's father.
  • Yolanda Ebanks as Mayor Jessa 'Jess' Olsen (Uncredited) Matt's Ally; Corrupted Friend
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