Death becomes her is a movie released on August 20th 2008 and is a slasher horror movie.


Paul Walker as Roderick Bagwell,the protagonist of the movie,His mother and father were brutally killed by a slasher nicknamed Code Red, He then enlists the help of his friend Jarek Vadlens to help him get revenge.

Neil Patrick Harris as Jarek Valens,a former drug trafficker who went straight and helps his friend track down Code Red,He is killed when Code Red slices him in half with an axe.

Gong Li as Rachel Cheng,the main antagonist of the film, she goes under the nickname Code Red,she kills Roderick Bagwell's parents as she believes they sinned against god by not sacrificng Roderick to Satan.

Shia Labeouf-A thug who is disemboweled by Code Red for mocking her.

Debbie Morgan-A police officer who kills Code Red by stabbing her in the stomach.

Paul Wight-Moses Rappaport

Dwayne Johnson-A corrupt police officer who aides Code Red in her gory agenda.

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