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Death Race: Revenge (Video 2014) cyberpunk/action-thriller rated r film.


  • Oliver Swaby as Ken Simmons/Frankenstein, former thief now he's lead role from John Gibson.
  • Jason Statham as Jensen Ames (uncredited; voice calls)
  • Jason Hydes as Brett \ the Frankenstein (opening scene)
  • Miguel Amador as 14k, former serial killer and joins death race.
  • Harvey Swaby as Mikey; Ken's deceased brother he died from bank with gun shot.
  • Luis Amador as 14k's brother (uncredited) he was deceased also.
  • Jimmy Clarke as Frankenstein
  • Lee Clarke as Tyson (uncredited)
  • Jamie Clarke as Mr. Tyson, Frankenstein's father.
  • Erick McBean as Tyler/(Subject F-67), cybernetic human from memory back to Ken.
  • Joseph Swaby as Lucas
  • Dayan Cardenas as Malone; ex-prisoner and Death Race creator.


  • Matthew Ebanks as John 'Jon' Gibson (cameo); an prisoner.


  • "Death Race Theme" performed by Wolverine courtesy by Wolverine (Soundtracks)
  • "Touch it" performed by Busta Rhymes courtesy by Busta Rhymes