Death Park 3 is a Horror Thriller slasher movie and is the 2nd sequel to "Death Park". It stars Kellan Lutz, Nina Dobrev, Briana Evigan, Jessica Stroup, Jon Foster, Nico Tortorella, Meagan Tandy, Jean Luc-Bilodeau, Chace Crawford, Audrina Patridge, Katie Cassidy, Britt Robertson, Arlen Escarpeta, Steven R. McQueen, Bobby Campo, Nicholas D'Agosto and Shia LaBeouf.


A Group of teens are trapped in an abandoned amusement park and they are not alone.



Kellan Lutz as Frank

Nina Dobrev as Adriana

Briana Evigan as Trisha

Jessica Stroup as Tina

Jon Foster as Floyd

Nico Tortorella as Ricky

Meagan Tandy as Samantha

Jean Luc-Bilodeau as Harry

Chace Crawford as Alex

Audrina Patridge as Sheila

Katie Cassidy as Nelly

Britt Robertson as Crystal

Arlen Escarpeta as Irwin

Steven R. McQueen as Paige

Bobby Campo as Jake

Nicholas D'Agosto as Mitch

Shia LaBeouf as Henry

Jackie Earle Haley as The Killer








Henry- He is gutted (offscreen)

Nelly- She is stabbed several times in the back

Paige- He is burned in the face with a popcorn machine

Samantha- She is electrocuted with arcade wires

Jake- He is sliced in half in the head with a sliding glass door

Tina- She is stabbed in the stomach with a drill

Sheila- She is decapitated with a falling mirror

Ricky- He is strangled in the neck with film tape

Alex- He is killed when a falling coaster track stabs him thru the head

Harry- He is run over by a roller coaster car

Trisha- She is cut in the torso with a scalpel

Floyd- He is pinned to the side of a Ferris wheel car with a machete

The Killer- He stabbed to death by Frank and slashed across face by Adriana

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