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Death Park 2 is a horror-thriller-slasher movie starring Amanda Crew, Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Logan Browning, Aimee Teegarden, Kellan Lutz, Nina Dobrev, Matt O'Leary, Chace Crawford, Camilla Belle and Megan Park



Amanda Crew as Julie

Rooney Mara as Kate

Kyle Gallner as Andy

Logan Browning as Barbara

Aimee Teegarden as Dani

Kellan Lutz as Frank

Nina Dobrev as Adriana

Matt O'Leary as Stan

Chace Crawford as Eddie

Camilla Belle as Emma

Megan Park as Alice

Jackie Earle Haley as The Killer


Frank and Adriana


Andy- She is swung in the back with an axe

Alice- She is stabbed in the shoulders with a machete

Eddie- He is decapitated with roller coaster gears

Kate- She is sliced in half with a carousel pole

Stan- He is shot in the chest with a handgun

Barbara- She is suffocated with a safety bar

Dani- She is sliced thru the scalp with an axle

Emma- She is beheaded with an active roller coaster

Julie- She is killed with a grenade in her hands to sacrifice herself for Frank and Adriana

The Killer- He is stabbed in stomach with a machete by Adriana


There May be a sequel coming soon, starring Kellan Lutz and Nina Dobrev.